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  1. I believe it was pronounced ar-KEE-us in the jewel of life as well, though iirc it was pronounced all sorts of different ways in early concepts and promotions. The leading theory seems to be that the correct was was ar-SEE-us but it sounded like arse so GF scrambled to find a new way to spin it, which led to all sorts of ways to pronounce it before settling on the now mainstream ar-KEE-us (I still say ar-SEE-us tho because it sounds better and makes more sense).
  2. Oh man, I totally forgot about Groudon. I did the exact same thing. I can only imagine how many kids got caught up on that considering that it's a Ground type whose name is literally one letter away from containing the word ground. I can see why they dropped the N from a phonetic standpoint, but still, far too easy to misspell even once you learn the correct way...
  3. Names: one of the most confusing and hotly debated topics in Pokemon. Between many having ambiguous origins, the Pokedex still not giving us pronunciation guides after 7 generations, the ludicrous mess known as the English language, and even GameFreak itself using various pronunciations of certain mons interchangeably, names continue to be one of the most subjective and mind boggling aspects of a series. We all have our own unique preferences, be it NEE-doh-king or NAI-do-king, ar-SEE-us or ar-KEE-us, or what have you, but sometimes we are just so blatantly wrong that we have to wonder what is wrong with us when we think about it for more than two seconds. Embarrassingly recently, it took me far too long to fully read and understand Golisopod's name. I thought, for whatever reason, that it was Golopsipod (goh-LOP-see-pod) and I honestly have no idea why. Less recently, I remember back when I was younger (8-10) there were a lot of Pokemon I tended to just gloss over their spelling and pronounce them as I pleased, like Electrabuzz and Electravire, Zigzagzoon, Kayogre, Renucleus... I could go on but you get the idea. On a side note, less of a Pokemon name than an aspect, but when I was very young and hadn't even played the games yet, only collected cards, I for some reason pronounced Psychic as PAY-sik. Not sure why young me thought y made the ae sound or what the hell a paysic was supposed to be, but I continued adamantly pronouncing it this way for quite awhile even after I was corrected. I was... not the smartest kid. So, what are some names that you used to/still do pronounce wrong?
  4. Current mood:

    1. Gruffin77


      Deep... and amusing.

    2. The-Hydra


      would the topsy-turvy version of world full of anguish, shame, and self-torment be one of comfort, pride and self-pleasuring?


      nvm thinking like a pokemon move ignore

  5. Even assuming evolution was actually reliable and didn't fail often and unpredictably, the My Pokemon FAQ is inaccurate; two stage Pokemon evolve at level 60 just like three stage Pokemon, not level 50 (this is of course, just in my experience, and it may be different for other users given how buggy the catch feature is). Regardless, in the site's current broken state, you'd be hard pressed to get evolution to work even at level 60. My advice would be to just save your coins for rare and expensive mons like legendaries rather than waste them grinding Pokemon that may or may not want to cooperate.
  6. Eh, I was on the fence about joining this, but I don't have much better to do. I'll try to get a form (or two maybe?) up in the next few days.
  7. We have surprisingly similar tastes Gir : o A lot of those Pokemon I really wish I could have snuck onto my list, but alas, too many good ones. Ugh, it's so hard to pick just ten favorites, let alone a TOP favorite. There are just too many great mons out there, and there aren't really many I really hate (baring a certain gear-based abomination from everyone's favorite region, Unova). Overall, this was the list I managed to narrow it down to, but this is by no means concrete and it fluctuates a lot with my mood. This is more like a rough skeleton for what I like in a Pokemon than anything else, and there were a lot of really good ones that I unfortunately had to leave out.
  8. Curious, what kind of an RP would you guys like to see? I've been brainstorming, but everything I've come up with has felt either unsustainable or just plain dull.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PCTheSkitty


      Yes I saw, but my question still stands.

    3. 1709mart


      Try coming up with so ething thats never really been done, or maybe something we haven't seen in a while. Right now I'm gonna start work on a Martial Arts Roleplay. Fighting Styles, and Powers are always fun.

    4. Kaps


      Make a rp that involves Pokemon. All I'm saying.

  9. Adding on to what Hydra said, if you have more of these, you might want to make your own thread for posting them. While individual pieces are fine, large projects tend to snuff out other artists, and while obviously that is not your intent that's what happens with the way the gallery is set up.
  10. original media

    Thanks, although I'm a miss, not a mister ; >
  11. Have you looked at your shop recently?

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    2. AnonymousDoom


      Aww. You are such a good spriter, it is such a shame.

    3. PCTheSkitty


      Thanks, I am glad to hear you think that! Unfortunately, it was just too stressful to keep running at the rate I was running it, on top of his unpredictable my inspiration and motivation comes and goes. I didn't want to make people wait longer than a week for orders, so ultimately the only thing I could think to do was close/hide it.

    4. AnonymousDoom


      Oh, okay. Hope you reopen sometime in the future :)

  12. original media Purple Guy (Tobias)

    From the album PC's Pixels

    Contrary to both of his names, Tobie has nothing to do with the animatronic stuffing murderer or the edgy antihero of a particularly subpar dystopian series of books. I have no idea what canon he would fit into besides maybe Pokemon, honestly, since there are aren't many universes where psychics just sorta exist and no one treats it like an anomaly, because that's basically him. He's just a psychic and that's that, nobody questions it or really cares. He is more or less just a couch potato barely able to be bothered to go to work, who is probably too lazy to even use his abilities to their full extent, but I suppose someone whose apathy and numbness to both physical and emotional pain is passively contagious to anyone weak willed enough is unnerving enough in their own right. If you're noticing some similarities to another psychic bug I posted a little while back, that'd be because he was originally more heavily associated with the Memetafage line, but ultimately I liked Tobie enough to make him independent of the project. Definitely not my best or favorite piece, but it was mostly practice anyways, it just happened to be good enough and I liked the character enough that I decided to post it. Fun fact, this is literally the first human OC I've started and finished, because humans are impossible and I hate them and they always turn out more like dog chew toys than people when I sprite them >: < Forced myself to finish this one though because I know I'm never going to get better without practice. Best I can say is that at least I guess the suit turned out alright for being a more complicated set of clothing than your average plain t-shirt, but what even happened with the hands and hair?? And what horrible disaster put his skin tone right in uncanny valley territory??? I have no idea what I'm doing here if it wasn't obvious. I mean for literally the first human I could be bothered to finish and polish it turned out alright, but still pretty bleh, especially compared to some of the other artists' humans on this site.
  13. You literally draw with your hands so can somebody please explain why hands are so hard to draw.

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    2. Gir


      I like to see the fingers as mini arms with multiple elbows, somehow already makes it easier to scribble them. Proportions are hard though.

    3. Kaps


      The easiest thing to do is stop drawing peoples hands and start using dittos hands instead.

    4. PCTheSkitty


      "I like to see the fingers as mini arms with multiple elbows" what a fantastic description but then at the same time you're not wrong either.

  14. How can you copyright a property that's already owned by someone? Now, this is just a stab in the dark, but I'm preeeeetty sure you're not the first person to use the word "Pokemon" in a title. Just a guess. Not like Pokemon is, y'know, a multi-million dollar franchise owned by one of the largest gaming companies in the world.
  15. I... don't really know what you're getting at, but if you're trying to say that the white section of its jaws looks like facial hair I just can't see the resemblance. I don't know anyone, aged or otherwise, with a beard growing out of their cheeks.
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