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  1. Can i enter? SolosiPallossanRatIcateNizinG TherIaMinunPluslE !!!!!! i dare you to decodify this message!!!
  2. challenge accepted. READ ALL OF THEM Shrek 5 will be the best movie EVER so much hype in the future i will make a reaction for all responses !!!
  3. challenge accepted. at future server, Dioo the Lightning. PREPARE TO FEAR PILOSWINE
  4. Gr8

    oh well you need to be my sensei
  5. Chocolate. Ok. Chocolate is life, life is Chocolate, and Chocolate is love. Chocolate is delicious, Chocolate is all.
  6. lick everywhere
  7. Chandelphox is very nice. Just try to be more creative
  8. nice comics, Kaps. did ditto have a shiny? im making my own comic but its on portuguese, then, i won't share here
  9. Always believed

  10. Ask for each sprite owner. You can surely use mine, but use credits pls
  11. nananana. You've seen this. the best shop okno REPLIER'S SPRITE SHOP! -------------------------------------- So, then, what you can ask for me? DNA Mixed What is this? A pokémon get parts from other pokémons, but, it still the same pokémon, it's not a fusion. It not change color. Example: "hey bro get me a DNA Mixed of Dragonite and Dragonair" "Please, can you make for me a DNA Mixed of Crawdaunt and Cacturne?" Stamp Example: "Please, can you make me a Stamp of Zapdos?" Inferno / Pillowshade Optional: Inferno / Pillowshade of the Mouth and other Inferno Palette. Example: "Please, can you make me a Inferno (or Pillowshade) of Dragonite?" "Please, can you make me a Inferno of Charizard? The Fire color you use the Blue Fire palette." Egg Optional: You can say what you want. Example, i want a Egg of Charizard without the Tail. I want a ??? Egg without the Eye and Ears. Example: "Please, can you make me a Egg of Charizard?" ORDERS ORDERS
  12. @LarkThatOneArticuno First, i made two eggs. The Egg 1, is Regice's body in form of Egg. The Egg 2, is the normal Egg.
  13. Good fakemon, lel. I could make a sprite version with Croagunk of base.
  14. rip kaps.
  15. Sure. Just wait.
  16. np ;D edited, kaps.
  17. Re-color it.
  18. Try being more creative adding the parts, and don't let fakemon looks like a real pokémon. A example. This sprite was made to be the second Evo of Zorua.
  19. Well, i watched Pokestadium somedays, and Xero Dracoheart's videos. I liked Dialkia (as well i think that this don't deserve #1), and i tried to make the same sprite, but, "Mega-Zord" sprite. Then, this is the result: It is bad, i could do the legs better (i think i will remake the legs someday), but, what about it?
  20. @Kaps You was cool. I take a little time to make that. @Kilgrave I tried my best. Who don't like this, srry, i could give a rep.
  21. The world went to war ... We can only participate in it ... We can not do anything, stop people, there is no strong thing for that. This is our only choice. -------------------------------------- Welcome to a simple mini-roleplay .-. you will made a part of history in a post. --- The Rules are simple: 1- No Overpowering: its not that easy. 2- PS Rules obviously 3- You have to do a action everytime if you will post. --- Characters: Nine of Nightmare: Attacks - Dark Pulse, Dark Void, Nasty Plot, Sludge Bomb, Confuse Ray. Ability - Bad Dreams. Cubone (Sans) and Steter Blaster: Attacks - Bonemerang, Steter Blaster, Headbutt, Protect, Teleport. Ability - Time Stop: Have a little chance to dodge a attack. Bonerect Attacks - Bonemerang, Protect, Bone Club, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake Ability - Rock Head. Story: Nine of Nightmare vs Cubone (Sans) and Steter Blaster. The fight begins, between two strong warriors. Cubone (Sans) begins giving blasts with his Steter Blaster, and Nine of Nightmare dodge everytime.. When Nine of Nightmare can no longer dodge, she counter-attacks with Dark Pulse. BOOM!
  22. Nine of Nightmare is tired, now Bonerect and Sansbone will K.O him.
  23. Created this topic to talk about something, the ALL-TIME-LIKED Ok, but, why i created this thing? A obviously reason. A new sprite, cannot be a All-Time-Liked because most of the people of pokestadium is left. What do you guys think about it?
  24. Very nice. The first was very creative, with some 30 minutes could be a sprite. The second is very good, it looks like a Inferno Sprite style.
  25. fusion

    You did right. Surely i want to improve your spriting style, then, make a Stamp sprite of
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