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  1. Ayy the day has come! Time to announce the winners! 1st Place: @Legend! You have won 2 HA Shuckles! 2nd Place: @OhJay! You have won 2 HA Porygons! (Lucky Ducky huh) 3rd Place: @UmbreonRogue! You have won a HA Riolu! 4th Place: @Kilgrave! You have won a HA Ralts! 5th Place: @Spamuhell! You have won a HA Igglybuff! Thank you all for participating! For those of you that didn't win anything, please, feel free to join the next one. Your luck might be better there. For those of you that have won a prize, I will make sure to contact you on what time is convienent to obtain your prizes, and the preferred method of delivery. The next Giveaway's theme is still undecided, but I will let you know what it is. Hope to see at the next one!
  2. Well I'm currently trying to set my own up soo I'd say it's fine to start one. (Also, I am one of your favorite people <3)
  3. I was up late trying to get Infernape from Riley on the Discord.




    1 Infernape


    2 Arceus


    6 Charizards

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AethericDoom


      I taught you that, so punch me I ruined your life

      So much wasted time :(

    3. Kaps





    4. Taiiyo


      Says the guy that was on it for like 5 minutes.

  4. Even better boy
  5. This was a great idea Petey. Finally, some positive aura being shown rn.
  6. I have come to the conclusion that I will never win a day. That's right never.



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AethericDoom
    3. Spamuhell


      Whilst it may seem a fair conclusion, it will happen, and when it does, it shall be a surprise most pleasant to you.

    4. Taiiyo


      Hmm, valid point Spam


      But guys, seriously, you're messing up a conclusion that took me days to confirm.


      I don't mind me some reps though;););)

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