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  1. When you're playing Neverending Legacy and your people adopt a fear of death because they're too stupid to bury the corpses or just move the corpses somewhere else.

    1. PCTheSkitty


      Update: My children are not growing up fast enough so I am enslaving them for child labor. THAT'LL teach them for not growing fast enough.

  2. Small miscellaneous sketches of some daemons. Exactly as incompetent and ungainly as they look.


  3. This image is unwholesome and needs burned asap

  4. You are still stretching it out weird is part of the problem. You are much better off just zooming in instead of manually enlarging the parts. Also I would HEAVILY recommend not using the 3d models for fusing. They are a mess to work with and nigh impossible to do any custom work with, and even tiny adjustments are a chore. I would stick with 2d sprites whether you are a newbie or expert in spriting.
  5. So APPARENTLY the tube on Turtonator's face is NOT its mouth, but its nose, and that yellow zig zag isn't some random detail but its real mouth.

    This is like the whole deal with Hawlucha where nobody had any idea how to do its mouth properly.

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    2. PCTheSkitty


      You're looking at it from literally the exact wrong angle. It's a snorkel nose. This is it from the side:
      Image result for mata mata turtle

    3. Kaps


      Ok yeah what is THAT it looks like a frog

      Is pinnochio kinda like a turtonator?

    4. AnonymousDoom


      Lol thats funny

  6. Doctor leech with the worst lineart you ever saw but at least he's colored?


  7. Can't poor Shuckle just be a weird squiggly worm monster without any real basis? : <
  8. Besides what's already been stated, I find most middle stage Pokemon are sorely underrated (and I'm not counting mons who evolve from baby Pokemon, such as Pikachu and Clefairy as middle stage). With a few rare exceptions like Bayleef and Dragonair, middle stages are just brushed aside as an obstacle that stands between your Charmander and Charizard. I think because of this, a lot of great Pokemon get forgotten simply for being the awkward middle child. The prime example being starters, most middle evo starters actually being very solid, some even better than their evolutions (imo) like Braixen, Ivysaur, Torracat, and so on.
  9. There's a Team Galactic theme for the 3ds and can I just say how happy I am to see gen 4 getting ANY recognition? I don't know how long this theme has been out, I'm assuming a few years, but regardless of how late I might be to the party I'm glad to see Game Freak and by extension Nintendo still gives half a crap about Gen 4 instead of just aggressively pushing gen 1 and the most recent generation, phasing out anything in between.

    I like gen 1 as much as the next guy, but c'mon, that's not the ONLY old gen you guys can throw back to y'know.

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    2. PCTheSkitty


      Honestly I am in the boat of people who believe that whatever the "third wheel" game is going to be, be it Pokemon Star or Eclipse or whatever, is going to be on the Switch. The fact that there are fully functional walk/run animations for every Pokemon in the game just seems too suspicious, and point to a feature or extension of an existing feature planned for a system with more powerful hardware. It might be kind of a stretch but I think whatever remakes we get are going to be on the Switch to flaunt the new system, because by then hype for the first wave of gen 7 games will have died down and they'll need something new to catch interest.

    3. The-Hydra


      game freak has basically stated that they're not currently working for any mainline game on the switch, and that if they did it would require a "major re-thinking of what the Pokemon games are about" due to the switch being a hybrid (but really more console than handheld.) I can't see just porting Sun and Moon over without having to deal with the lack of two screens, touch, and the game having been designed at its core (like every other Pokemon game) to be played out and about


      Those models do lend some credit, but of course it's not they like they couldn't be used for something besides a SM remake (POKEMON STADIUM 3 PLS.) The fact that people (including myself) also predicted Gray and Z as a given and that GF has stated one of their main goals is to surprise the fans makes me wary at this point of what my instincts first go to

    4. PCTheSkitty


      Fair enough. Gen 7 as a whole has done some really un-Pokemon like things so far and shown that Game Freak is starting to tire of the basic formula, so it's really difficult to tell what they have up their sleeves at this point. I would still love to see gen 4 get a remake on any system, really, but unlike ORAS where we all knew they were inevitable there is some reasonable doubt when and if they'll come. I think we're all curious what their plans for gen 7 past SuMo are, especially seeing as the 3ds is on the decline. I have a gut feeling that even if our dreams of a fully 3d Sinnoh are never realized we still won't be disappointed.

  10. Anyone else here read Bogleech's stuff?

    1. The-Hydra


      I've seen my older brother reading it, not really sure what the deal is though

    2. PCTheSkitty


      It's hard to describe him in a nutshell because he just does so much stuff, but for the most part he writes articles about quirky and spooky stuff. He's really charming and funny, and a fantastic artist. He's doing a webcomic called Awful Hospital and if you liked Homestuck, even if you didn't like it, I can almost guarantee you'll like it. They also run Mortasheen which is a kinda bestiary-ish thing? Hard to describe but still impressive.

      I mean I could go on and on but there's just way too much content to summarize well. His site is here, if anyone is interested I'll let them just check it out at their own pace. 

    3. Kaps

  12. Personally I've always preferred the black variant because animations in older games suggest it was just a void with a face and hair hovering to give the illusion of a face, or some amorphous black blob dressed up in some desperate attempt to look human, which I honestly think is cooler than it just being literal solid skin, but I suppose in this day and age it's pretty close to impossible to not interpret it as racist so ah well. Goodbye ominous black void, hello boring and politically safe purple. Also Jesus it's about time someone acknowledged male Kirlia exist I am so sick of every Kirlia and Gardevoir oc ever to exist being female.
  13. Slowly but surely I am chipping away at my RP, strangetown. Combat and environmental interaction mechanics are finally starting to stabilize, though just how balanced and effective they really are is still debatable. A lot harder than I originally thought they would be, for sure. But I am enjoying the mental exercise of creating and working within such a limited and mechanical system rather than my typical novella format.

    A preview of what is to come, and possibly a glimpse into the tone and style of what this is going to be like (although keep in mind this doc is still subject to heavy change). I am pretty excited for this. Just a shame I might not be able to start until the 26th : <

    1. Kaps



  14. Question aimed at whatever mods might be in charge of this kind of thing: can we get a new username thread for members who met the requirements of the old thread, but the forum software will not allow them to change? PCTheSkitty is kinda obsolete by now and I've been waiting for the thread to get fixed but it doesn't seem it's going back up any time soon...

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    2. Kaps


      Nove, the Nuvonde of Naive city.

    3. PCTheSkitty
    4. Kaps


      I don't know please don't judge me

      Image result for guy in corner

  15. Tough call, like Hydra said there are a lot of really good mons from Gen 1 and they just have a sort of charm to them that makes it so hard to choose. Kangaskhan, Magmar, Victreebel and Weezing are all pretty high up, but if I HAD to choose, I think it'd have to be Exeggutor. Even if we're not counting Alola forms, vanilla Exeggutor is plenty great in its own right. It's just such a ridiculous mash up of seemingly unrelated concepts and traits that go bizarrely well together, and perfectly executed (or should I say, EXEGGUTED. EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY okay I'll shut up). Really though it's just an overall great Pokemon that I feel is sorely underrated.
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