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  1. Here's my Halloween Sprite Entry! <3 Pokemon: Miscelebi Pokemon Used: Mismagius and Celebi Type: Psychic / Ghost Pokemon: Zelebi Pokemon Used: Celebi Type: Poison / Psychic Pokemon: Corpse Wedding Trio (Ghoulitelle, Gothorotte and Goreita) Pokemon Used: Gothitelle, Gothorita and Gothita Type(s): Ghost/Psychic, Ghost/Psychic, Ghost Pokemon: Hounderus Pokemon Used: Houndoom (The heads are from different Gens) Type: Dark
  2. Then we'd be counting stars instead of seconds. What if Pokemon existed in reality within an alternate universe and we all looked like Pokemon Trainers?
  3. Here's two of my Chlorophyll entries, the other one will come soon. Here's Serpille and Gardunia! Serpille is Serperior fused with Azurill and Gardunia is Gardevoir fused with Suicune and Roselia! Serpille is Grass/Water and Gardunia is Water/Fairy.
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