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  1. anyone here remember i exist?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Nisa


      I remember yee ;0; I remember your name from a while ago lol. Hope you stick around again~

    3. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      Eeveechu! I missed you!

    4. Eeveechu hatake

      Eeveechu hatake

      yey people remembered me~

  2. Uh... Where are you bud?

  3. i quit

    1. GoodMan


      69 5c 27 6d 20 62 61 63 6b

  4. mrow... it's been a while~

    1. Eeveechu hatake

      Eeveechu hatake

      yeah it are you?

    2. purpledragon24


      doing good right now because of pokemon + thanksgiving break!! how about you?

  5. hey celebi~

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    2. Eeveechu hatake

      Eeveechu hatake

      .....yup at least i understand about half the stuff we learned this semester

    3. Celebi


      Thats good to understand a little bit even if its not all of it

    4. Eeveechu hatake
  6. kyuuuuu~
  7. i am sooo participating in this even though i haven't sprited for a while 2593?
  8. welp i am here....umm do i need to say my gender? 476
  9. anyone want to battle on pokemon showdown or talk? i am bored and kinda lonely 

  10. wow PS is dead......

    1. Cookabeara


      that took you a long time to realize

    2. Ace


      Fear not! I, the legendary Gir Volbeat shall revive it one topic at a time!

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