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  1. From the album Panloco's "Art"

  2. From the album Panloco's "Art"

  3. From the album Panloco's "Art"

  4. From the album Panloco's "Art"

  5. From the album Panloco's "Art"

  6. From the album Panloco's "Art"

  7. From the album Panloco's "Art"

  8. From the album Panloco's "Art"

  9. Welcome to the Pokestadium forums By the way, I can help you spriting
  10. Its the same page:
  11. Yeah (now 8 days ) The constest has just finished So the winner is Mewtwonite Z. You will recieve your prize soon.
  12. Ok but remember, the contest finishes 24/12
  13. Cool design, I see a problem in the hips but its ok 9/10 You haven't understood the rules of the contest so your creation will not be scored. Two things: the first one is that there are several problems in the sprite (pixelation, the tail, the legs, etc) and the second one, it needs to be a fusion (2 pokémons or more). So I'm not going to rate your creation... Anyway you have another opportunity. Sorry to delay but I had a problem with notifications
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