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  1. Banned for calling the period a mere 'dot'.
  2. Banned for double banning.
  3. From the album Taiiyo's Tremendous Art Dump

    My charcoal pencil and I went to work the last couple of days. But just a sketch of one of my many fakemon. I do plan on coloring this in. Any suggestions to improve will gladly be taken!
  4. Welcome back to another episode of Taiiyo's Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke! In this episode, we start to wind down a bit from all the battles, and enjoy the ever peaceful Floaroma Town! As always, I hope you enjoy. Without further ado, let's get started. Gym Badges: 1 (Coal Badge) Deaths: 0 Me: Ooo flowers! Me: Flowers EVERYWHERE! But *ahem*, sorry, lost my dignity for a second there heh heh. But let's explore this mighty fine place. Actually, before we do that, we'll head right over to the Pokemon Center. Me: Alright, now we're full of energy! Me: Oh yeah! They can change Shaymin's forrrrr.. Me: That's such a mediocre fact compared to what I was about to say, but you're correct. Me: Huh, I'll be sure to take a look into it, right after I pay a visit to the Poke-Mart! *5 minutes later* Me: Alright lets see what we got here. 5 Super Potions, and 5 Potions! This will most definitely get us through for a while. Oh hey, look at what we have here. Me: Oh uh, with no price to pay? Sure why not. Me: Wow, these people just leave these things around with no concern of someone stealing them. Heh heh, this is too easy! Anyways, let's check out this little berry/plant shop. Me: I'm telling you, this is way too easy! Me: And I get a Sprayduck too? This day just keeps getting better and better! Well, I guess it's about time we see what's going on with Team Galactic this time.. Me: Aha! Your plans are foiled now! Me: Any assignment given by Cyrus, is a lot worse than "Decent". Me: I'm disappointed. You fools have yet to recognize our awesome presence! So uh, I guess they only way to go is East. Me: Alright, let's see what's going on here. Me: Ha, more berries. Team, I can guarantee you one thing, we aren't going to be starving! Me: Huh? Listen kid, I can't battle right now.. Me: Not to worry little girl. My amazing team of Big, Bungus, Doom, Spambra, and Tega will crack down on this tragic incident! Me: Woah hey, easy on the merchandise pal! Well, we are going to have to find another way.. Me: Like this way! Aha, found ya! Me: Listen dude, you have two options. A. You can let me pass through without any conflict whatsoever. B. You can earn yourself a serious beating. Me: 'B' it is. Me: Alright Big, Rock Smash! Me: Once more! Let's go Big! Me: Woohoo! Excellent job Big! Me: Yeah yeah yeah, just tell your boss that I'm hunting him down with so far, the best team I've ever assembled. Me: You're right, more like the biggest idiot now. Andd that will do it! So sorry for the extra long episode. I hope you've enjoyed it nonetheless! We will most certainly be hunting down that key in the next episode! Questions, comments, or suggestions are always more than welcomed!
  5. Banned for not betraying The Purple Man
  6. Everybody on the team has taken a truck load of crits as well. You happen to be the one getting the most punishment. I wish I could give you Battle Armor lmao. But the crit rate in Platinum is freaking ridiculous, so don't feel too bad.
  7. Omg thanks so much! I have a long term plan for this series set to go!
  8. Ayy welcome back to another episode of Taiiyo's Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke! This episode is gonna be relatively short compared to past episodes. But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! Gym Badges: 1 (Coal Badge) Deaths: 0 Me: Alright let's roll team! Me: Umm, that's a rather vague question, but I guess yes??? Me: Oh ok, somebody really wants to fight.. Me: Alright Bungus, you can handle this! Let's leech life away! *6 Growths, 4 Absorbs, 5 Supersonics, and 7 Leech Lifes later* Me: Weew alright, that was one draining battle.. Oh and there's a Cherubi too? C'mon.. Me: Leech Life! Nice a critcal hit! Oh crap! That thing hits like a truck! (Cherubi got a crit as well). Me: Finish it off Spambra! Spark! Me: Excellent work Spambra! Now let's find the next trainer.. Me: Alright, and I'll happily squash them for ya. (Once Wurmple laid eyes on Big, it knew it was the end of the road. It had a good life..) (And Tega burns Kricketot alive of course) Me: Ha, hate to break to ya kiddos, but I've been doing this longer than you've even been alive. Me: And I wouldn't just lose to some Sejun wannabes. Me: NO NO NO! We are not going through this life threatening situation again Spambra! Don't worry, Tega will make sure to bust them up for you! Me: Okay, that's one.. Me: See, wasn't so bad right? Except for that little crit incident, but not horrible. Me: Ooo, very nice. This could've been useful a tad earlier though! Me: What a disappointment. None of you can rapidly shoot out seeds.. Me: Alright team, we've arrived at Floaroma Town. Let's just stop and smell the ever amazing flowers. Oh hey a Pokemon Center, that's even better considering that I have one potion left. Andd that seems like a good place to leave off. Hope you guys enjoyed this episode! Questions, comments, and suggestions are always more than welcomed! Final Team Look:



    Imagine if this good boy had an air balloon. Basically only something like Excadrill (with Mold Breaker) could really counter it outside of Hackmons.

