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    Oh, and I LOVE people-watching and predicting the motives behind people's actions, what they might be thinking, who they are, and who they think they are.

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  1. I'm a little upset that I got 3rd place, but I'm only upset at myself.
  2. @Primal @Big the Cat Oh, yeah. Sorry you guys. I didn't anybody cared about font size. My bad. And, thank you for the reference to that spriteover place, Primal.

    1. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      Hehe, yeah, as soon as I saw this gif, I had to make it my avatar. 

  4. Hey you guys, do you think we could get someone who knows how to do sprite overs to get together and make a tutorial?
  5. Username: Iskald Pokemon: Shiny Complete Zygarde Color(s): Sceptile's and Rhypherior's colors Any other patterns?: Somewhere on the sprite, have a circle with a bigger circle around that circle, made from the reddest red you can come up with.
  6. LOL I like Salandit. He seems kind of like a repeat of Sandile and Helioptile, but, I like him. Neat design, kind of cute. I'll give him a strong 5.5/10.
  7. OH! So, do you think I would've gotten a ten if I would've used that dark orange in some places instead of black? Also, what're your thoughts on when it's appropriate to use blakc in an outline?
  8. Oh, I didn't use official art for the 2nd one. I had to use a frame of the gif that solgaleo is on for the videogame, since he doesn't have a regular sprite. I don't know if that changes your rating or not. I understand the outlining issues on the 1st one. Would you mind please pointing out to me the issues with the 3rd one, though? I far as I can see, I don't see the outlining problem with it. I'd love to know, though, so that I can do even better next time.
  9. I WOULD LIKE TO -SACRED SWORD - JOIN! MY 3 ENTRIES:Palkatina --Legendaries involved: Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus Chimergaleo --Legendaries involved: Solgaleo Vewmelebi --Legendaries involved: Victini, Celebi, and Mew
  10. Yeah, it has the head of a Salamence as a well as the head of a Gogoat on the other side.
  11. My 3 most recent Pokefusions I did as requests from my Spriting shop. If you would, please draw these as richly and realistically as possible. I'll be adding your art to my profile in a public post, with your name and whatever else you want published there.
  12. Chimergaleo.png.c88ff15d5363802cbc678b8eb12c86f8.pngChimergaleo

  13. Palkatina.png.7547775b01b637e7b1ea525e07aeea46.pngPalkatina

  14. 86!!!!
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