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  1. Dont stay up until 4am on another game hoping you dont miss an event ; its really not fun

    1. Genji


      Which game? :v

  2. Username: Nisa Pokemon to fuse: Articuno, Uxie Available for public use: Not my Sprite, dont see the problem, sure. Other specifications: Nope
  3. Banned because I havent seen you in a while. Prolly me not noticing people. Hai.
  4. Pft, he hasnt made a word. Ill make one ;c A R T I C
  5. I just really grew on Margearna when watching the movie <3 But I dont flat out love it. Ill give it an 8. That movie made me cry. Darn you ya little living ball of steel <3
  6. Litten and its entire evolution line. Boy where do I even BEGIN with this. Originally, yes, I WAS going with Litten, then when I saw Inceneroar, boy can you imagine I hated it. I immediately chose my starter options (to Popplio, ofc) and Torracat didn't make the situation any worse. It looks awful! It just looks like a fat Litten, and I was really peeved tbh, how it could've gone in such a better direction. Maybe making a Black and Red Bengal or Saber Tooth Tiger. Imagine how cool that'd be. But nope. They HAD to make it a Bipedal Fire Starter (as always) who may not be Fire Fighting, but sure as heck does resemble one. So yeh. I originally loved Litten. But sorry boy. Your elders have ruined ya. Now Popplio is the superior.
  7. Magic. Imagination. Hmm. *Makes hand action for rainbows* Imagination. Also teach me how to draw Ponies well. Kthx
  8. Popplio. By far. If you all haven't seen, I've quite an obsession for the little guy. I mean hes cute, funny and altogether an amazing Pokemon! I did originally like the line because of Primarina, but I grew on Popplio more. Especially after I got my Popplio Plushie, now I just cant resist Popplios cute little face! ;0;
  9. 10. Also got this guy as a Shiny, so a relatively like him. Rip 9+10 (just to explain this name, he was my 21st shiny)


    Please vote.


    I dont understand how my friends think Uxies body is grey






    Its blue.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Nisa
    3. Primal


      It's bluish grey

    4. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      It's grayish-blue. It deviates in balance quite a bit. 

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