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  1. "The worst? I probably wouldn't go that far." I literally addressed this exact point in my conclusion : P
  2. In other news I recently made a cute Mismagius badge for my sig on another site, figured I share for no real reason except I liked it~


  3. I mean sure, it's not like I have a monopoly on Pokemon reviews. Do what you will.
  4. I greatly like you.

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      Nisa what are you doing?! How could you say that? Look at how hydra made nove sad by only saying that he likes her, you saying that we all love her probably has he crying in a pillow now :(

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      Sorry saying Jesus loved her may have cause depression

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      I love me


      Why is everyone staring at me

  5. ((I thought I made this very clear in my post but I will reiterate just for clarity's sake. It's also in the RP rules, which I really hope you have read as it is very disconcerting that you didn't recognize rule #6. Please try to read mroe thoroughly next time. Also no, generally speaking a RP should not really need any images but in the event of an artist trying to scene set a landscape they created or something along those lines it can be a useful tool. Pokemon sprites are only a novel by-product of this and you should definitely not need more than one (you shouldn't even need one, really), so unless it is something critical to the plot or progression, more than two images will not be allowed))
  6. An announcement, not only to to this RP specifically, but to all possible future RP wrtiers and/or RPers who may be reading this, Due to recent inactivity in the RP section, it's become apparent that the rules are no longer being properly enforced, and enough has slipped through the cracks that this issue cannot be ignored any longer. In the interest of promoting quality posts and cleaning this hanging-by-a-thread section on Pokestadium, this will no longer be the case, and rules will from now on be much more heavily enforced with less leeway on what is and is not considered an acceptable exception to these rules. This RP, in particular, regularly violates rules #6 and #11 - No Scripting, and No One-liners, respectively. These traits in RPing are typically associated with fast paced casual RPing, often done in chat. They are not acceptable forms of RPing on the Pokestadium RP section, which is specifically geared towards slower, more detailed posts. These types of scripted, short posts are considered spammy in a forum environment and there really isn't an acceptable reason to be writing this way on here when you could do it in a chat of some kind and leave this section for the more detailed RPs it was meant for. Whether you prefer chat RPs or para-RPs is a matter of personal preference that I will leave up to you, but the bottom line is that PS is not the place for the former. If you would like to continue this RP in its current format, you will need to create a group chat and continue it there. If you would like to continue it here, there are a few things you will need to change before this is acceptable to continue on PS: First, the scripting needs to stop. That is to say, it needs to be written like a book, with paragraphs describing the environment, the characters, and their actions, not like a movie or play script with very minimal description, a heavy focus on dialog, short breaks to describe actions in a few words, and an extremely excessive amount of line breaks. There is also the matter of one-liners. Like I said earlier, forums are unlike chats in that they allow for slower, more detailed posts. If you prefer the chat format, that is perfectly fine, but if you do not want to use a chat and would rather continue RPing on PS, then your post content will need to reflect this environment. No, line breaking a bunch does not stop something from being a one liner if the content is still minimal. On PS we generally aim to have a minimum of 3-4 lines of text per post, or for those who have wonky monitors or are on mobile - so lines don't display properly - that is roughly 200 words. Line breaks do not count as new lines. This is still a rather small, reasonable amount, so I don't expect it to be hard to adjust. Also the extreme over-use of images contributes to the scripting issue and is generally very cluttered/spammy. The only real reason this isn't a concrete rule is because the RP staff team didn't really anticipate RPers to use so many images in one post so many times in a row. It is still requested that if you must use images, try to keep it to a minimum of one image per post. In the interest of not breaking the flow of this RP or having to immediately lock/delete it, and giving its players time to adjust to more heavily enforced rules, you will be given 5 days to meet these requirements. During that time you will be free to adjust at your leisure, putting these regulations into effect as immediately or slowly as you see fit, though be aware that if this kind of posting continues after said 5 days are up, consequences can and will be issued. To reiterate what I said at the beginning, this post is so large and comprehensive because it is directed at not only this RP specifically, but all current (few as they are) and future RPs as well. Its intention is to make clear that the RP section is being cleaned up and we are starting to have higher expectations. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact me or other RP staff via PM to discuss.
  7. Waaaaaait a minute

