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About Me

Hello GameAzoids! Here I make Pokémon sprites (of course) mostly with Mimikyu, but some other cool things too! Any recommendations? Contact me (somehow)


Also, I have some tips on the basics on making Pokémon Sprites!



Really basic and easy. Just take a Pokémon and change its colors! For example, I've replaced Mimikyu's original colors for blue and red shades and tints.

Mimikyu Recolor.png



Type Swap/Regional Variant

A bit more challenging but it's pretty easy once you can do it. Pick a Pokémon and give it different type features! For example: A Ghost-type Charmander! Don't be afraid to use different Pokémon for features and colors! (I used Haunter in this case.)

Type Swap Charmander.png





Probably the hardest of the basics (still easy) but can get really fun! Pick one Pokémon as the base and another (can be any amount you want) for features and color. For example: Pyukumuku and Charjabug! Charjabug was the base and Pyukumuku was used for features and color!




Giving a theme to a Pokémon can be extremely fun! All sorts of stuff can happen like a zombie Bulbasaur, a cosplay Victini, or my examples: (and much more) Candy Raichu and Minior! Raichu is a chocolate bunny (Shiny cookies and cream) and cotton candy Minior! (Mainly a recolor but still has a theme)

Choclate Bunny Raichu.pngCotton Candy Minior.png



I hope these tips helped you and remember: KEEP ON GAMING!


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