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  1. I will never be a jerk to pokestadium.EVER!
  2. I reported you.can you guess why?

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. 1709mart


      Many brave users fought in these battles. Lets hope it was all for naught. 


    3. Gruffin77


      *Raises the PS national flag and sings the PS national anthem*


    4. Kaps


      Whatever. I still think Scratchy gets to mad about everything.

  3. Banned because i'm the biggest jerk of pokestadium
  4. I really need to report you. Quiet.This is a fan club. Seriously?>:( By the way,this topic is about Tifarall,let's not get off topic.
  5. Banned because I'm a loser.
  6. I feel like that everbody hates me because everybody does not likemy content.

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    2. Kaps


      Touchy, touchy, @Scratchy3607, my boy.

    3. 1616taka


      Ok so this kid just gets baited by anything?

    4. Kaps


      you calling me kid bruh?

  7. If you're a fan of Tifarall, den you came to the right place! Here,you can post fan art,talk about tifarall,and make up stories!
  8. One:I do not hate you Kaps,it's just that you are just acting like a big jerk to me. and Two I Like Snorlax.
  9. Guess what we don't care about this I just put it in once in ban the person above you and now you spam it


  10. Banned because mine is awesome
  11. Meet Tifarall: And Arceus Awoken Forme:
  12. Banned because YOU are not funny
  13. the pokemon without the list:
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