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  1. Can I beta test your game please

    1. Scratchy3607


      I didn´t make it yet.

    2. Kekleon
  2. Banned because you have a stupid profile pic.
  3. Banned because that fancy tail is one of its weapons Banned because I hate you now.
  4. Banned because Mega Tifarall Is awesome
  5. What pokemon did you use to make Inorkopolasum

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Gruffin77


      Well he is not here so...

    3. Kaps


      ah well

    4. AethericDoom


      That's art theft. For a game that's never happening. Goodbye 5000 dollars 

  6. Banned because
  7. Tifarall
  8. uuuuuuummmmmmmm......What is this?
  9. I made Mega Tifarall:Mega Tifarall.png

    1. NuVonde


      Color theory is for the weak. The true secret to good design is randomly slapping on clashing saturated colors and mirroring all your parts.













  10. Banned because Pineapples.
  11. I can't this is actually still going.
  12. I'm not cruel to you anymore.I'm telling the truth.
  13. Arawak once told me on one of my topics,"Scratchy, I understand you two have a little bad blood, but there is no need to do this. This is just going to make matters worse, for both of you." And he was right. I got warned by The_Hydra for making a topic based on you making everyone a jerk.From that I learned that I should be more mature and not randomly report people.I admit that I get easily angry all the time,And I will no more be a jerk to you.Your topics are amazing,And I like your sprites,And I definitely like Snorlax.He is the coolest.I jost hope you will start to like Tifarall again,and accept this apology.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Kaps


      sure Scratchy

    3. Tega


      what about Genji lol Genji I will be u friend

    4. Kaps


      Ok sure genji too

  14. hello i would just like to say that i support your war against kaps

    1. Scratchy3607


      Thanks.You helped me get stronger.

    2. Kaps


      Oh wow I'm insulted


    3. Scratchy3607


      The war is over already

  15. I will never be a jerk to pokestadium.EVER!
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