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  3. Here's how this works, I will post one random pokemon every week. Once I do this, you may post a set for the random pokemon. The set doesn't have to be the best of the best, it can be a fun one too. Make sure to include all 4 moves, the held item (If it includes one), the ability, the nature, and the EV spread for your set. If you have an idea for what type of team the set could be in, don't be afraid to share! You may include your thoughts on other's sets as well. This week's pokemon is.. #464 Rhyperior!
  4. "98 Absolutely Useless Facts About Me". Btw, your welcome for the tag
  5. My Rating: 4.5 I have had a bad history with wild Pelipper, especially the ones that had Protect. But, I always felt like wingull was more annoying, at least at the beginning of SM, if you chose Litten like I did of course. Pelipper has an overall, decent design. Drizzle made Pelipper a bit more useful in competitive play, particularly the VGC format. I feel like I could've gave Pelipper a higher rating, but the bad blood I have with it gives it a relatively low rating.
  6. All questions must come with answers! 1. Favorite Color?: Red 2. Favorite Musical Artist/Band?: Um, I guess Taio Cruz. 3. Favorite Music Genre?: It really is in between Reggae and Old School Rap as I enjoy listening to both. 4. Have you ever been in love?: I guess? 5. Are you currently in a relationship?: Nope. Single boi. 6. Zodiac Sign: Aries 7. Do you believe in Ghosts?: Nope, and never will. 8. Any tattoos or piercings?: Hell no! Why would I want to mess up my body like that? 9. Would you ever dye your hair?: At the moment, I have not considered doing it. 10. What color are your eyes?: Very, very Dark Brown. Some people just consider them Black. 11. What color is your hair?: Black. As black as anything can get. 12. The last bruise you got - where is it located?: I get so many bruises so it's really hard to keep track. Have a feeling that it is somewhere on one of my shins though. 13. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?: Why yes I do. A pair of Nike's that are put on almost everyday. They are that comfy, yes. 14. A word you have trouble spelling?: I have a few. Can't name them off the top of my head atm. The majority are words I feel have unnecessary letters. (That probably goes for a lot of the words in general for English) 15. Celebrity Crush?: Don't have one. They are pointless to have anyways. 16. Green or Purple Grapes?: I've actually never had purple grapes. But I'm not too crazy about the green ones so... 17. Do you sleep with your window open?: I usually don't for most of the year. But when you have 100 degree Southeastern summers, all day, all night, you don't have a choice when you're trying to save electricity 18. Height?: It's been so long since I've checked my height. Probably about average I guess. Average like 5'6 and above. 19. Are you afraid of Spiders?: Only when I'm in bed. Imagine just waking up and having a huge spider on your hand *Shivers* 20. Favorite Movie?: Ip Man 21. Favorite T.V. Show?: Don't really watch TV anymore... 22. If you could announce something to the whole world, what would you say?: THE MEDIA IS CORRUPTED PEOPLE!!! BUNCH OF LIBERALS TRYING TO GET THEIR WAY THROUGH PROPAGANDA!!! 23. Ever broken a bone?: No. 24. How many concerts have you been to?: None. 25. Play any Instruments?: Not at the moment. Did play the Recorder and Harmonica way back in Elementary. 26. Any Internet Friends? Who are you closest to?: I have acquainted many users here like, @The-Hydra, and @SeaCat just to name a few. 27. Favorite Food?: Empanadas 28. Any Allergies?: No 29. Last book you read?: Beast: Blood, Struggle, and Dreams at the Heart of Mixed Martial Arts 30. Coffee or Tea?: Beaf Bone Broth is where it's at m8! 31. Ever had a song or poem written about you?: Nope 32. Pet Peeves?: When someone rubs something squeaky like Styrofoam excessively 33. How many languages do you speak?: 2, English and some Spanish. 34. Ever had a rumour spread about you? Not that I know of. 35. Define "art".: Something requires the use of your imagination, mind, body, and soul, all at once. 36. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? No, and should I even try to? 37. Where is your best friend right now? I honestly don't know. 38. The last song you listened to?: I don't really keep track of this. 39. Favorite Tumblr blog?: Don't follow that stuff. 40. Top 5___?: Top 5 Colors 1. Red 2. Black 3. White 4. Turquoise 5. Orange 41. Ever witnessed a crime?: No. 42. Favorite Ice Cream?: Ben & Jerry's Phish Food 43. Ever been in a physical fight?: Yep. I take MMA so it's normal tbh. 44. Ever glued your hand to something?: No 45. Have you ever been easily amused by something?: Yes 46. Ever forgotten someone's name?: I am usually good with names so, no. 47: One of your bad habits?: Procrasti...... 48. Are you good at lying?: Nope 49. Favorite smell?: The Ocean 50. If there was a movie based off your life, what would it be called?: How to Cope with the Struggles of Life. 51: What makes you nervous?: Failing at anything. 52. Idea of a perfect date?: Alone at night on a pearl-white sand beach in the Caribbean. 