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  1. Wymer had made it back home. He'd made himself a meager dinner, took a preparatory nap, and readied himself for a second trip to find the missing person. He packed some granola bars and a water bottle in case things got desperate, a map, and his trusty Ninjask and Shedinja ((Are there pokeballs?)). After procrastinating for several minutes, he managed to get himself out of the door and back to searching. He began to fly around the great plains when he saw something strange. There seemed to be a party full of obscure people and there pokemon entering the town. Glassblade rarely attracted tourists, and the people in town were usually all the same shade of metaphorical gray. They had to have also heard about the missing person. Wymer had to do something about this. Perhaps he'd mislead them or gather whatever information they had. Either way, he had to intervene.
  2. With Glassblade being situated in the grass plains, it was simply a matter of searching. Wymer's Ninjask carried him around the perimeter, but he couldn't see any immediate danger or signs of any sort of missing people. He decided to stop back by his home, as he hadn't eaten since breakfast. He touched down on the ground as his NInjask released its tight grip on him. Their system of flight was efficient, yet uncomfortable. He stepped inside and opened his cabinet, only to find there was nothing to eat. This was Wymer's worse nightmare, as he'd either have to eat more Caterpie ((Do people eat Pokemon, or animals?)) or venture back into town. Although he took his recent encounter into account, he prefered to not pick mostly undercooked and tasteless miscellaneous meat chunks from his teeth. As he walked through the city he had an epiphany. How could he rescue a missing person without being able to say hello? Something had to be done about this, so Wymer decided to gone on a personal side quest. He ventured into the heart of Glassblade, which wasn't much of a heart and more like a quiet, bland rock. He spotted a girl sitting on a bench, seeming moderately bored like everyone else. Wymer didn't know how to initiate a conversation, so he decided to try to take a seat next to her and let the talking happen naturally. She scoffed and thunderous scoff and proudly proclaimed, "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND," before storming off. Wymer got the message, he'd probably just improvise. He continued to the market to buy the essentials with his little cash and headed home. His empty wallet reminded him of what was really important, saving that random missing person.
  3. Wymer sat in his cabin, thumbing through the pages of a tome on Pokemon evolution. His desire for knowledged filled the void where normal human interaction would usually go. After finishing up, he shut his book and stood back up from his chair for the first time in what seemed like days. He stretched his stiff limbs as he strode towards his door. He called for his Ninjask and Shedinja as he began to make his way back to Glassblade so he could return his nearly overdue book. He would have normally used his Ninjask to fly there, but for whatever reason he felt compelled to take the scenic route. He was soon forced to change his mind when a Tauros managed to make its way onto a seemingly safe path. It was obviously angry for whatever reason, as it began to charge towards Wymer. He drew his daggers from their sheaths as his Shedinja instinctively blocked the incoming hit, taking no damage whatsoever. Ninjask flew circles around the beast at blistering speeds, while Wymer silently snuck in his killing blow. While the Tauros was distracted, he dashed in and slashed at it several times before it collapsed to the ground. Wymer was completely in sync with his Pokemon, so every battle was beginning to seem more and more like a routine. He sighed, dusted off his jacket, and continued on his way. Wymer finally made it to the library, where he dropped the book off at the front desk. He was on his way out when he heard a faint yet sharp whisper. "Hey! where are you going!" The librarian seemed more upset than he usually was. "You can't just leave like that every time!" Wymer stood awestruck, he'd never had to confront someone head on like this. His mouth hung open as he tried for a response, but a soft groan sputtered from his mouth instead. "What's wrong with you? Here, just take the paper and go." The librarian handed Wymer a newspaper like he had always taken and went back to his silent scowling. Wymer stumbled out of the doorway with his eyes glued to the paper. He noticed a job offer in the bottom right corner, something about a missing person in plains. All the words faded into the background as his eyes locked onto the words "Reward of 25 gold pieces." With that kind of money he wouldn't have to continue to barely survive on old fish in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. He eyed his Ninjask who seemed to already know what was going on, and beckoned him to fly him to the great plains.



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      in your original post there was not an asterisk to show where the warning goes

      this means the warning could be completely irrelevant to the subject at hand

      therefore i do not know what this 'bottom left corner' is

      you need to state 'the bottom left corner of the original status'


    3. MrWynaut


      Listen man, I'm not a professional. I'm just a guy trying to make WISHES COME TRUE. If you have a problem with that, tell that to a crying child or something sad and intended to make you feel guilty and/or responsible and in turn, give me more reputation.

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      can i have my kingdom hearts 3 video game now

  5. i love your new profile picture!!!!

