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  1. template c++ Your word? is c++
  2. Banned because neither ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. 1 havent been here in forever
  4. my Asian parents checked my bad grades oops

    1. purpledragon24


      someone halp i am becoming rather skilled at procrastinating T^T

    2. Luxifer


      I am skilled in Procrastinating, so not much help there hehe

  5. wow that is random
  6. Zot

    wait what's your playlist
  7. Now I'm sad I don't have my charger
  8. Yikes Quality poster of the year: @The-Hydra bandwagon Spriter of the year: @Potatomon im not even sure if u still sprite but like every sprite u made is 10/10 Artist of the year: @Poison although there are so many good ones Role-player of the year: @CP_ dude im seriously not even sure who rp's lol Writer of the year: @Gir That fanfic, bruh Forum gamer of the year: i actually haven't done forum games in a while and mirandapoke hasn't been here in forever lol, so really not sure Battler of the year: @The-Hydra remember when i stalked you, good days man Most interesting status updates: sorry idk Most helpful: @Luxifer helped me when i first joined lool Funniest member: @Master Snivy (because i actually laugh) (dont kill me for this) Most positive of the year: I have no idea, are we even positive here? New member of the year: @Supremerpus I can't even remember who the new members are, they all kinda came and went (lovable) Troll of the year: @Scratchy Piranha do i need to explain this
  9. I like how everyone gets so hype for new years at 12 and then everything kinda dies down later

  10. did i mention that my 3ds charger broke whilst i was on vacation and i still haven't gotten a new one? 

    haven't even finished the game yet xD 

  11. heh :')
  12. How about ye just tell us now? And my favourite is Skarmory. In fact hearing that beautiful screech helped put Skarmory on my top 10 list. Right now I'm not even sure what my top 10 list is anymore but Skarmory's there somewhere
  13. See, I'm not even brave enough to glance back at my old blog posts because of the cringe
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