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  1. Jeez, some people are salty in these comments. I'm gonna have to agree with Petey on this one and echo what they said before, that being I repect your opinions Julie. Yeah I may not agree with all of them, but eh. Who cares anyway? It'd be boring if we all liked and hated the same Pokémon.
  2. "People love Lucario. A lot. So much that they forget it has a baby form." Well, TBH I see more Riolu fans around than Lucario fans. A lot of people think it's adorable and often have it as their Pokesona. *Shrugs* maybe that's only the case on websites I visit though. "Yes, people love Palkia! Appreciate Dialga for once!" Ummm, what? From what I've seen Dialga has way more fans than Palkia does, especially when Primal Dialga is a thing. In fact it's quite rare for me to come across a Palkia fan, and yet I see huge Dialga fans quite frequently (not quite as much as Giratina fans, but you get my point). "Why does no one like Chansey :'(" People hate Chansey? Well I mean, I do hate it, but most other people I've met seem to like it or, or at least have a neutral feeling towards it (meaning they don't really hate it or anything). Also why is Heatmor on your list? By the looks of it you don't really to like it much. In fact you want people to forget about it.
  3. Well I wouldn't leave any Pokémon out in the cold like that, because that would be just plain cruel. I'd take it to a nearby Pokémon center and hand it in. They would probably find a nice trainer to look after it.
  4. : Lopunny : Virizion and Snivy : Incineroar : Samurott : Raikou : Golisopod : Abra and Hypno : Mandibuzz Fighting: Blaziken : Giratina : Dragonair : Spritzee : Ho-Oh : Black Kyurem : Gigalith : Krookodile : Empoleon and Kartana : Salazzle
  5. I said spiders, but the truth is I have a load of fears. I blame my anxiety for that.. Anyway here is a list of my more severe ones; - Spiders - Needles - Hospitals - Doctors and Dentists - Getting a severe or incurable illness (specifically cancer and diabetes) - Dying - Failing in life - Drowning/Deep water - Fire (or more specifically my house burning down, and bushfires) - Going blind - Losing a limb - Clowns and mascot costumes (one of the reasons I'm hesitant on going to Disneyland) - Porcelain Dolls - Heights - Being kidnapped EDIT: Added some more I forgot about before.
  6. Here's how I'd probably rate Gen IV's Pokémon; Turtwig - 3/10- Probably one of my least favourite Grass-Type starters. Never done anything for me. Grotle - 3.5/10- Not much better than Turtwig. Gets an extra .5 because I had a cute plush of one once. Torterra - 5/10- It's not amazing, but not great either, so I'm pretty neutral on it. At least it's better than Sceptile and Meganium I guess, so it's not my least favourite Grass-Type final form. Chimchar - 4/10- It's kinda cute, but other than that it doesn't really interest me. Monferno - 4/10- It is sorta cool looking, but it has a lot of flaws in its design, so I can't give it more than a 4. Infernape - 7.5/10- It's pretty cool! I think it's design is well thought out, and I liked it in the anime. Piplup - 8/10- My favourite water starter hands down. Has a really nice, simple design, and is incredibly cute. I love it! Prinplup - 7/10- Nice middle evolution. A tad derpy, but eh. Still cool enough. Empoleon - 10/10- Badass penguin, and my favourite fully evolved Water starter. I FREAKING LOVE IT! Starly - 5/10- Cute, but pretty much neutral on it otherwise. Staravia - 2/10- I don't like it much at all. Not only do I find it's design to be boring, I also found its cry insanely annoying in the anime. Staraptor - 6.5/10- Not perfect, but still pretty cool. I like it's shiny form a lot. Bidoof - 7/10- It may be weak as heck, but it's too cute to hate. I actually feel sorry for the little guy. Bibarel - 4/10- Bleh. Definitely a step down from Bidoof. I think it loses a lot of its pre-evolution's charm when it evolves. Kricketot - 7/10- Derpy and cute. Also one of my little brother's favourite Pokémon. He calls it "cute little fat