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  1. It's a feature
  2. "Let's Talk About Grass Type Starter Concepts" is going to be a little delayed


    because it's gonna be huge


    and I gotta make a funny image to announce its completion

  3. Kaps you're on a computer you can look these things up
  4. One of these days, your going to have to give me my keys back.

    One of these days[pause in speech]

  5. I thought you would like this


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      delightful, yes


      but these fellows are long past the point of enjoying, they are quite dead

    2. Tega
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      Dead pile of crabs

      Image result for crab meme

  6. From the album Crawdad's Cancer Corner

    Promotional art for the upcoming "Lets Talk About Grass Type Starter Concepts", where I will give an overview of all current grass-starters and their concepts! This does not mean that I won't ever do a separate "Let's Talk About" for any of them in the future.
  7. From the album Crawdad's Cancer Corner

    "Lets Talk About Lugia and Ho-Oh" is out now! Check it out here if you're so inclined.
  8. For simplicity's sake, instead of saying "Lugia and Ho-Oh" when referring to both of them, I will refer to them as The Bozos The Bozos mark the start of a special tradition for the pokemon series. Having a big ol exclusive legendary pokemon for each version to slap on the cover. The term for the legendaries chosen to go on the boxart are fittingly referred to as "box legends", and The Bozos stand out from the rest. They are dorks. While Box Legends are a forced encounter in their respective game they usually have some kind of, you know, power. Or at least a raw mysticism or otherworldly air about them. They also tend to be tied into the main plot of the game pretty heavily, but The Bozos being the first of their kind are just kind of put into their games with no real significance. Don't get me wrong, The Bozos are a cool encounter, but there isn't a reason for you to fight them and they lack any kind of "legendary" abilities. I know what you're thinking, that Ho-Oh can restore life as is hinted at with Suicune Entei and Raikou, but what does it ever do with it? Bring three dogs back to life? Its actually funny to think about, but I like to imagine Ho-Oh has literally no control over reviving things. Just a big ol bird with life-giving dust that falls on stuff sometimes. I can find no mention as to the reason Ho-Oh revived these three pokemon specifically, its not like they did anything heroic. They just died in a fire. A fire which Ho-Oh probably started being a fire bird and all. Ho-Oh has no confirmed relationship with these dogs after reviving them. It was speculated that they regarded Ho-Oh as a master of sorts, but this lacks any evidence. LIST OF HO-OH ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Accidentally revived dogs, made magic (has no idea that dogs exist) Impressive. Ho-Oh's pokedex entry is also just kind of not true. Every second entry literally just goes "Ho-Oh has wings that are seven colors." Except they never are. Not ONCE in ANY adaptation has Ho-Oh been depicted as having rainbow feathers. Just the regular yellow, green, red, and white. They never even try. Ho-Oh is based on the Phoenix, a mythical bird famous for dying in a burst of flame and being born again from the bird-ashes. This is evidenced by Ho-Oh's obvious resemblance, as well as the fact that Ho-Oh is caught holding an exclusive item know as the Sacred Ash. The Sacred Ash, when used, revives all fainted members of your party to full which is a clever nod to the inspiration. Ho-Oh also has the ability Regenerator which restores 1/3 max HP on switching out, another well implemented reference when it comes to the Phoenix. Unfortunately, an ability that encourages switching out isn't the greatest thing in the world when you are a / type in a meta over-saturated with Stealth Rocks. Despite this, Ho-Oh still manages to land in Ubers largely due to it having great defenses and a 50% burn chance with Sacred Fire, Ho-Oh's signature move. That Entei was given as well. Classy move Entei, stealing a signature move. While Ho-Oh has a solid base for a concept, Lugia leaves me baffled. What myth is it based on as a counter-part to a Phoenix? Nothing. Lugia resembles literally no myth I can find, let alone one as well know as the Phoenix. OK, so what real animal is it based on? None. It resembles literally nothing on planet earth, except for the beluga whale and even then in color alone. Unlike Ho-Oh who spends most of its time flying around, Lugia prefers to sleep at the bottom of the ocean which is a nice contrast. As far as I can tell, Lugia has never done anything. Even in its very own movie, the only noteworthy thing about Lugia is that it apparently has some authority over the legendary birds. However, much like Ho-Oh's dogs no real connection exists and it probably only intimidates them because its a bigger bird thing. Also of note, in one episode of the show Lugia was shown to have a child, raising the question of whether or not Lugia is a "true" legendary if it can reproduce. Obviously how much weight the show's canon has is debatable, but its still interesting. Luigia's / typing is a cause for confusion. It lives underwater and summons storms, so wouldn't it make sense for it to be part Water? Unfortunately I can't find any reasoning as to why it was denied Water typing. Lugia is never mentioned to use any vaguely psychic powers (except for in the show using telepathy, but again, dubious canon). OK so what are its powers? No source makes this clear, only mentioning that it causes long lasting storms by flapping its wings. Neat. This is pretty much all we know about it in game-canon. I like to think that Lugia doesn't actually summon the storms though. It could just be that it can tell when storms are coming and is only active during them, leading to the myth. As an aside, I thought I'd mention that Lugia is the fastest Box Legend at 110 speed. Those huge hands of theirs sure gets them where they want to be quickly I suppose. As for what Lugia is, I am completely blown away by all of the things it could be. You would think it would be obvious whether Lugia is a fish, bird, mammal, or some kind of advanced barnacle but the more I dwell on it the further I am consumed. It has these HUGE HANDS that make you think its a mammal, but it flies, but it also has the ability Multiscale which in every translation uses the word "scale" so Lugia does have scales. Then again, Ho-Oh is a bird and they are counter parts so it'd make sense for Lugia to be a bird as well, BUT Lugia has a very reptilian beak. wait I now realize what Lugia is based off of. PHEW, mystery solved, that's a load off my mind. Anyway, these Bozos are one of the very few Box Legends that don't fight each other at any point in any canon. Seriously I don't even think they've ever interacted. That's something others might see as a negative thing, but i digress. These two Bozos are tied for the highest special defense of any flying type (4th highest overall). They are both good buddies and neither has a clear type advantage over the other. Its almost as if they were both designed separately and then made the legendaries. The Bozos feel more like cryptids than actual mythical beings. Just big rare animals and I genuinely do love them. The idea that they are equals is further compounded by the fact that, competitively speaking, they are kind of even in terms of usefulness. Ho-Oh has the great burn odds with Sacred Fire and can really be an omnipresent force with Regenerator barring Stealth rocks but even then Ho-Oh is still bulky enough to hold its own. Lugia is a defensive MONSTER with Multiscale and roost. With Whirlwind and Toxic Lugia is a decent counter measure against offensive teams. Unlike Ho-Oh, Lugia has no held item at all which is an odd imbalance, but at the end of the day they're both giant birds. I think. In all seriousness, these guys are lame to the max. In equal seriousness I love them for it. Most legendaries, I feel, tend to go a little over the top with their powers and designs whereas The Bozos are really refreshing to look back on. Good stats, solid designs that instill awe at the first encounter, and no real malevolence behind them. Yeah, did you notice that? These guys are SUPER docile when compared to most legendaries who get ready to destroy the world when their mystic orb is stolen from its sacred perch. When encountered in Silver, Lugia looks super intimidating Noodle neck dork And Ho-Oh looks like pretty much like an upset bird He scream Their sprites don't get any scarier either; Funnily enough, if these guys WERE played as serious threats to the world or as super powerful or something I think I would like them less. Their mellowness and mysticism feels genuine, like they exude a kind of wild and unknown air. A huge wild animal that you've never seen before that is plain ol big. World destruction?? No thank you, they would much rather yell at shiny things.
  9. S H U C K L E

