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  1. Banned for banning a non banner
  2. *attempted to make something like that in the past* ....; - ; *throws it in the already overflowing trash bin* if only i was this skilled......; w ; if only i was this skilled......; w ;
  3. Banned because mimikyu is awesome
  4. banned because they're not alts as far as i know. people hate me they're probably from pokemon showdown
  5. You can join, but please dont advertise a contest, whether its been approved or not, in someone elses contest
  6. Banned for stealing my name and being a hypocrit Well it's true though r u middle eastern or something Noonz does mean cute
  7. Banned because you used puns only the chubbZ skeleton can do that
  8. sometimes i just wish people would go: YOU GET A MEDAL! YOU GET A MEDAL EVERYBODY GETS A MEDAL
  9. Undertale cancer
  10. Sciz are you just being supportive or are you competing
  11. lol

    *Ey grillby! *Can we get two orders of 'burg?
  12. My little brony~
  13. Banned because horrible rhyming
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