fella". Kricketune - 7.5/10- I actually like this one. I mean, just look at that glorious mustache. Shinx - 6/10- Cute, but kinda bland at the same time. Has a REALLY nice shiny though, as do it's evolutions. Luxio - 6/10- Same feelings as with shinx, except instead of being cute it's cool. Luxray - 2/10- I used to absolutely love this Pokémon, but a few years back I had a huge fight with a group of Fakemon creators over a mega Luxray design I created. That fight totally ruined this Pokémon for me. I mean, I want to like it, but I just can't. It does have a nice design though, but unfortunately I can't give it more than a 2.. I might add a Luxray to my main team if Diamond/Pearl remakes are released. Maybe it might make me like it again, like back in the good old days? Budew - 5/10- It's cute, and by far my favourite stage in the Roserade line. Still fairly average though. Roserade - 4/10- Eh, never appealed to me. Not totally horrendous though. Cranidos - 6/10- My favourite out of the Sinnoh fossils. Has a nice colour scheme as well, in both shiny and non-shiny forms. Rampardos - 8/10- Awesome! I think it's design is really neat. Shieldon - 5/10- Kinda cute, but that's all it has going for it really. Bastiodon - 6.5/10 Pretty cool, but slightly forgettable as well, and no were near as cool as Rampardos Burmy - 1/10- Couldn't care less about it. A waste of PokeDex space. Wormadam - 2/0- Slight step-up from Burmy, but that's not saying much.. Mothim - 6/10- Nice moth mon, and the only cool thing about the burmy line. It's a shame that only the males get the cool evolution though. Combee - 3/10- Bleh. Nothing interesting, moving on.. Vespiquen - 7.5/10- Pretty damn cool, and I really dig it's design. Best Bug-Type from Sinnoh. Pachirisu - 3/10- Just another boring Pikachu clone. Next.. Buizel - 7/10- I like it. Not fantastic or anything, but has a nice design. Floatzel -7/10- ^^^ Cherubi - 1.5/10- Yuck Cherrim - 2/10- Not quite as yuck, but still yuck. Shellos - 4/10- Kinda cute, but also kinda bleh at the same time. I feel this way about both forms. Gastrodon - 6.5/10- Not to bad, and it does look sorta cool. Ambipom- 5/10- Don't hate it nor love it. I do think it's better than Aipom though. Drifloon - 8/10- So damn cute, but creepy as hell at the same time. I love it! Oh, and it has a nice shiny as well. Drifblim - 7/10- Not quite as cool or cute as it's previous form, but still pretty decent. Buneary -7.5/10- Cute and evolves into.. Lopunny! - 10/10- You say No, I say a big, fat, humongous YES. One of my top-ten favourite Pokémon. I personally think it is awesome as heck, and has an amazing Mega Evolution. Mismagius - 9/10- One of my favourite Ghost-Types, along with Giratina and Froslass. Looks freaking badass, and I love it's witch theme. Honchkrow - 8.5/10- Really, really cool, just like it's pre-evolution. I've always liked this Pokémon. Glameow - 7/10- One of the better cat Pokémon. I like how it has a more realistic cat body, and not a deformed chibi one like a lot of small cat/dog Pokémon have (looking at you Skitty..) Purugly - 6/10- I like it, but just not as much as Glameow. Some parts of its design are a bit odd looking as well. Chingling - 6/10- Not to bad. I like it's evolution as well. Stunky - 7.5/10 I really like it, and I think it's cute. Also, it's a skunk! Skuntank - 8.5/10 Cool as heck! Something about the look of it is really, really appealling to me for some reason. Bronzor - 3/10- Not very interesting, and bland looking. That's all I have to say about it really. Bronzong - 5/10- It's kinda cool I guess, but still pretty bland like it's pre-evolution. Bonsly - 8/10- Cute, and much nicer than Sudowoodo. Mime Jr. 8/10 Awww.. I actually really like it. Why does it have to evolve into something so ugly and creepy.. Happiny - 1/10- Hate it, just like I hate the rest of the Chansey line. Chatot - 5/10- Kinda cute, but insanely forgettable. Nothing else to say about it really. Spiritomb - 6/10- It's cool and all, but never interested me too much. It does have a really nice shiny form though. Gible - 2/10- No, just no. I can't stand it's design at all. Gabite - 8.5/10- This thing is awesome. Hell, I even prefer it over Garchomp. Garchomp - 7.5/10- Not to shabby at all. I like the idea behind it, and overall it has a nice design (just not quite as nice as Gabite). It's mega evolution is okay as well, but not really one of my favourites Munchlax - 3/10- Don't like it much at all. TBH I feel that Snorlax deserved a better pre-evolution. Riolu - 7/10- Cute and well designed. That's all I have to say really. Lucario - 8.5/10- Yes, I know it is really over-hyped at all, but I can't help but love it. Seriously look at it. The thing looks like freaking Anubis, for crying out loud! I can't say I'm a massive fan of its Mega Evolution though, but eh. Hippopotas - 3.5/10- Boring and forgettable. Sometimes I forget it even exists, and the only thing that jolts my memory is its evolution. Hippowdon - 6.5/10- Pretty cool, but also quite forgettable (though not to the extent of Hippopotas). I much prefer the female colouration to the male one. Skorupi - 4/10- Pretty forgettable to be honest. I do like it's colour palette though. Drapion - 4/10- Personally not a huge fan of it. I feel GF could have done a better job at a scorpion Pokémon than this. Croagunk - 7.5/10- Poison frog is cute. Toxicroak - 9.5/10- Yusss! I love it a lot! Definitely one of my top ten Sinnoh Pokémon for sure. Carnivine - 5/10- Eh, it's okay I guess, but nothing too great. James' Carnivine was kinda cute though. Finneon - 5.5/10- It's cute and all, but that's the only good thing about it really. Oh, well I guess another positive is that it evolves into.. Lumineon - 8.5/10- Heavily underrated. I think it looks gorgeous. Not to mention it is black and blue, my two absolute favourite colours. Mantyke - 2.5/10- Don't like it or Mantine at all. I love Manta Rays, but it's a shame we got these things to represent them in the Pokeverse.. Snover - 3/10- Yeeeaah, nah. Moving on.. Abomasnow - 5/10- Really mixed feelings towards this one. I mean, I like it because it's based on a yeti and it has a cool typing, but I also dislike it because I find it's design to be really underwhelming. I'm also not a big fan of Mega Abomasnow. Weavile - 7/10- Nice, but I do prefer Sneasel. Magnezone - 8.5/10- Looks like a god damn UFO, and UFOs a hella awesome! Lickilicky - 6.5/10- Heh, I kinda like it. I do like me some derpy Pokémon. Rhyperior - 2/10- So, so bad. Can't stand it's design at all Tangrowth - 7/10- I don't know why, but I find this thing really adorable for some reason. I just wanna give it a big ol' hug! Electivire - 7.5/10- Pretty neat design, and I prefer it to Electabuzz Magmortar - 8/10- Cool, but no where near as nice as it's pre-evolutions. Togekiss - 7/10- Cute, but Togetic is better by a mile Yanmega - 7/10 I like it, and yeah I do agree with you on what you said about the shiny. It is pretty. nice Leafeon - 7.5/10- I like all the Eeveelutions (except for Umbreon), so while it is one of my least favourite ones, it still gets a fairly high score from me. It does look pretty nice. Glaceon - 10/10- One of my favourite Eeveelutions, along with Jolteon. It's so pretty! Gliscor - 6/10- Kinda cool, but something about its face really bugs me. I probably would have like it a lot more if they has designed it's face a bit differently. Mamoswine - 2/10- I couldn't care less about this one. I want a proper mammoth Pokémon dangit! Porygon-Z - 4/10- I like it's pre-evolutions, but not so much Porygon-Z itself. The eyes weird me out especially. Gallade - 8/10- Another Pokémon I've always liked. Though I do prefer Gardevoir, Gallade is still badass as heck, and has a nice Mega Form. Probopass - 7.5/10- I like it because it's derpy. Also, it reminds me of Nigel Thornberry for some reason. So I guess you could say that Probopass is.. Smashing.. Dusknoir - 3/10- Never really cared for it much, nor its former stages. Froslass- 10/10- Love it, love it, LOVE IT! Rotom- 2/10- Never liked it much. Next.. Uxie - 8.5/10- This used to be one of my favourite Pokémon years ago, and