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  1. Robopon calls your name[pause in speech] It longs for you. and you long for it.

  2. YEE... I finally got a new DS charger :') A month without one felt too long 

  3. sorry been sick and... my parents keep arguing and they're pretty christian so i dont think they'd split up but it really feels like it ;-;

    1. Yashu


      Aw, I'm sorry. If you need anyone to talk to, I'll be here.

    2. purpledragon24


      thanks <3 it's okay now but thanks for always being so nice X3

  4. Grace meme (i don't even know what that is?) your word is meme (lucky you)
  5. excuse the clear bias but I have to go with sliggoo: I think I'm the only person who likes sliggoo over goomy and goodra. but... it's just so CUTE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS CUTE Do you see that face.... Such derp but to be fair there are loooooooots of cute pokemon
  6. *debates whether i should be really annoying and point out a grammar mistake or not* aiight don't kill me that edginess is gr8
  7. oops forgetful me lost a usb with my project on it and im not motivated to restart rip

  8. template c++ Your word? is c++
  9. Banned because neither ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. 1 havent been here in forever
  11. my Asian parents checked my bad grades oops

    1. purpledragon24


      someone halp i am becoming rather skilled at procrastinating T^T

    2. Luxifer


      I am skilled in Procrastinating, so not much help there hehe

  12. wow that is random
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