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  1. This. Also, it would be good to be able to be able to actually get the links to the Pokecreations from there. That would also be nice. That, or allow comments to be reported and require you make an account to post comments. For something original, maybe after the first one allow people to group Pokecreations together, such as for evolutionary families or similar concepts (Pikablu much?)
  2. Good
  3. Huh, floating letters. Neat.
  4. Rejnka used RETURN! 

  5. Bans
  6. i kinda also made "missingno succesor", but as it turns out, Missingno isn't very creepy, and ends up better as a cute blob.

    1. DeadlyDialga


      MIne got approved then it was unapproved lol

  7. Pikachu @ Leftovers EVs: i dunno this was ingame - Thunder - Toxic - Grass Knot - Knock Off yes really I mean, this wasn't competitive, but...
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