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  1. Thanks for being my only follower xD

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    2. AnonymousDoom


      I know he said it in my version of his RP logo that he hated lol 

    3. Kaps


      Yeah he called it a high quality rip-off, ranting that you didn't give him any credit although you tagged him, which is basically the same thing. So... High quality, yes. Rip-off? No.

    4. AnonymousDoom
  2. So you want to go to space. Your leaving the rest of us to rot? The starset society? What even is that? And you told us you were 13. Suddenly, you say your 116. Problems with your theory, mew.

  3. We all are confused. Is this a joke?

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    2. AnonymousDoom


      No, his birthday says 1911. Not possible.


      I'm not spamming.

      But @Mewtwonite Z is the Pokemon Everglow still on?

    3. Kaps


      1911? he'd be as dead as Johan.

    4. AnonymousDoom
  4. .
  5. Banned because
  7. Banned because It’s one Big conspiracy
  8. Banned because esuaceb dennab
  9. It’s in human nature to spam threads.
  10. Farewell.

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    2. AnonymousDoom


      Bye. Hope you realize the starset society is a fictional backstory for a hard rock band. 

    3. Kaps


      LOL another dream crushed.

      elgyem.gif---If ya ask me, there's nothing wrong with space.

    4. Kekleon


      can you stop with the RPing please

  11. Can we lock this?
  12. Darth Yader? It’s in the A but upside down
  13. You know, posting Pokemon Sprites in every post will only make you a spammer again.
  14. I’m 13. For guessing right, here.
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