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  1. Everything I own has been broken by a tragic accident (me) and I can hardly do much, including Pokestadium. At least I can take solace in the fact that the emoji movie is only weeks away!ecksdee

  2. I've been on hold for quite a while. Here is the lovely music they have provided me with. If the quality sounds bad, it's because that's just how it is. Only listen to it if you don't like yourself very much, as you will regret it afterwords otherwise.

    On Hold.m4a

    1. MrWynaut


      Now that I think about it, maybe it isn't so bad. Being on hold for so long does stuff to your mind.

  3. You've only scratched the surface. You will never know the full extent of my secret.
  4. It's beautiful! I'm gonna need a bigger spoon.. .
  5. Nice shoppe you've got here Kaps. I like what you've got. Username: MrWynaut Pokemon to fuse: Vanilluxe and Entei Other: Make it delicious
  6. 3 would work, but 4 would be better.
  7. From the album MrWynaut Makes Masterpieces

    Just a comic a friend and I made (mostly the friend, but I totally contributed enough to not feel bad about posting it, you know?). It's very contemporary, using only the word "honk." A modern masterpiece if I do say so myself, and I do. I also have concept art for the hero Gooseman which my friend drew in its entirety for those interested .
  8. 10/10 Once upon a time, I went to an aquarium. They had seahorses that looked like this: I thought they were pretty cool. They got things coming out of them and stuff, so, yeah. Dragalge reminds me of them, so I like it. Capisce?
  9. Interesting.. . Well, my Pokemon League would be a whole city, like a combination of Lumiose and Battle City from Yu-Gi-Oh!. People would live there like they would in a normal city, but there'd also be Pokemon League shenanigans happening at the same time. It'd have different districts based off of the type specialties of the Elite Four, making life there fairly difficult for the residents depending on what's going on in each area. You'd travel through the outer districts until making it to the heart of the city where the champion resides. District 1: Upon entering you'd feel a chill down your spine and notice that the climate in the area is some how sub-zero. Icicles hang from buildings, snow covers the streets, and ice type Pokemon roam around like it's nobodies business. Making you're way through the winter wonderland, you eventually make it to the center of attention, a building made completely out of ice housing the first Elite four member, Candice from Snowpoint City in Sinnoh! She says she's tired of living in Sinnoh and has decided to make her way to the big leagues, and says she couldn't have done it without the support of her friends and family. She's not willing to let them down so easily. After a summer vacation in Alola, she has some new Pokemon along with some of her originals. - Alolan Ninetails - Crabominable - Mamoswine - Frosslass After defeat, she tells you she is proud of how strong your friendship is with your Pokemon, and she happy to face you in a rematch any time. District 2: You feel a chill down your spine, but this time it's not because of the weather. The sky is pitch-black, the buildings are Gothic and seem ancient, and specters fly about seeming almost transparent. If you can make it through all of that without getting too frightened, you'll find a massive, spooky mansion akin to the one Luigi owns. Inside is the second Elite Four member, Morty from Ecrteak City! He says he sought out to live up to his potential and found himself becoming a member of the Elite Four. He trained in the Unova region, so now he has some new additions to his party along with his trademarked Gengar. - Cofagrigus - Chandelure - Golurk - Gengar He says it's apparent that you have more potential than himself, and releases you from his haunted abode. District 3: This district is warm, cuddly, and most of all filled with color. The streets are covered in chalk art and buildings are adorned with murals. Sectioned off areas contain luscious grass and beautiful flowers to boot. If you ever decide to stop wandering through the pretty and relaxing area, you'd find an art gallery where former captain Mina is ready to battle. She says she got bored of Alola after beating every trainer there, so she decided to continue with her training and artwork until she somehow became a new member of the Elite Four. After visiting Kalos to do some sketching, she has some new Pokemon to battle with. - Dedenne - Klefki - Shiinotic - Ribombee She says she's surprised to see such a powerful trainer and would love to sketch something with the same energy as your battle. District 4- Is it a bird? A plane? No! It's an entire floating district roughly 100 feet in the air! Travel there requires a flying Pokemon or use of the shuttle system, which is fairly inconvenient for the locals. Fog drifts through the land and puffy clouds decorate the sky. Everything from the buildings to the streets is sleek and white like some sort of angelic haven. A large tower with pillars and statues of legendary birds is where you can find Winona, from Fortree City in Hoenn. She says she sought a lifestyle with more grace and beauty, so she took towards making her own perfect paradise and became a member of the elite four. After looking for beauty in the Johto Region, she has some new birds ready to battle. - Noctowl - Xatu - Skarmory - Altaria In defeat, she says your grace rivals even her own and she invites you to soar forth to the champion. District 5 - The Heart of the City: It has the appearance and excitement of a stereotypical city: Big billboards flashing with advertisements, busy streets, and food vendors at every corner. The tallest building lies at the center of the city. After stopping at some popular tourist destinations across the city, you make your way to this building and ascend to the very top with a ceremonial elevator which can only be accessed after beating the previous members of the Elite Four. Once you reach the rooftop, you see a Pokemon arena with a mysterious figure standing with his back turned. That figure turns around and is revealed to be, of course, me! With beautiful golden locks and a smile that stops people in their tracks, I stand there in all of my totally not egotistical glory. I tell you you have come a long way, but that you won't be coming any farther, and the battle begins with my deceptively evil team of 6 baby Pokemon! (basically me) - Pichu - Togepi (with metronome) - Bonsly - Riolu - Munchlax - Wynaut (oh yeah baby ) If you can defeat me, I'll be shocked and fairly upset by my defeat, but will take you to the Champion's Square Garden. Your name will be displayed under a statue of a Master Ball and will also be shown in lights on the champion's building. Well, that's all I've got.
  10. ¡91!
  11. This seems like a fun game! How do I play?
  12. 4/10 I spent HOURS trying to get one of these guys, only to find out I could have traded one of my Corsolas for it on the good ol' GTS. It's ugly, plain and simple. What, does it not own a comb? Those spiky dreads do NOT work honey. Don't even get me STARTED on those colors girlfriend. Overall, 4/10 (Bonus points for the thrill of the hunt).
  13. 10/10 Someone took some sick medieval knight or something, glued a couple of knives on it, then gave it a sweet paint job. What's not to like?
  14. LAST TIME: Brock's Geodude was easily defeated with some Indiana Jones-esque techniques. This prompted him to unleash the terrible and physically large Onix. Can Ron and Nerf win this time? Find out RIGHT NOW! Ron earned his first badge, and it seems Nerf has been cured of his deficient brain! NEXT: Ron continues his journey and his antics, and Gym Leader Misty awaits? Will Ron make it to his next destination? Can Nerf handle his new brain power? Will Bill ever stop being a Clefairy? Find out NEXT TIME!
  15. Nice comics bro

    Good illustrations, too

    1. MrWynaut


      Much thanks good sir, Kaps off to you :D

    2. Kaps



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