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  6. A wild rp appeared! MrWynaut used spend hours trying to make a character... Username: MrWynaut Character Name: Wymer Persyn Age: 18 Gender: Male Appearance: Wymer has a slender figure and stands at 5’ 11” ((180 cm)) tall. His dirty blonde hair is swept-back, long, and well kempt, and his face is clean-shaven. His grayish-green eyes seem to glow with a chilling radiance, and his eyebrows are dark and thick. His skin is a light peach tone and seems to have never touched the sun. His face is sharp and angular, and gives him an intimidating appearance. He has no apparent muscle mass to be seen, but makes up for it with his relatively lengthy legs and arms. Wymer wears a black jacket golden yellow trim, which are tucked into his long and rolled up gray pants. His look is accented by his sturdy and heavy black boots. Personality: Wymer is a cold and distant person who makes an effort to keep out of other people’s business. He often finds himself training alone in the forests or in secluded areas where he doesn’t have to worry about accidental social interaction. He doesn’t know much about how to act in the presence of people, often seeming too direct and rude. While his connections with people are dwindling, his bond with his pokemon is unbreakable. Pokemon seem to be the only living things Wymer can confide in. He does, however, accidentally find himself smiling in the presence of people, although he discards these feelings and continues to seclude himself. Backstory: Wymer was born and raised in the city of Glassblade by his single father. Since his mother had died in childbirth, his father became a quiet and reclusive man, whom Wymer developed his personality from. The two of them lived humbly on the western outskirts of Glassblade in a small yet homely cabin. Wymer enjoyed the company of his father's Staraptor, who also took a liking to him. His father would often venture into the forest to find more Pokemon and rare items. Each time, Wymer feared his father wouldn’t return, as the forest was filled with menacing and powerful creatures. One day, when Wymer was 13, his father returned from his trip to the forest with an egg. His father promised him that the creature from within the egg would become his loyal Pokemon, and Wymer would have a partner like Staraptor of his very own. His excitement with the prospect of having his own Pokemon led to Wymer keeping the egg with him at all times. It even gave him comfort when his father would disappear on his journeys. This wouldn’t last, as soon after his father gifted him the egg, he had trekked out into the forest for the last time, and died in his travels along with his Staraptor. Since then, Wymer had lived on his own in the cabin, silently and somberly waiting for his egg to hatch. While Wymer was acrewing food for himself, he suddenly heard a sharp cracking sound, and witnessed the hatching of his newborn Pokemon, Nincada. Wymer trained with his new Pokemon day and night, until it eventually had evolved into the glorious Ninjask, along with its surprising offcast evolution Shedinja. Wymer’s bond with the two Pokemon, along with his studies of the Augment powers led to him forming synergies with both. Synergy Links: 2 Other: Synergy came from the Greek prefix “sun-” and the Greek word “ergon” to form the word sunergos which then became synergy! Synergy type: Bug Synergy level: Primary Augment Stone: Citrine embedded in the hilt of a dagger. Pokémon: Ninjask Moveset: - X Scissor - Swords Dance - Fly - Fury Cutter Active Skill: X Scissor, Fury Cutter Passive Skill: Has an extremely high speed. Synergy type: Ghost Synergy level: Secondary Augment Stone: Onyx mineral embedded in the hilt of a second dagger. Pokémon: Shedinja Moveset: - Phantom Force - Confuse Ray - Cut - Shadowball Active Skill: Phantom Force Passive Skill: Immune to weak attacks but very vulnerable to powerful attacks.
  7. I can't think of anything cr3ativ3 to put h3r3... n3v3rmind
  8. Welp. Your takeover....


    Has been taken over!!!!



  9. that cow tho

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      It's said its gaze pierces your very soul...

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      omg what?!? that cow is the devil himself... or chara.. or bill cipher.. who knows

  10. It's 3 AM and I just realized Pokemon GO came out in the US!

    No sleep tonight it seems...

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      Lol I did the same xD

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      OMG that's awesome


  11. I'm in the midst of my hostile takeover of the top creations this week. First this, then the golfland amusement park down the street, then the WORLD 

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      Mocha position... >_>

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      Mocha, Cofaggradoom is catching up. Watch ur back...:ph34r::ph34r:


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      Nope nevermind. He holds top position now. :D:D

  12. fusion

    Your stuff looks great, so I think I'll make a request. I'll take 1 My Little Pokemon Head: Rattata Arms: Jynx Legs: Pidgeot Torso: Raichu Wings: Yanmega Tail: Dewgong Fins: None please Other: I hope I filled this in this right... Type: Whatever type it looks like when your done I guess... Pallet: Orange and Light Blue Thanks in advance
  13. It's almost 5 AM, but i can't sleep today because of the FREEDOM COURSING THROUGH MY VEINS.

  14. Hey. I forgot when I left, but it was a while ago. There wasn't really a reason, I just got bored. I'm back, but now with 2x the teenage angst and a better haircut.
  15. Just got Mario Maker, might as well advertize....CFF2-0000-016A-9B33 DO IT!

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