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  1. come
    heather in h e l l

  2. i must still be asleep cause i swear to god my rank says moderator
    hold on im sorry what
    im actually mod
    [pause in speech]yes i will do so much for the community as an afk moderator

    1. Tega


      we all are mods

    2. TheRealJawsome


      this is just sarcasm please dont hurt me admingods

    3. Kibbeh


      [pause in speech]

  3. congrats on moderator

    1. Primal


      You don't deserve it tho

    2. TheRealJawsome


      yeah not one bit

    3. Kibbeh


      your content count is 19

      obviously you deserve it

  4. What about the derivative of those numbers? Those are also pretty cool.
  5. one of the values of n if n(n-6)=0
  6. the value of n if en = 1 and n does not equal 2i*pi
  7. f''(x) if f(x)=x^0 I would say it'd take a while but to be honest, 0's only got so many ways of being described
  8. The only prime number in decimal that's last digit is 0
  9. Nah. 0 is superior. 0 is so much cooler. (But when you actually think about it, the number 0 is even weirder than stuff like aleph-null.)
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