    1. Contract_Crawdad


      your words move me

    2. Kaps


      Shuck that tauros feces

  10. gotta get that shuckle to use that sweet contrary Shell Smash strat
  11. The term "parasite" is extremely broad, and only refers to an organism that lives off of another. In this case the parasite in question is a mushroom living off of Parasect, though I don't see the logic behind the proposed Poison typing. If a parasite was poisonous it would kill its host, which is rarely their goal. Additionally, parasites aren't "poison for the body and mind" and quite often have a symbiotic relationship with their host. Also it is extremely unlikely that the mushrooms can move onto alternate species the way they do to the Paras line, simply because these types of fungi are usually highly specialized and quickly die in any other host or environment. Though the dex DOES MENTION that the mushrooms are poisonous to ingest, you can only fit so many typing on a mon at once. / best represents the duo. there are plenty of non-poisonous mushrooms and even then, its not PLANT, which is more open ended and there are plenty of grass types that aren't literally made of grass
  12. any contest with shuckle in it is worthy of entry dreamy world
  13. Lurantis and Fomantis aren't bugs mimicking plants, they're plants mimicking bugs as a kind of reversal on the fact that mantises often evolve to look like plants to get closer to prey Fomantis' name sounds like "Faux-Mantis", meaning false mantis Lutantis' name is "Lure-Mantis", so I guess it's a tactic used to lure prey (though the pokedex makes no mention)
  14. THE MASTER OF ALL PETTY ARGUEMENTS But yeah, @AethericDoom you did use "than" and then edit it to "then" when Tega mentioned it I went "hold on, what's the context?" And noticed that you did use THAN
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