    your a rp mod

    I have GOT to get more active

  8. Stop being better at art than me. You stop that.
  9. Oh hey look, this series isn't dead! Yeah, sorry for the huge gap between the Gen I entry and this one - school, among other things, has made big projects like this kinda low priority. Here it is though! I'll now be doing a quick overview at the end of these as well, briefly explaining my general feelings about a generation's selection of Pokemon. I'll also try not to botch the Mega Evolution formatting this time ._.' (plans to fix that in the Gen I review, well, eventually). Bear in mind these are subjective opinions. Friendly discussion about ratings you disagree with is fine, but don't get riled up trying to tell me why me or other users are wrong. This series isn't made to persuade you to agree with me, just to share how I specifically feel.--- #152 - Chikorita - 7/10 A cute, if biologically ambiguous spice mon. #153 - Bayleef - 7/10 Good spice bronto. #154 - Meganium - 6/10 A little bland. Why ditch the spice theme so abruptly? #155 - Cyndaquil - 5/10 Novel idea, but kinda boring. #156 - Quilava - 4/10 What do you get when you stretch a Cyndaquil out? #157 - Typhlosion - 6/10 Does not live up to its badass name or basis. #158 - Totodile - 7/10 Smol croco is good croco #159 - Croconaw - 9/10 Such a shame the cute caveman aesthetic gets dropped! #160 - Feraligatr - 8/10 A little disappointing, but still a good gator (or… gatr?) #161 - Sentret - 6/10 A cute, mildly intersting take on the regional rodent. #162 - Furret - 7/10 Loses some of Sentret's cuter traits, but still good. #163 - Hoothoot - 8/10 Underwhelming type and pallet for such a wonderful little owl! #164 - Noctowl - 7/10 Loses so much of what made Hoothoot great : < Decent owl. #165 - Ledyba - 5/10 Cute, if extremely forgettable. #166 - Ledian - 7/10 I love the resemblance to a bug themed superhero! #167 - Spinarak - 7/10 A goodest spoder!! #168 - Ariados - 4/10 A ver badly spoder >>>>: < #169 - Crobat - 6/10 Kinda neat? Does nothing interesting with Zubat's wild design, though… #170 - Chinchou - 8/10 Boring blue palette, but otherwise such an adorable angler! #171 - Lanturn - 5/10 Somehow made an "electric angler fish" bland and generic. #172 - Pichu - 6/10 Absolutely unnecessary, but pretty cute I guess. #173 - Cleffa - 7/10 Also super unnecessary, but NNNG, IT'S SO CUTE. #174 - Igglybuff - no/10 hate hate hate HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE #175 - Togepi - 8/10 Earned every ounce of its popularity. #176 - Togetic - 10/10 Sadly often overlooked compared to spike babe. A personal favorite! #177 - Natu - 10/10 That haunting, downright unsettling glassy eyed stare… I love it. #178 - Xatu - 8/10 Not QUITE as perfect as Natu, but close. #179 - Mareep - 7/10 Do Magearna dream of electric Whimsicott? #180 - Flaffy - 7/10 Forgettable, but nice when I remember it exists. #181 - Ampharos - 7/10 Nice, but… this is supposed to be a sheared sheep? Uh? #181 - Mega Ampharos - 2/10 Got its wool back, except in all the wrong places. #182 - Belossom - 5/10 Somehow even more generic plant monster than Oddish and Vileplume. #183 - Marill - pikablu/10 Doesn't quite live up to its renowned status, does it? #184 - Azumarill - 5/10 Weird egg body cancels out its cuter aspects. #185 - Sudowoodo - 7/10 Both an interesting premise and my kind of dorky! #186 - Politoed - 6/10 A decent, if bland, alternative to Poliwrath. #187 - Hoppip - 8/10 Those wonderful arbitrary cat ears of Gen I return! #188 - Skiploom - 4/10 Replaces everything great about