53. Are you afraid of falling in love?: No 54. Do you like the beach?: Uh, heck yeah! 55. What's something you really want right now?: Nothing tbh 56. Last thing you ate?: A Banana 57. Sexuality?: N/A 58. Are you a paranoid person?: For the most part, no. 59. Favorite Type of Food?: Rice 60. Curly or Straight hair?: Straight 61. Favorite month/time of year?: March, without a doubt. 62. Last thing you drank?: Water 63. If you could say anything to your crush right now, what would it be?: Woah now, to much info would be given here. 64. Least favorite holiday?: Halloween, if it counts. 65. Favorite holiday?: New Year's Day. A fresh start every time! 66. Favorite kind of jewelry?: Gold necklaces. Gotta have some bling boi! 67. Makeup or no Makeup?: No makeup 68. Favorite Mythical Creature?: Dragons 69. Do you prefer to be in front of or behind the camera?: Behind 70. Favorite type of soda?: That is like asking me "Favorite type of method for cavities?" 71. Nails painted or not?: Not 72. Play any sports?: Mentioned MMA before this. 73. How many songs are on your current playlist?: Zero 74. Favorite kind of Gatorade?: I guess the clear one (always forget those names). 75. What do you think of your handwriting?: It's decent imo. Some people think it looks beautiful while others think it is horrible. 76. Any pets?: Used to have an American Bulldog named Lennox. Bless his soul... 77. What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?: I wouldn't want to change anything. I am happy with what and who I am 78. Day or Night?: Can't decide on this one. 79. If you had to wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?: Black 80. Favorite word?: Mango 81. Least Favorite word?: Osteoporosis 82. What is your opinion on "Blood is thicker than water..."?: Why should I have an opinion on this? 83. Who was the last person to hurt you?: Mentally: Myself- Physically: Guy named Dimitri 84. What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it? Above my right eyebrow. I was 8, I faceplanted on a basketball court while dribbling the ball down half-court. 85. How many pillows do you sleep with?: 2, just the right amount of pillows for me. 86. Who was the last person you texted and what did it say? My Mom. It said "We are done". 87. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?: Probably somewhere like Australia, a place with a diverse geography and wildlife. 88. Choose one Superpower.: The ability to warp anywhere I wish (I'm coming Australia!) 89. Soft or firm pillows?: Firm, soft can be way too soft for my liking. 90. What is one thing you constantly worry about?: I actually worry about worrying a lot... 91. Dream Career?: Pro MMA fighter getting paid big bucks $$$. 92. Do you ever want to get married?: I do plan on trying to get married in the future. 93. Do you ever want to have kids?: Yes, just no more than 3 though. 94. What's one of your biggest fears?: Being stuck in the airplane while it is crashing. 95. What is the current time?: Look at a clock/watch to find out. 96. What time did you go to bed last night?: Like, 9:50 pm? 97. Twitter or Tumblr?: They both disgust me. 98. Dogs or Cats?: Dogs ftw! All 98 questions have answers. Goal Accomplished. I'll tag @NuVonde and @Big the Cat
  7. I will be completely honest with you, I actually thought you just put a glass on that art pad... I still can't believe this was your first attempt...wow...
  8. I personally like almost anything with Dragon in it. But the typing I like the most is probably Dark-Dragon, with Fighting-Dragon being a tight second. I have always loved this typing as most Dragon types give off a vicious aura, combine that with something dreadful and destructive, you get something amazing to behold. I see this particularly with the Deino line (although Guzzlord does a decent job at this too). I mean, Hydreigon's pokedex entry states that it will eat anything, like a dragon, and destroy anything, like something with a Dark typing should (if not something sly).
  9. pokemon

    Charizards with hilariously long necks are always a joy to see With grins that are also twice as large as the Grinch's, of course.
  10. Rating: 3 Nice little tuff of hair on its head. But man oh man am I about to unleash my love for the Chimchar line on it. First off, another Fire Monkey?! Chimchar was literally just introduced a gen earlier, as a starter. That is way to early imo. It has a horrible design (along with the rest of its trio) compared to other monkey pokemon. So yeah, the only thing it has going for me is its tuff of hair. But even that is only decent at best for me.
  11. If I remember correctly, the last time something like this went one, you didn't have to be tagged to do it. But, I do not know how it is now.
  12. Yeah, I especially like Hawlucha as an option as its design makes it seem like it's wearing a costume and cape. When I think of the RP section, what comes to mind is basically a play. So I think Hawlucha and maybe some of the others could fit the role. As for the other sections, Hydra, everything looks pretty good. The only one I am questioning is Chitchat and Forum games. I would think a pokemon like Chatot could be an option. I don't really get the options for that one though.
  13. Prizes 1st Place: Movie 11 Shaymin 2nd Place: 10th Anniversary Articuno 3rd Place: Shiny Mantine (Sorry, couldn't fit the prizes section in the original post)
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