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  1. I will be completely honest with you, I actually thought you just put a glass on that art pad... I still can't believe this was your first attempt...wow...
  2. I personally like almost anything with Dragon in it. But the typing I like the most is probably Dark-Dragon, with Fighting-Dragon being a tight second. I have always loved this typing as most Dragon types give off a vicious aura, combine that with something dreadful and destructive, you get something amazing to behold. I see this particularly with the Deino line (although Guzzlord does a decent job at this too). I mean, Hydreigon's pokedex entry states that it will eat anything, like a dragon, and destroy anything, like something with a Dark typing should (if not something sly).
  3. pokemon

    Charizards with hilariously long necks are always a joy to see With grins that are also twice as large as the Grinch's, of course.
  4. Rating: 3 Nice little tuff of hair on its head. But man oh man am I about to unleash my love for the Chimchar line on it. First off, another Fire Monkey?! Chimchar was literally just introduced a gen earlier, as a starter. That is way to early imo. It has a horrible design (along with the rest of its trio) compared to other monkey pokemon. So yeah, the only thing it has going for me is its tuff of hair. But even that is only decent at best for me.
  5. If I remember correctly, the last time something like this went one, you didn't have to be tagged to do it. But, I do not know how it is now.
  6. Yeah, I especially like Hawlucha as an option as its design makes it seem like it's wearing a costume and cape. When I think of the RP section, what comes to mind is basically a play. So I think Hawlucha and maybe some of the others could fit the role. As for the other sections, Hydra, everything looks pretty good. The only one I am questioning is Chitchat and Forum games. I would think a pokemon like Chatot could be an option. I don't really get the options for that one though.
  7. Prizes 1st Place: Movie 11 Shaymin 2nd Place: 10th Anniversary Articuno 3rd Place: Shiny Mantine (Sorry, couldn't fit the prizes section in the original post)
  8. (Thought I should start something new) Welcome to the first Giveaway I will host. Now, some of you may be wondering about what a Giveaway is. Well i'll explain. Giveaways are are basically just as they sound. They are when you enter a random drawing to win some pokemon. You will obtain these pokemon by the methods of the GTS (for normal pokemon) and by Link Trade (For Events Only). I will PM you for your in-game-name so that I know I am handing out the prize to the right person. Also, Giveaways will be hosted about every month or so. Lastly, Giveaways will be active for 1 week. This should give everyone plenty of time to join. Rules All PS Rules Apply Please do not complain about not winning a prize. It really leaves a negative impression on the Giveaway. If you didn't win anything, come back in a month for the next Giveaway. It is a random drawing, afterall. Make sure to type in "1st Edition" to let me know that you read the rules and the part where I explained what a Giveaway is. This Giveaway is only for SM players ( don't worry if you don't have those games, I will make seperate Giveaways for users of XY/ORAS.
  9. Granted, but it is now flushed down the toilet I wish for this wish to end all wishes for eternity.
  10. I'm bored right now so I am trying to catch all the Tapus in Premier Balls. (I know, still haven't decided to catch them)






  11. Rating: 7 Love its typing. Only true weaknesses are to Ground, Psychic, and Flying. Decent design. I like the little claws/bones coming out of its hands. I feel that the animation in SM/XY could be better. I would like it if the sac below its throat would bulge more. I feel Croagunk overshadows Toxicroak in popularity (Curse Brock's attraction for girls). But yeah, pretty good pokemon overall.
  12. Granted, but once you do find yourself in a life threatening situation, all the pain that you were suppose to have in non life threatening situations will be poured upon you I wish this will be locked.
  13. Granted, they now take 20 years for a new season to come out. I wish for sushi
  14. Granted, but now he is shedding dog hair around the house (I know the pain). I wish for a lamb that can grant me incorruptible wishes.
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