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  1. lemme start with some old sprites, then go to new sprites. Slanape Type: Fire hmm, the old and good Slaking + Infernape. Have you ever dreamed a fusion between the two Super Apes? Then here we are! Slanape, strong and lazy, is going to help us!
  2. Kaps, can i use sprites that i've already made?

    1. Kaps


      4 wut?

    2. Replier


      your contest im too lazy to put in it ;_;

    3. Kaps



  3. mmhm FoLeAMING DOGS
  4. Florpix: Grass / Fairy Pokémons Used: Gardevoir, Lilligant, Beedrill, Venusaur, Shaymin, Sketch (?) Have you ever dreamed Tinker Bell on Pokémon? You think i'll going say yes? No, i don't will say yes, i will say ok. Ok this is a try i give to make a Tinker Bell. I guess, just don't look the beautiful legs pls
  5. Can i enter? SolosiPallossanRatIcateNizinG TherIaMinunPluslE !!!!!! i dare you to decodify this message!!!
  6. challenge accepted. READ ALL OF THEM Shrek 5 will be the best movie EVER so much hype in the future i will make a reaction for all responses !!!
  7. challenge accepted. at future server, Dioo the Lightning. PREPARE TO FEAR PILOSWINE
  8. Gr8

    oh well you need to be my sensei
  9. Chocolate. Ok. Chocolate is life, life is Chocolate, and Chocolate is love. Chocolate is delicious, Chocolate is all.
  10. lick everywhere
  11. Chandelphox is very nice. Just try to be more creative
  12. nice comics, Kaps. did ditto have a shiny? im making my own comic but its on portuguese, then, i won't share here
  13. Always believed

  14. Ask for each sprite owner. You can surely use mine, but use credits pls
  15. @LarkThatOneArticuno First, i made two eggs. The Egg 1, is Regice's body in form of Egg. The Egg 2, is the normal Egg.
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