even though many others have overtaken it since then, I still like it a lot. Mesprit - 7/10- Nice, but not as cool as Uxie. Azelf - 6.5/10- My least-favourite out of the trio, not that it's bad or anything. It just doesn't to much for me compared to the other two. Dialga - 8.5/10- Overrated (but still cool) Palkia - 9/10- Underrated Regigigus - 7/10- Not quite as cool as Registeel and Regice, but still pretty neat. I love it's shiny, and the moss growing on it as well. Giratina - 10/10- Best Ghost-Type ever, and my favourite Sinnoh legendary. Seriously, just look at this thing! It's amazing! I love both forms, but Altered will always be my favourite. Cute centipede dragon of death <3 Cresselia - 8/10- Elegant and pretty, and has a gorgeous shiny form. Need I say anymore? Phione - 4/10 - Kinda cute, but other than that it is really boring. Manaphy - 3/10 - Bland as heck, and also very forgettable. Darkrai - 8.5/10 - Ouch! I just cut myself on all that edge. Haha, nah this thing is awesome! Shaymin - 9.5/10- (for both forms) - My favourite 'cute' legendary (along with Victini). It looks amazing, and is super adorable as well. Arceus - 8.5/10 - Well designed and awesome. Not to mention it is the Pokémon God. I'll have to add the rest later, since I have things I have to do right now. Expect an update in a few hours EDIT: Updated and finished!
  7. The title is pretty self-explanatory. What are movies, games, music, etc that you enjoy that most other people dislike? Here are my picks: - I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Sucker Punch. Although the plot was rather bizarre and confusing at times, the awesome action scenes and special affects made up for it. Not to mention it had some Dieselpunk-inspired scenes, which I, as a HUGE fan of the genre, loved to bits. Overall I thought it was a really awesome, fun movie. Unfortunately not many people agree with me, and it got very mediocre reviews from critics and viewers when it was first released. It also bombed at the Box Office. - I like Dubstep, and listen to in non-ironically. Heck, I'm even listening to it right now. Haha. Personally I'm a big fan of bass-heavy music, and the heavier the Dubstep is, the better. And yes I do like Skrillex. - The Good Dinosaur and Brave are (along with Up) my favourite Pixar movies by far. I thought they were excellent, and that there plots and animation were top-tier. Though most other people don't really agree with me. Although they haven't gotten awful reviews or anything, most people do agree that they are some of the worst Pixar movies to date.
  8. These two; I think both of them have really neat designs, and are fun to use in-game (though I don't know how well they go competitively). I personally like how Jolteon is more dog-like than the other Eeveelutions, and is all round more serious looking and less 'cute'. Glaceon just has a really, really pretty design, and I've always been a big fan of it. I think it's shiny form is nice as well, even if it doesn't change too much from the original. I also like Espeon and Sylveon a lot.
  9. Nice! I'm a huge conspiracy theory geek, so I love this a lot.
  10. Awww, It's awesome to hear that my art inspired you. No one has said that to me before, and it seriously means a lot to me. It's really nice to know that even though I'm really unconfident in my skills, people still appreciate what I do. So thank you Also, I think you did great a great job with this. The shading looks really nice, as do the colours. Heck, it even looks better than my first attempt at Sugimori style. I bet with more practice, you could be amazing at doing Sugimori's style
  11. 1/10 for both Mega and Non-Mega forms. Sceptile is by far my least-favourite fully evolved starter Pokémon. I love it's pre-evolutions, but Sceptile itself is just, ugh. I find it's design to be uninteresting and boring, and huge letdown from its amazing pre-evolution, Grovyle. It's mega form is just as bad. Possibly even worse in fact. It looks like a walking Christmas tree. I also think it's shiny form is really gross.
