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  1. From the album GlitchedNightmare's Glitchy Gallery

    A Mimikyu OC design I came up with yesterday. Unfortunately I don't have any information on her yet, and her backstory is a WIP. Hopefully I'll have some info up soon.
  2. 1/10 for both Mega and Non-Mega forms. Sceptile is by far my least-favourite fully evolved starter Pokémon. I love it's pre-evolutions, but Sceptile itself is just, ugh. I find it's design to be uninteresting and boring, and huge letdown from its amazing pre-evolution, Grovyle. It's mega form is just as bad. Possibly even worse in fact. It looks like a walking Christmas tree. I also think it's shiny form is really gross.
  3. Favourites from each Gen (first stages and final stages) *= Absolute Favourite Kanto: / Johto:/ Hoenn:/* Sinnoh:/* Unova:*/* Kalos:/ Alola: /* Favourite Lines: Litten line, Torchic line, Piplup line, and Popplio line.
  4. 5/10 It's okay-ish, but definitely my least favourite of the UBs. I find its design way to overdone. Looks like something from another game. However, it does have a really nice colour scheme. So yeah, it gets an average rating from me because I don't think it's totally bad.
  5. I'm gonna choose my top 3 from each generation (2 for Gen IV, because there aren't many from that gen that I really like). Gen I Dragonair - Has a really pretty design, and is tied with Black Kyurem as my favourite Dragon-Type Pokémon. Also, it is infinitely better than its god-awful evolution, Dragonite. Ivysaur - I love the entire Bulbasaur line, so it's no surprise that it is one of my favourite middle stages from Gen I. Magmar - I LOVE Magmar, and it's pre-evolution Magby. It has a nice design and is just plain awesome. And yeah, I don't care if it has a 'butt face'. Gen II Quilava - Awesome looking, and a nice evolution to Cyndaquil. Porygon2 - I hate Porygon Z, but this thing is cool as heck! Reminds me of those fake birds that bend down and drink water. Togetic - Love the look of it, and it's so cute. Prefer it over Togekiss (not that I hate Togekiss or anything). Gen III Lairon - Looks cool, and evolves into Aggron, one of my favourite Steel-Types. Kirlia - Cute, and nicely designed. I like how it dances on its tip-toes in its XY/ORAS/SunMoon model as well. Grovyle - I HATE Sceptile, but Grovyle on the other hand, is awesome. Seriously, how could you not like it? Gen IV Prinplup - Looks really cool, and is a part of one of my favourite Water-Type starter lines, the Piplup line. Gabite - To be honest, I almost prefer Gabite over Garchomp. IDK, something about its design is really appealling to me Gen V Krokorok - Has a really, really nice design, and evolves into the beast that is Krookodile. Servine - Looks like a bigger Snivy, which is why I like it. I am a diehard Snivy fan, after all. Zweilous - Anything to do with the Deino line is awesome, so obviously Zweilous is no exception. Like it's pre-evolution and evolution, I just think it looks badass as heck. Gen VI Sliggoo - Awesome slug dragon? Hell yeah! To bad it evolves into Dragonite-esque Goodra.. Doublade - Better than Aegislash by a mile. I personally really like its design Braixen - I think it looks nice. My only complaint is that the ear tufts stick out in a really awkward-looking way. Gen VII Brionne - <3 It's so cute, and I've been a huge fan of it ever since it's reveal. Hakamo-o - Another case of "looks better than its evolution". Seriously, I think Hakamo-o has an awesome design, while Kommo-o's seems a bit too cluttered for my tastes. Torracat - Didn't like it at first, but once I used it in-game I started to really like it.
  6. 6: Solgaleo - I really don't understand it's Psychic/Steel typing. I mean, it's literally a sun god. Definitely should have been either Fire/Psychic or Fire/Steel 5: Samurott - I really feel like it should have been Water/Fighting instead of pure Water. It is a samurai sea lion after all. 4: Gastly Line - I don't understand the Poison typing they were given. I wish they were just pure Ghost. It makes more sense. 3: Altaria - I do like it's typing, but the Dragon part doesn't make much sense. It looks more like a birb than a dragon. 2: Lurantis - Why the heck isn't it part Bug? It's literally a mantis. Should have been Grass/Bug or Fairy/Bug. Heck, even Grass/Fairy is better and makes more sense than pure Grass. 1: Lycanroc (Midnight) - Needs to be Rock/Dark instead of pure Rock. I mean, it's a freaking werewolf!
  7. 3/10 Never really liked it much to be honest. I mean, the design isn't totally bad or anything, but everything else about it is just so bland and forgettable. Heck, if it one day vanished from the face of the earth I probably wouldn't even notice. That's how much I care about it. I also find Primeape to be rather mediocre.
  8. From the album GlitchedNightmare's Glitchy Gallery

