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  1. The only prime number in decimal that's last digit is 0
  2. Nah. 0 is superior. 0 is so much cooler. (But when you actually think about it, the number 0 is even weirder than stuff like aleph-null.)
  3. Y'know what would be better? The derivative of all those numbers. 0
  4. The average of the y values of the y-intercepts in the equation |x+y|=1
  5. The number of single-digit counting numbers that end in 0 0 doesn't count as a counting number
  6. Little did you know… Your Grandpa is the villain, and he's the one who genderswapped you. He truly is a master of dark arts.
  7. I mean if admin abused power it still wouldn't matter cause in binary you can got 1, 10 and this never specified what number system you need to count in, However I'm around so that's not happening. eiπ-i2
  8. The area of Serpinski's Carpet Jeez I gotta get my game on EDIT: A bunch of posts just flooded through a dear god did I miss a lot Okay Round 2 you're not getting past me this time Except for when I have to go but thats besides the point
  9. Well this forum game is dead Should I just Play against myself
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