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  1. Banned because you must get what you like
  2. Granted but its super soggy. I wish everyone in the world joined Mystic
  3. Granted, but a glitch causes it to delete it and your party I wish to find an Articuno in My Pokemon
  4. Banned because non-identifiable word
  5. Banned because everyone did except you
  6. Granted but it ls Brussel Sprout Soup. I wish Brussel Sprouts ceased to exist
  7. Granted but you would get one of those pieces of grass where if you moved your finger the wrong way down it, you would cut your finger open deeply (I know from experience) and you WILL cut it. I wish I couldnt feel pain in non life threatening situations
  8. Banned because everyone interpreted it as sandwich
  9. Everyone is entitled to their opinion
  10. Granted, but its out of date. I wish food didnt go out of date
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