Hoppip with… not great things. #189 - Jumpluff - 6/10 Eh, it's okay, but disappointing payoff for Hoppip. #190 - Aimpom - 7/10 Normally I don't like monkeys, but that face, D'AWWW. #191 - Sunkern - BST 180/10 Inexplicably pathetic, the best kind of pathetic! #192 - Sonflora - 5/10 I suppose there's humor in how anticlimactic this evolution is. #193 - Yanma - 8/10 Almost refreshing they didn't go the obvious "Dragon/Bug" route. #194 - Wooper - 8/10 Armless salamander is best salamander. #195 - Quagsire - 4/10 Ehhhhhhhhhhhh really not feeling this one. #196 - Espeon - 7/10 Espers are great. Esper cats are even better! #197 - Umbreon - 6/10 It's alright, but a teeny bit overrated, isn't it? #198 - Murkrow - 9/10 Oh hell yes I LOVE evil witch crow! #199 - Slowking - 7/10 Interesting twist on Slowpoke. Lacking that dopey charm, though. (also why is it randomly sandwiched between counterparts Misdreavus and Murkrow?) #200 - Misdreavus - 7/10 Wonderfully devious, very fae-like. Why no Fairy type? : < #201 - Unown - 9/10 I love these spooky runes! Unfairly hated, in my opinion. #202 - Wobbuffet - Wobbuffet/Wobbuffet Wobbuffet. What else is there to say. #203 - Girafarig - 7/10 Cute! Only duel Normal type that feels fitting. #204 - Pineco - 7/10 Pineapple grenade? Try pineCONE grenade! HA. (I'll see myself out…) #205 - Forretress - 7/10 A cool, subtly eerie bagworm monster. #206 - Dunsparce - 4? 5? 7, maybe? Can't decide if I despise or adore this one-off weirdo. #207 - Gligar - 8/10 A literal scorpionfly, the best kind of scorpionfly! #208 - Steelix - 6/10 Not as nice as Onix in the dirt snek department. #208 - Mega Steelix - 5/10 Too many wild, clashing elements for my taste. #209 - Snubble - 7/10 Finally, a pitbull free of its unfortunate stigma. Adorable! #210 - Granbull - 5/10 I WANT to like this Pokemon SO BAD, but… #211 - Qwilfish - whatever/10 Phione levels of forgettable. Does this Pokemon even exist? #212 - Scizor - 8/10 I can dig this metal ant boi. #212 - Mega Scizor - 3/10 Looks more like a bootleg Scizor toy than a mega. #213 - Shuckle - 7/10 I don't know what Shuckle is, but I like it! #214 - Heracross - 7/10 A good punchy buggo. #214 - Mega Heracross - 7/10 Oh look, a mega I don't hate! Actually fairly interesting. #215 - Sneasle - 9/10 Wicked, conniving, degenerate, and absolutely darling. #216 - Teddiursa - 6/10 Generic teddibear. Almost comically mundane for having a "space theme". #217 - Ursaring - 8/10 Basically just a bear, but enough charm to warrant an 8/10. #218 - Slugma - 7/10 Generic idea, but nice execution. #219 - Magcargo - 8/10 Less generic idea, still great execution. #220 - Swinub - 4/10 Eh, not my cup of tea. #221 - Piloswine - 6/10 A bit more interesting, but still, could be better. #222 - Corsola - 7/10 Cute! I'm a sucker for non-arthropod six limbed creatures. #223 - Remoraid - 5/10 A clever twist for a gun mon, but otherwise, eh. #224 - Octillery - 9/10 Everything about octoboi is perfect, especially that darling tube mouth. #225 - Delibird - 5/10 Santa… BUT A BIRD! #226 - Mantine - 5/10 Does nothing with the kite theme. A boring mantaray #227 - Skarmory - 7/10 I can dig this metal bird. #228 - Houndour - 8/10 Who's a bad boy? #229 - Houndoom - 9/10 DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooommmmm. #229 - Mega Houndoom - 9/10 If Satan was a dog, STILL wouldn't be this badass. #230 - Kingdra - 4/10 Could have been much better, honestly. #231 - Phanpy - 7/10 Simple, compact, adorable - what more could you want? #232 - Donphan - 3/10 An aggressive tire elephant should be badass! It