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  1. missing-steve-56706.png.4dc8420b3197ca2c48903dcdf5dfbbcc.png

    G L I T C H Y S T E V E


    Lol nice job pal!

  2. Ash Pikachu sprite if anyone wants it :laugh:


  3. What if Alolan Starters had Ultra forms[pause in speech]

    Wait, imagination, don't do it[pause in speech]



    Ultra Rowlet.png

  4. Made a fusion of the whole Gastly line with Voltorb cuz I'm bored and don't know what to do.:huh:


    1. MrGameAzoid


      I'm calling it Hauntorb :Electric::Ghost:

  5. Made these cuz I'm a huge Undernerd and Pokenerd. :P 

    Sans and Papyrus Cubone andMarowack.png

    1. Lionasas
    2. RedBrasil


      I've liked them, but Marowak doesn't have "c"

  6. This amalgamate is very special. In the experiment,  one of the Pokémon used was Kangaskhan. Without thinking twice, team Flare didn't remove the baby. In the experiment, the baby was mutated into a solo form, resembling a Cubone.

    Amalgamate 4.png

  7. Haven't really been updating my dream/nightmare Pokémon so here is dreamy/nightmare Charmander!

    Dreamy Nightmare Charmander.png

  8. This Amalgamate changed juristically. They body parts stuck together and formed a type of bug.

    (Can you guess the Pokémon this one is made of?)

    Amalgamate 3.png

  9. Making a new series of Pokémon ( Inspired by UmbreonRogue  ) called Amalgamations. They are considered failures from attempts of making new Pokémon. After a failure is created, it is locked up. This one always can be heard shouting: "H E L P U S"                 

    Kanto Starter Amalgamate.png

    1. Tega


      "h e l p u s"


      my favorite

    2. RedBrasil


      But nobody cames

      Lorem Ipsum

      Smell like batteries

      No data available

  10. And another one for today :P I'm enjoying my self.

    Dreamy Nightmare Bulbasaur.png

    1. MrGameAzoid


      I probably won't do one today

  11. New Dream/Nightmare Pokémon! It's Squirtle!

    Dreamy Nightmare Squirtle.png

  12. Starting a new series of Pokémon called Dream and Nightmare Pokémon. The background of these Pokémon are that they have the potential to appear differently in Cresselia's dream world, and Darkrai's nightmare world. 

    Dreamy Nightmare Pikachu.png

    1. AethericDoom


      Interesting concept!

  13. where do u find gen7 pokemon

    1. Taiiyo


      Hey @nashpeace, we currently don't have any gen 7 sprites on the site sprite searcher. But you can find them via Google or how I like to, Showdown.

    2. MrGameAzoid
  14. Click-Bait Porygon


    this clickbait porygon probably won't be accepted but let me just say I love it

  15. Made these 3! Do you have any ideas for me? I'm running out.
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