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  1. GlitchedNightmare gave reputation to Nisa for a gallery image, Magikarp   
    This Magikarp. Its so Kawaii.
    I made this for a friend, and oh my god it turned out amazing, its so adorable.
    I decided to not use FA and Paint instead because it would be so time consuming on FA seeing as I dont have my mouse anymore.
    But it still turned out darn adorable.
  2. GlitchedNightmare gave reputation to AethericDoom for a gallery image, Sugimori Ditto   
    Blob blob
    Chose him because he was simple. Baaaaaad mistake. So confusing.
    Get ready for sugimori Wormy Ditto of Blood
  3. GlitchedNightmare gave reputation to Kilgrave for a gallery image, Lumin and Mega Lumin   
    Lumin: The Eye Pokemon
    Type: Psychic
    Ability: Levitate
    Does not evolve
    Lumin may seem cute and friendly, however it actively tries to take over any territory it moves into, using its psychic powers to attack and even manipulate other Pokemon. The triangles that float next to it act as extra eyes, and are also capable of shooting beams at the opponent or defensing Lumin.
    70/50/80/120/80/100 BST: 500
    Mega Lumin
    Type: Psychic
    Ability: New World Order - Raises all of this Pokemon's stats (except accuracy and evasion) by 2 when this Pokemon knocks out a Legendary or Mega Pokemon.
    Mega Lumin was considered by ancient people to be an all powerful god, rivaling that of legendary Pokemon. Mega Lumin likes the attention it receives from these legends, and its psychic powers can control whole cities of people.
    70/50/110/150/110/110 BST: 600
    I actually really like this Pokemon. A lot of thought went into it and I think it's really cute
  4. GlitchedNightmare gave reputation to AethericDoom for a gallery image, Voltorb Sugimori Art   
    My first Sugimori art, I'm fairly happy with how it came out. Of course, I chose the most simplistic 'mon, but that's because I'm a beginner.
    Critique (yes the shading sucks) is welcome as are compliments 
    Inspired by the awesome art of @GlitchedNightmare
    Also cool emoji Kilgrave 
  5. GlitchedNightmare gave reputation to Julie for a gallery image, The Starters of Lavai   
    Okay, here are my ideas for gen 8 starters. I will post the middle stages and final forms later.
    Grass: Vinoru.
    It has a symbiotic relationship with butterfly Pokemon. It often helps them to gather food, then they share the food with Vinoru.
    Fire: Robest.
    It looks like a Water-type Pokemon, but its Ember is very strong, stronger then most other Fire Pokemon.
    Water: Tybo.
    It roamed the polar areas taking control, until it was decided to be a starter Pokemon. It often agrees it is stronger then its Trainer or any of its Trainer's Pokemon.
  6. GlitchedNightmare gave reputation to Julie for a gallery image, Starters of Lavai (final forms)   
    And here are the final forms of the three Lavai starters.
    Left: Listayloru (Grass/Fairy) Its dancing often attracts other Pokemon. It seems to preform large concerts.
    Right: Fongobest (Fire/Fighting) It has very powerful kicks that can break trees. It attacks by kicking then slicing with the spears on its legs.
    Middle: Roronono (Water/Dark) This Pokemon thinks it rules everything in its sight. Never go into a wild Roronono's territory.
    Do you think these are overdone? I think Listayloru is too overdone, Roronono looks too much like its middle stage, and Fongobest is overpowered (and has a ridiculous name)
  7. GlitchedNightmare gave reputation to Julie for a gallery image, Starters of Lavai (middle stages)   
    These are pretty derpy and poorly made. Anyway, here are the middle stages.
    Rongoru (from Vinoru) It has a much tougher personality after evolution, and is less kind to things around it.
    Tibest (from Robest) Turning from quadruped to bipedal gives it a large boost of speed. It is incredibly fast.
    Lybono (from Tybo) This Pokemon feels like it rules everything, bossing around its Trainer's Pokemon, other random wild Pokemon, and even its own Trainer.
  8. GlitchedNightmare gave reputation to Taiiyo for a gallery image, Titan Trio (Completed)   
    Finished every member of the titan trio. 
    Now Zapdos and Moltres get some love too.
    (Damn I just noticed how black my desk)
  9. GlitchedNightmare gave reputation to isagonj for a gallery image, manakete   
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