  10. Banned for negatively viewing someone's poke-creation.
  11. As an avid member of the Roman Catholic Church, I can't say that I agree with most of this entry. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that I don't respect your point of view, as I really do. I can definitely see why you see religion as well, how you see it. I have found myself questioning my own belief before. One thing I would like to point out is your statement of how religion has done nothing good for the world. While yes, many unnecessary acts of conflict and violence were influenced by religion, this doesn't mean it hasn't done any good for the world. I can see why you view it this way though, as many sources of media have a huge biased opinion towards religion all together. And with the media being a big factor in today's society, it can have a relatively large influence on someone's opinion. I'm not saying this where you got your point of view from, but I know a lot of people who have their opinions shaped by media based sources. But anyways, back to the subject at hand. I believe the majority of people, even avid members of a particular religion, are viewing religion incorrectly. You don't believe in something just to shove it in someone else's face, nor to show dominance or power. You see, Religion and Faith are tools. You don't have to necessary believe fully in your faith to use it towards your benefit. But how exactly can you use religion? Having faith can help accomplish your goals, and push you forward in life. Let's take, the Ten Commandments as an example. While you don't have to really believe in the punishments for breaking them, you can certainly use them as a practice of discipline. Anyways, I could go on all day, but I still respect your opinion, even if it doesn't correspond with my own. I'm particularly glad that you had confidence when expressing your opinion.
  12. Thanks dude. Don't worry, we'll be seeing plenty of you guys once Bungus and Big get to level 10, which is probably less than a episode away.
  13. Welcome to the commemorative 10th installment in Taiiyo's Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke. We accomplished a milestone in the last episode, lets see what we can have come out of this one! Gym Badges: 1 (Coal Badge) Deaths: 0 Me: Alright team, time to stop celebrating and get a move on! **Fast Forward to Jubilife City** Me: Ah, we are back in Jubilife! Oh hey it's that Looker fella. Me: *Ahem*, is that all you've noticed? Take a look at this nifty Coal Badge! Me: Yeeaah not really on my To-Do list at the moment dude. Me: Yeah I'll make sure to do so. The air definitely has a hint of suspicion today.. Me: Ah, on my way to getting my second gym badg.. Me: Professor, just who the hell are these punks? Oh wait I remember you guys. Your name is Grunt, and your name is Grunt! Totally remember you guys! Me: At 20 pokemon right now.. Why are you asking me this when these idiots are threatening you? Me: Yeah hahaha.. It was actually 9 years ago, probably doesn't seem that long to a man of your age hahaha (I said forgeting that the grunts were still there). Me: Man can you just shut up? We are having a moment here! *Sigh*' some people just have no manners whatsoever. Me: (To myself) Oh, the Professor can stick up for himself. (I particularly liked these next two) Me: Heh heh, that's right, scream in terror you punks! You just went to school with Professor Rowan! Me: Oh so that wasn't enough punishment for ya? Well your about to learn a lesson or two with a battle! Me: Oh ok tough guys. Me: Big is about to mop the floor with those cute little pokemon of yours. Me: Wow, what a mean Stunky! Eh, will knockout that Glameow anyways, Tackle! Me: Neato. You'll be unstoppable in no time Big! Me: Alright Bungus, wrap this up! Me: With a little Quick Attack action from Doom of course. Me: Yeah, yeah run you thugs! Tell Cyrus I said hi! Me: Oh whew, *Wipes off sweat* lets get you guys healed up. Me: Alright, *looks around for any Team Galactic Grunts*, lets go get our second gym badge at last! Me: Oh and this Paralyz Heal while we're at it. Me: Oh uh, lets remove Screech. Ah, they grow up so fast.. Me: Ah yes, once home to the great Bungus. Me: Let's break this rock now.. Me: And here we are! Another step closer to becoming the strongest of them all! Andd that will do it! Hope you guys enjoyed this episode! Be sure to tune in for episode 11! Questions, comments, and suggestions are always more than welcomed! Final look at the team:
  14. Banned for throwing out threats of violence. (fight fight fight fight)
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