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  1. Aww, its so cute! ;0;
  2. I have made a horrible mistake. My Pokemon is Generation 3, not 4. I got the confusion due to always using this in my DPP playthrough. Sorry for the inconvenience. It should be pretty straightforward who it is now though. So, take a guess.Sorry >~<
  3. Love dem fusions ;0; Username: Nisa Pokemon to fuse: Popplio and Uxie Other: My army shall rise.
  4. 16
  5. Nope~ 5. This Pokemons first type is Water.
  6. This is awesome ;0; I love the kind of style you're using to create these.
  7. Ill join! OwO Psyshock~
  8. So, is Gladion starting to take over N?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      No, this is the edge emoji:ph34r:

      Or thisĀ :(

    3. Kaps



      Or was it Crikey me Blimey?

      Oh well[pause in speech]

    4. Nisa


      Who knows

  9. Nuupe 6. This Pokemon is from Generation 4
  10. Wrong again~ 7. This Pokemon has a Base Friendship of 70
  11. Incorrecto~ 8. This Pokemons secondary type is Ground.
  12. 1/10 Its just one of those Pokemon that I just, have no feelings for. It has an off design - its quite unappealing to look at, its face it awkward and I think the colour used is too pale, a dark red could've made it look better, but thats just my opinion, others probably love its colour OwO
  13. That Charizard is sick o.o All the others are so adorable too OwO
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