  12. Favourites from each Gen (first stages and final stages) *= Absolute Favourite Kanto: / Johto:/ Hoenn:/* Sinnoh:/* Unova:*/* Kalos:/ Alola: /* Favourite Lines: Litten line, Torchic line, Piplup line, and Popplio line.
  13. 5/10 It's okay-ish, but definitely my least favourite of the UBs. I find its design way to overdone. Looks like something from another game. However, it does have a really nice colour scheme. So yeah, it gets an average rating from me because I don't think it's totally bad.
  14. I'm gonna choose my top 3 from each generation (2 for Gen IV, because there aren't many from that gen that I really like). Gen I Dragonair - Has a really pretty design, and is tied with Black Kyurem as my favourite Dragon-Type Pokémon. Also, it is infinitely better than its god-awful evolution, Dragonite. Ivysaur - I love the entire Bulbasaur line, so it's no surprise that it is one of my favourite middle stages from Gen I. Magmar - I LOVE Magmar, and it's pre-evolution Magby. It has a nice design and is just plain awesome. And yeah, I don't care if it has a 'butt face'. Gen II Quilava - Awesome looking, and a nice evolution to Cyndaquil. Porygon2 - I hate Porygon Z, but this thing is cool as heck! Reminds me of those fake birds that bend down and drink water. Togetic - Love the look of it, and it's so cute. Prefer it over Togekiss (not that I hate Togekiss or anything). Gen III Lairon - Looks cool, and evolves into Aggron, one of my favourite Steel-Types. Kirlia - Cute, and nicely designed. I like how it dances on its tip-toes in its XY/ORAS/SunMoon model as well. Grovyle - I HATE Sceptile, but Grovyle on the other hand, is awesome. Seriously, how could you not like it? Gen IV Prinplup - Looks really cool, and is a part of one of my favourite Water-Type starter lines, the Piplup line. Gabite - To be honest, I almost prefer Gabite over Garchomp. IDK, something about its design is really appealling to me Gen V Krokorok - Has a really, really nice design, and evolves into the beast that is Krookodile. Servine - Looks like a bigger Snivy, which is why I like it. I am a diehard Snivy fan, after all. Zweilous - Anything to do with the Deino line is awesome, so obviously Zweilous is no exception. Like it's pre-evolution and evolution, I just think it looks badass as heck. Gen VI Sliggoo - Awesome slug dragon? Hell yeah! To bad it evolves into Dragonite-esque Goodra.. Doublade - Better than Aegislash by a mile. I personally really like its design Braixen - I think it looks nice. My only complaint is that the ear tufts stick out in a really awkward-looking way. Gen VII Brionne - <3 It's so cute, and I've been a huge fan of it ever since it's reveal. Hakamo-o - Another case of "looks better than its evolution". Seriously, I think Hakamo-o has an awesome design, while Kommo-o's seems a bit too cluttered for my tastes. Torracat - Didn't like it at first, but once I used it in-game it started to grow on me a lot. Not to mention it evolves into Incineroar
  15. 6: Solgaleo - I really don't understand it's Psychic/Steel typing. I mean, it's literally a sun god. Definitely should have been either Fire/Psychic or Fire/Steel 5: Samurott - I really feel like it should have been Water/Fighting instead of pure Water. It is a samurai sea lion after all. 4: Gastly Line - I don't understand the Poison typing they were given. I wish they were just pure Ghost. It makes more sense. 3: Altaria - I do like it's typing, but the Dragon part doesn't make much sense. It looks more like a birb than a dragon. 2: Lurantis - Why the heck isn't it part Bug? It's literally a mantis. Should have been Grass/Bug or Fairy/Bug. Heck, even Grass/Fairy is better and makes more sense than pure Grass. 1: Lycanroc (Midnight) - Needs to be Rock/Dark instead of pure Rock. I mean, it's a freaking werewolf!
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