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  1. Callout Post for @Mewtwonite_Z

    1:Filthy Meme Lord 2: Has depression 3: Had to quit this website... Shame. 4: Got Shadowbanned because he was too random 5: Only 13 years old 6: Changes his profile so much... 7: Goes to Disney twice a year 8: Probably has some sleeping disorder... 9: Watches D&P 10: Youtube account does nothing. 11: Wants to hack. 12: Is a spriter 13: Addicted to Pokèmon. I call &Legend
  2. Do it to me, O canada.
  3. ScratchyPiranha=Sciz.
  4. Banned because I’m gonna go on hiatus, see you whenever I get back
  5. I inspired the “Lightly Fried Fish Fillet” theme, so I go with that.
  6. Banned because I’ll be gone till Wednesday.
  7. maps

    I’m dead forever now. But the region does look cool
  8. Cute ...........
  9. Yes do all
  10. Are you gonna do all the UBs?
  11. Banned cuz Hydra needs to approve my speech or something. I have to quit the website...
  12. official sports word is sports
  13. Banned for having an adorable Articuno as your avatar. Seriously I need to hug it.
  14. Papyrus: You love me like I love you?
  15. Banned because I said this before, and I’ll say it again: I have dragons.
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