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  1. So uh yeah, I'm probably leaving PS soon-ish? (for real this time not that gross protest garbage I did a year or so back) I won't bother making a whole thread/blog post, but to summarize:

    There is no big dramatic reason I'm leaving. PS is just getting progressively more inactive, and while my friends were the primary reason for me sticking around, I have them all on Discord now, so that's not really a selling point anymore. Actively being part of the site is just a mild inconvenience to me by now and I don't really care enough to keep up with it.

    To clarify, I'm not "swearing-off" PS or anything like that. I'll probably still lurk once in a blue moon and respond to PMs and whatnot, I just won't be active on the site anymore.

    I wasn't planning on making a big deal out of this at first but seeing as I'm a mod and also I was tied up in a couple projects here, I figured I may as well give an explanation. My Discord is open if anyone wants to keep in touch @ Nove NuVonde #4726

  2. Alright, update on neglected orders: I really have just had no real motivation lately to do requests, my desire to do art has been really sporadic and uncooperative and I just haven't been able to bring myself to sprite. I know that's not really a solid excuse to take these requests and then bail, and for that I apologize, but unfortunately I will not be able to get them done. I'll be closing this shop soon, and I won't be taking requests on PS from this point on. If you guys have your hearts set on these fusions - well first, let me apologize for not doing them - you will have to take them to another shop. @Kaotic @Nisa @Kaps @money12wolf
  3. Red

    Alright, so, I might be leaving PS soon. Beyond that, people have only really shown limited interest in this RP, and messed up schedules have further gotten in the way, so ultimately I've decided this RP is more trouble than it's worth. I will be leaving this thread open for a few more days so that everyone involved or interested will have a chance to see what's going on and back up their sheets, if they feel so inclined, but I will no longer be accepting now characters. I'll put this in the plot adoption thread once this thread if moved to the archive so, if anyone feels so inclined, they can pick this RP back up and run it themselves. So yeah, sorry, I was hoping things would turn out differently than I'd predicted but they did not and this has become somewhat of an unnecessary burden.
  4. Once again I swoop in to a thread I'm otherwise indifferent towards to laud over a personal favorite of mine. I love love LOVE Victreebel! It is easily one of my all time favorite Pokemon, which is saying something since it hails from a region/generation that is very much hit-or-miss for me. Everything about it is great, though I'm especially fond of its uncharacteristically brutal Pokedex entries, even before Sun and Moon's infamously off putting dex. It has those subtle angular spots and overall organic feel that is characteristic of gen 1 and an aesthetic I can really get behind - while many of my favorite Pokemon are pretty modern/recent, they undeniably carry a "plastic toy" feel to them that gen 1 and 2 Pokemon just don't suffer from. Also I really, really like how the eyes are just below its huge, gaping mouth. There's only one kind of eye placement I like more than "no eyes," and that's "eyes in places eyes don't go," and for a pitcher plant it is very fitting and cool. The icing on the cake is the little dangling lure, which I am very happy they didn't just stick on its butt like a tail. It gives it a very subtle "terrestrial angler fish" sort of vibe, and honestly, no combination seems so natural yet so easily missed than an angler fish and a pitcher plant. 10/10, pitcher boi is good boi.
  5. Red

    Alright your appearance has been updated, though your second ability feels a bit arbitrary in terms of just being added on, and easily abused to boot. My PM box is open if you want to discuss further, but I don't think I can really add this.
  6. Red

    @AethericDoom Accepted! Before I dedicate this to the first post, though, I have one small complaint: there is, without exception, no way to return existence - not one the players are yet aware of, anyways - so your second ability clashes a bit with this. It's minor so I can just omit this when I put it in the first post, but I thought I would let you know.
  7. Red

    Alright, duly noted. I'm not sure if we'll even start by the 16th, or if we do, it won't be too long before, so it shouldn't be too hard to jump in. Just try to get your sheet done/started in the next 4 days, if you can, so you're not overloaded with work when you come back.
  8. Why am I still up

    Oh wait, I know

    Because I am human garbage

    1. Spamuhell


      White Trash

    2. Gruffin77


      Oh boy 3AM


      *eats food*

  9. original media

    From the album Pencil Sketches

    A late night sketch for a friend, who requested a "cool dragon." They didn't specify further, so this was my cool dragon. I like how it turned out, though I am disappointing in how I handled some aspects. Her face, especially, I don't think really captures what makes mosquitoes and flies in generally so cute and dorky, and her halteres look pretty dumb. Not even really recognizable as halteres, just lumps. Still, I'm fairly pleased all the same, at the very least with the quality, even if the concept was a little poorly executed.
  10. Doesn't look very messy to me!
  11. strangers

    Your glasses seem to have an- interesting prescription.
  12. Yeah, while Fomatis gets bonus points for a very nice color scheme, and more clever typing than it gets credit for (I'll go into that when we get to Lurantis, though) that's about it. I find it's just kind of a mediocre design, not outstandingly bad, but certainly a less memorable gen VII mon. 5/10
  13. @A Big Cat

    are you really a cat


    I don't believe you

    I don't even think

    you're that big

    probably just medium

    >>>: <

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    2. A Big Cat

      A Big Cat

      shoot maybe i don'ten't know :(

    3. NuVonde


      Taiiyo reopens the case!!?? Twist!!

    4. NuVonde


      We can't prove that A Big Cat didn't phtoshop the image, or even take their dedication so far as to model a globe for this very purpose.

      They could be a very sneaky devil indeed, and we would be none the wiser.

  14. Red

    You are utterly, utterly alone To simplify Where are you, anyways? Rules Character sheets Accepted sheets (including mine) A closing note Saved spots (might as well keep track of these somehow)

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    2. NuVonde


      I should probablyyyy, but I am a lazy.

    3. Kinas10


      Heh. Quick question: How do I set my profile picture?

    4. NuVonde


      Go to your profile page and you avatar should be in the top left, and in the bottom left corner of that is a little picture icon. Click on that and it'll give you some options for uploading a photo. Just be careful because it's really picky about file size.

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