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  1. You know it's a good day when a new Strangers module comes out, even if the Vossdrome entry makes me cry a little on the inside.

  2. Both reserved. For future reference, Unovian, if you're ever curious how many spots are left, if any, just look at the queue in the first post. EDIT: @Primal Well it is finally done! Ah, I am still a little mad at myself with how this turned out, I'm sorry. The creation trio just did not want to go smoothly together. Hopefully you still like what I managed to get together. @MirandaPoke Your is done as well, hope you enjoy! Original Shiny is on the left, but it did not look very "grassy," so I switched. Take them or leave them as you will, ultimately it's just a pallet change.
  3. AAAA, SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG. I was (still am) having issues with @Primal's order. I apologize Primal, I know you were first in the queue and it's been over the week, but I really am having trouble making your order look actually good and acceptable. I didn't want to upload the others without getting to you, first, though, so I held the whole queue up. Obviously, though, that was a terrible idea. Totally my bad, sorry for taking a huge unnecessary hiatus. I didn't want to rush out some half baked mess just in the interest of meeting deadlines, though, so I'm going to extend work time on the creation trio fusion in the meantime. Aa, sorry, this is just a trainwreck. @AnonymousDoom Your order is finished, hopefully the "mane" is good, I tried to make something akin to Drifblim's little cloud puff, though how successful I was with that I suppose is up to you. @money12wolf Same for you, figured it would be fitting to base it off the Aerodactyl fossil! @rioulu890 Pattern was a little tricky, but hopefully this is along the lines of what you were looking for? EDIT: AAAA, just to ADD to the mess, I totally forgot to mention, Miranda, your spot is reserved.
  4. "TM42 contains Defense Curl. It doubles the power of moves if the Pokemon is starving, blind, or dead. It might be able to turn a bad situation into an advantage."


    Poorly translated description of the TM that would have contained Facade were this a normal run, or just the devs messing around with some error text in the rare event the Norman doesn't give the TM he was programmed to? Either way I am equally disturbed and amused at this bizarre text you're not supposed to see without modifying the game.

    Also worth noting, Flannery earlier gave me the TM for Shadow Punch with the equally confusing message "TM 50 contains Shadow Punch. That move essentially starves the opponent. But it also impacts the diet of the user, so it might not be suitable for longer battles."

  5. tqLaz02.png


    I've recently started an Emerald playthrough with a randomizer that also has the option to give alt titles to trainers, and it kills me every time I encounter a new trainer class.

    1. Luxifer


      THis is amazing

  6. Oh, well, alright...? Reserved, although next time I would prefer if you did not use foreign slang for common colors, thanks.
  7. Gir told me to send you her regards

    1. PCTheSkitty


      Well send her my regards as well ; >

  8. .

    From the album yes

  9. Okay, your slot is reserved as well.
  10. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it : > Although, Latias has made her choice, and I think it is a little unfair to call her out in another user's thread. All the same, your slot is saved.
  11. Er, I have no idea what color "paste" could be. The only thing I can imagine it being a typo of is "pastel," but pastel isn't a color either. Can you please clarify what you meant?
  12. Hey Primal, thanks : > Spot reserved. @Hydralicious I'm not even sure what I was doing here, but at least I can say an attempt was made. It was certainly an... interesting trio to try and make work together. Hopefully you enjoy it anyways .3. @Latias Yipee Well, the pallets fought against me the whole time, but I finally managed. Hopefully this pair is to your liking.
  13. Considering your weird obsession with avoiding it and your completely random comment on the DrifblimXAzurril fusion, I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say it's Drifblim. That is still a pretty silly reason to make a whole thread about Pokemon cries and then just go and not give yours, though, I will say. Anyways, while there are a lot of cries out there, I think I can pretty safely say mine is a tie between Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina's. For one, they are very well designed—I feel these "alien" cries, so drastically different from what you normally hear (at least from what was the norm back in Generation 4 when they were introduced) perfectly convey the idea of the terrifying eldritch manifestations of spacetime itself, and listening to the legendaries in question belt out these... roars? Screams? Whatever you would describe their cries as, they sound oddly exactly what I would expect them to sound like. There's also a lot of nostalgic value to them, to me at least, and I'm sure to a lot of other people who spent their childhood during gen 4. My first games were Fire Red and Emerald, but I mostly grew up with Platinum, and these three cries have always stuck in my mind even years after (it's been ages since I heard any of these cries, actually, but they are still crystal clear in my mind). Giratina's, especially, hearing it every time I booted up Platinum, is unforgettable, completely ingrained in my mind by now. TL;DR they sound dope as hecc and have a lot of sentimental value as well.
  14. Well, I'll see what I can whip up. Spots reserved. EDIT: @AnonymousDoom I've completed your sprite. Sigilyph's parts were rather difficult to incorporate, though I did what I could. I hope this is to your liking.
  15. Eyy boi, your spot is reserved.
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