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  1. Mewtwonite Z gave reputation to Poison for a gallery image, It's that time of the year again   
    The most wonderful tiime of the yeeeeaarr~ <3
  2. Mewtwonite Z gave reputation to Hydralicious for a gallery image, Participation Trophy    
    This is my newest art piece, Participation Trophy, it's a modern, abstract art piece which represents our culture's constant entitlement to reward for having participated in something. The star embodies a reward and all of mankind's values, such as money, entertainment and new age music. The white surrounding the star represents the very white suburban culture that we live in, along with it's Birkenstock and ability to wear boating shoes even if you don't own a boat or if you blew up your ex-husband's boat after he cheated on you with a hat ware model. It also represents Billy's T-Ball team full of 6 year olds who's parents tell them that it's not about whether you win or lose but it's about if you have fun, because in the end it doesn't matter because they still reward them for their failure. This is one of the reasons why 6 year olds do not make good workers or assassins or any sort of job with a high risk and large failure rate, because then they feel entitled to a reward even when they've failed and will only be disappointed when you tell them that they're horrible workers and that they can no longer rely on your testimony in court or for a job application. Additionally, this piece is a think piece on stars and the inaccurate standards set for them. Why does a star have to shine like a diamond in the sky? Do you shine like a diamond in the sky? I didn't think so. Additionally the 5 points of the star repents the 8 human races and how they should become unified so that we can ascend to a high level of being and no longer have to award 6 year olds for their failure to win a T-Ball game or to push an elderly politician into the road. 
  3. Mewtwonite Z gave reputation to Poison for a gallery image, Iris   
    Decided to draw my RP character since she's possibly one of my favourites yet <3
  4. Mewtwonite Z gave reputation to PCTheSkitty for a gallery image, Zirosori   
    (prefix: ziro suffix: sori)

    Second Number : [null]
    Class : Noninveterate
    Disposition : Choleric
    Height : 5.6 feet
    Length : [null]
    Weight : 8777 lbs
    Size Variance : 0%
    I.Q. : 27
    Core Temp. : 714°F
    Stability : 6.25%
    Prevalence : -49.9%
    Constancy : 0%
    Longevity : [null]
    No. Appearing : 1
    Vision Type : Blind
    Integral Joint : [null]

    So, as a small opening note, sorry for the mini hiatus I've been on for the past couple days! I should be a little more consistently active now that the holiday weekend is over and my RP is finally, finally almost done (really sorry about that!). I digress though.

    This is a mock mini-entry for one of my favorite online projects, Strangers - specifically, the Red Module. Would link, but I am a bit iffy on doing so given that Strangers is a bit mature and teeters on the line of breaking the rules. I had a lot of fun making this over the weekend, the room and "text" were especially fun to experiment with. It was good for practicing with form, although I am a bit dissapointed with how the dripping effects turned out. Ah, well, I do what I can.
  5. Mewtwonite Z gave reputation to PCTheSkitty for a gallery image, Dapper Sylveon   
    Context for my avatar. No real extensive lore behind this, I was simply suggested to do a Sylveon, and about halfway through I started experimenting with its design and before I knew it I had invented a personal alt form of Sylveon. It is not much different from regular Sylveon, although it has an added Dark typing, and its SpA and SpD are switched.
  6. Mewtwonite Z gave reputation to Poison for a gallery image, Sparkle butt horse   
    She's the most fun one to draw, at least for me
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