wasn't. #233 - Porygon2 - 9/10 A drinking bird that's also a sapient program? And PINK? #234 - Stantler - 4/10 Just kinda awkward and boring. And forgettable. Extremely forgettable. #235 - Smeargle - 6/10 I can see the appeal, just not my favorite. #236 - Tyrogue - 6/10 What's this? A baby Pokemon that was actually necessary? #237 - Hitmontop - 5/10 Doesn't fit well with 'lee or 'chan. Not really necessary. #238 - Smoochum - 7/10 This one is actually cute as hecc. Why so overlooked? #239 - Elekid - 7/10 Really like the head plug. Better than both its evolutions. #240 - Magby - 8/10 Precious child of butthead. #241 - Miltank - UHHHHHH/10 Those udders… unfortunate implications abound. #242 - Blissey - 4/10 Ruins Chansey's quirky axolotl theme : < #243 - Raikou - 7/10 Glad our only smilodon Pokemon got a decent execution. #244 - Entei - 5/10 An underwhelming legendary, honestly. #245 - Suicune - 6/10 Only slightly less "meh" than Entei. #246 - Larvitar - 8/10 So grumpy, I can't not instantly fall in love. #247 - Pupitar - 7/10 Insect or reptile? You decide! #248 - Tyranitar - 8/10 Kraid and Godzilla's youngest sibling is respectably menacing. #248 - Mega Tyranitar - 4/10 A little too clunky and awkward for my tastes. #249 - Lugia - 10/10 The perfect balance of simple, but appealing and eye-catching. #250 - Ho-Oh - 8/10 Eat your heart out, Moltres. #251 - Celebi - 7/10 Decent, but could be better for a time travelling mythical. --- In conclusion, Gen II was, overall, probably the blandest generation. The worst? I probably wouldn't go that far. But the more boring, forgettable one? Absolutely. The sheer quantity of 5s and 6s should tell you just how "meh" I feel about this generation as a whole. While there were very few I'd say were outright bad - baring the Megas, many of which were pretty awful, but those came out in Gen VI so how much of a Gen II Pokemon they are is debatable - there weren't a lot that stood out as instantly great or iconic, either. Most designs could be best summed up as "simple and cutesy, but forgettable." Gen II really felt like it lacked the organic, biologically ambiguous aesthetic that made Gen I so great, nor did it have the wild and creative, stylized designs of later gens, and no matter which aesthetic you prefer, Gen II found itself stuck in a weird limbo where it just didn't lean far enough on either side of the spectrum to stand out. TL;DR Gen II was cute at times, but blander than skim milk.
  10. Incredibly bored. I'll draw the first thing someone replies to this with. No guarantees it won't be terrible and/or meme-y though.

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      I'll send you the picture over discord

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  11. Looks like I'm part of the cool kids club now.

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      you were promoted on merit of being one of maybe like three people who've expressed concern over the RP section in the past couple months

  12. New RP mod buddy <3

    1. NuVonde


      oh hecc
      this is unexpected
      For real though this is super cool, never would have even expected sudden modship like this. Thanks, now I actually have a reason and motivation to revive the RP section ; >

  13. Why is thisES6Yo9y.png


    and thisyTz2qTo.png

    seperate images???

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      Because the single image is too big to fit in a signature, so I split it into smaller halves the site would accept.

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