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  1. The darkness is high, and you're in ten feet deep[pause in speech]

    1. Kipple


      But you've survived, more terrible monsters than sleep


      (It's been way too long since I've heard Soldatio, forgive me my friend)

  2. Close your eyes[pause in speech] I know what you see[pause in speech]

    1. Kibbeh


      do you see

      bright lights

      or do you imagine

      total darkness?


      warning: not for those who get spooked easily

    2. RedBrasil


      wait, what?


  3. They did not post two of my sprites so I'll post them here. They are the Mega evolutions of Bluchapt.

    Mega Bluchapt X.PNG

    Mega Bluchapt Y.PNG

    1. Luxifer


      Pokecreations get posted if they are approved by moderators, which takes time

    2. RedBrasil


      Yeah Luxifer, I know '-'. Some Days ago I've submited these, all my other sprites get posted, less these

  4. I wanted to be someone13164454_1143673965677060_34415177446958

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Yuuko



      It's the flower linen on the table

      Clearly good choice

    3. Pepsi Man

      Pepsi Man

      pfft, whatever


      that paint color on the wall is amazing, man

    4. OhJay


      my favorite part is that you got someone to take that of you

  5. I submit my Artipeace some hours ago, but it isn't posted. Any gramatical error is because i'm of Brazil.


  6. I submit my Artipeace some hours ago, but it isn't posted. Any gramatical error is because i'm of Brazil.Artipeace.png.c03547f2d39ce9e5894f9f1ac0


  7. Why my "Flue" and my "Gallavoir&Gardellade" were not posted?


    Sem título 2.png

    1. RedBrasil


      Why is the world so cruel?

    2. Kibbeh


      Hey, I know you weren't aware Johan isn't that active anymore (and rarely answers questions), so I understand why you asked him. However, next time it'd be better to ask one of the Pokecreator mods, active admins, or global mods (the ones with the green name).

      As for your question, there's a prime rule you're forgetting. Descriptions need to be three lines high, and yours were around one or two. That's why they weren't accepted.

      Hopefully that clears things up. :)

    3. natepunch5


      My simipan was not posted also


      still working.png

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