    Just an Abra and Ditto being best buds. Took roughly 1 and a half - 2 hours to draw.
  9. Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it! Practice. Lots and lots of practice. Also I've been drawing since the age of three, so I've had loads of time to work on my skills. I have been thinking about becoming a professional artist, but I'm not 100% sure on it, since I dont think my skills are quite good enough yet. It would be pretty cool to be a comic artist though. As for how I learned to draw, well, I'm completely self-taught. I live in a rural town in Australia where there isnt many art teachers or classes around, so I had to learn by myself. I used to look at animals on the farm when I was little, and thats how I started learning anatomy. Later on I started dabbling in digital art and learning how to shade properly / how lighting works, and I've sorta just gone from there. I still have a load to learn though, like drawing people and backgrounds (I still suck at them).
  10. 1/10 Hate it. Just another boring Pikachu clone. The only thing I like about it is its shiny and non-shiny colour palettes. Other than that it's trash, and one of the very few Unova Pokémon I really dislike.
  11. 10. Krookodile I'm a big fan of Krookodile, but it's shiny is an absolute trainwreck. Dunno what was going through the head of whoever designed this one. 9. Garchomp (Both Mega and Non-Mega Forms) I, like many other people, hate Garchomp's shiny for the simple fact that it barely changes colour. Seriously, I'm pretty sure the only difference between the shiny and non-shiny is that it is slightly darker. So lazy. The Mega Form is not much better in my opinion. Purple really doesn't suit it. At least they actually tried to make it a different colour, I guess 8. Dragonite Dragonite is one of my most hated Pokémon, and I hate it's shiny form just as much. The green looks revolting. 7. Blastoise Purple and green = Bleh.. Need I say anymore? 6. Incineroar Incineroar is tied with Virizion as my favourite Pokémon, but it's shiny form is such a disappointment. I know they were trying to make it look like a white tiger, but I think they absolutely failed at it. If they had made the red parts either black or orange, I would have been totally fine with it, as it would have resembled a *proper* white tiger or a golden tiger. 5. Sharpedo Ah yes, and here is one of the colours I despise the most for shinies, so much so that I makes me shake my head in anger.. .. Magenta.. .. Seriously, I LOVE Sharpedo, but it's shiny is so, so bad. Why Game Freak? Why must you do this to this poor Pokémon? 4. Swampert More Magenta trash. I don't mind Swampert, but this shiny is just an eyesore. I must say, Game Freak was pretty lazy with there Water-Type shinies in Gen III. Most of them were the same gross magenta colour. 3. Espeon I think green shinies (along with magenta ones obviously) are bad 99% of the time, so it probably comes as no surprise that I hate Espeon's shiny as well. It looks disgusting and way too bright for my liking. 2. Mega Latias and Latios I mentioned non-mega shiny Latias and Latios on my top ten best shinies list, because I think they're amazing. Too bad I can't say the same about these abominations. I can't stand Mega Latias and Latios even in there regular colour palette, so seeing them in puke green just makes me cringe. No, just no. 1. Gengar (Non-Mega Form) Suffers from the same problem as Garchomp, as in it barely changes from its original colouring. Disappointing I must say. At least it has a badass shiny Mega Form.
  12. 8.5/10 Nice design, cool backstory, and has a pretty neat evolution. And it's really, really cute, so yeah. Oh, and I'm a sucker for alien and UFO stuff in real life *puts on tinfoil hat*, so the fact that this lil' fella is based of extraterrestrial life just makes me love him even more.
  13. From the album GlitchedNightmare's Glitchy Gallery

    An artwork I done back when Pokémon GO was all the rage. I'm pretty sure some Facebook friends requested this from me, if I remember correctly. Here is the original lineart I drew on paper, for those curious:
  14. 10. Latias/Latios I'm going to be 100% honest, I almost prefer the shiny colouration of Latias and Latios over the originals. Almost. I personally think the green and yellow look awesome together. 9. Raikou I'm a HUGE Raikou fan (one of my favourite Pokémon ever), and I think it's shiny is cool as heck. I think Entei and Suicune also have pretty neat shiny forms as well. 8. Lycanroc (Midnight) So how do you make me love one of my top 5 favourite Alolan Pokémon even more? Give it a kickass blue shiny of course! I love this shiny so damn much, and it was also my first shiny encounter in Sun (through a random encounter when I was leveling up my team in preparation for challenging the elite four/champion). 7. Xerneas I love regular Xerneas, and I love it's shiny even more. I'm usually not a fan of white coloured shinies, but this one is definitely an exception (along with Salandit and Salazzle). It looks so nice. 6. Ninetales Been one of my favourite shinies for years now. For the longest time imaginable I wanted my own Shiny Ninetales (my wish finally came true when I caught one in the Friend Safari on Y a few years back). The colours looks so pretty in my opinion, and really suit Ninetales. Shiny Alolan Ninetales is also really nice, and I managed to catch my own one as a Vulpix in Sun. 5. Virizion Ok, I'll admit I might be a bit biased with this one, as Virizion is my favourite Pokémon. Anyway, I think the colour scheme is really neat, even if it is just a swap around of Virizion's original palette. 4. Gigalith Blue shinies are the bomb, and Gigalith is no exception. I'm already a huge Gigalith fan (one of my favourite Rock-Types), but this shiny just makes me like it even more. 3. Ho-oh The gold a silver colour scheme looks so nice! I remember the first time I saw it I was like "oh, wow! That's awesome!". 2. Reshiram Looks better than the original to be honest. The thing I like about it the most is its purple flames and red eyes. 1. Emboar The orange and blue mixed together looks fantastic in my opinion, and I think Game Freak done a great designing it.
  15. 2/10 I love it's pre-evolutions (especially Rhydon), but Rhyperior itself looks bloody awful. I can't get past it's weird armour and goofy arms. The shiny is also painfully bad.
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