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  1. Norin just kind of spaces out for a while. God DID just grope him out of the sky. 0 Damage
  2. Norin responds with Sand-Attack on Mental, and lots of flailing. Mental can still totally throw him, just in a completely random direction.
  3. Norin uses Fling, and then realizes that he has nothing to throw. His other party members look too fat to heave off the ground. Instead he decides to put distance between himself and the three bugs. While doing so, Norin yells "Did you hear that? He says he's weak! Attack him! HIM, not me!" while gesturing wildly at Lance.
  4. Norin uses Fling to launch Bernice's uneaten Oran berries at the butterfree with tremendous force! 1 Damage
  5. Norin, having finished his berries, is having a hard time ignoring everyone else. Considering his situation, he sees an opportunity. If he goes along with whatever this is, its a great opportunity to gain some reputation. If things get dangerous, or more importantly hard, he can always just bail! He was already the MVP of the first fight, so how hard could it be. Satisfied with this game plan, Norin goes back to ignoring- he hasn't actually learned anyone's name yet.
  6. Norin had been playing dead since being hit with Aerial Ace but having noticed the Fearow's defeat, he quickly hops up off the ground. He made a quick mental note to figure out which teammate would make the best shield in the future. Cloud did'nt even have the decency to take more damage! Such blatant disregard for the meat-shield strategy. Bernice wouldn't be a great option. There was something about her that was off putting. Probably her ugliness. Norin was so busy considering who he could best hide behind that he doesn't hear the Butterfree at all.
  7. Norin, in a state of panic, uses Sand-Attack on the Fearow (sand-attack does effect flying types). In the same state of panic he also uses Sand-Attack on Bernice and Diura, not quite yet grasping that they're on the same side. Takes shelter behind Lance, the tallest. Tall people make great shields.
  8. sorry, I simply forgot to mention that I think darkness is a-ok
  9. Name: Norin Species: Cacnea Gender: Male Appearance: A Cacnea with a deep beige skin tone. Not shiny, just has bad hygiene. Personality: Cowardly, wary, flighty, shifty, untrustworthy, untrusting. History: Mistaken for a shiny pokemon, caught and never used. Other: Horrible judgement in all situations, and abhors violence. Specifically, violence aimed at him. Will only attack when absolutely certain he can't lose, and even then he usually loses. Horrible judgement, like I said.
  10. rampardos is in the top 1% of pokemon


    thems the facts

    1. Contract_Crawdad


      he and deoxys hoard the top 1% of the nations attack stat, keeping it from the 99%


      deoxys is the charismatic face on the whole operation, rampardos is the true mastermind

  11. if I am wonder traded a graveler holding an everstone I will find you and I will locate your exact position


    and I will return the everstone that you are surely sad about losing

  12. "Gotta catch them all" is a weak slogan and has no place in this day and age


    my new slogan "make them sex until perfect battle-child" better embodies the spirit of pokemon

    1. Kaps



      Bruh. Why.

    2. Spamuhell


      The accuracy of that statement is worrying

  13. noctowl is a creature of power


    toucannon's rage is primal, but noctowl has grown bitter and transcended anger itself

    1. Kibbeh


      toucannon's rage is @Primal

  14. me: has never been allowed to ride a bike indoors in any Pokémon game ever


    me: tries anyways sometimes

    1. Contract_Crawdad


      why can't you use tauros indoors??


      simple it ate a bike and now suffers its curse

  15. why does wailord, the largest pokemon, not simply eat the other 801?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Taiiyo


      As long as he doesn't eat the other Wailord, he won't be too lonely.


      (Unless Wailords are known to be cannibals)

    3. The-Hydra


      Wailrrr, of the planet Omicron Persei 8

    4. AethericDoom




      he starts with stunfisk

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