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  1. make the fursona 

    1. TheRealJawsome


      No thanks. While I do have an outdated Pokesona (who I wish not to reveal publicly), I'm not a furry person.

  2. (.999999999…*10Ω)*0 Here's a good question: Does this equal (1*10Ω)*0? I'll let you dwell on that.
  3. The radius of a circle in the equation (x-2)+(y+3) 2+(y+3) 2=4 - n if 2 if n is equal to a fractal fraction in which 2 is over 3+1, and every 3 and 1 is over 3+1, and all of those 3s and 1s are over 3+1s, and it keeps going on infinitely
  4. 2pi - tau have i done this one yet?
  5. the x-intercept on a graph if the equation is y=x
  6. n if x2+y2=n and the only place on a graph that's marked is (0,0)
  7. x 2 (assuming x=1 and that x is a side of a square) - wau
  8. test cause ps may be glitching out okay i dunno if there's any new comments but ps is acting wierd log(wau)
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