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  1. I'll join! Generation one oh ya!!!
  2. Oh, nice I got in the top 4! I will probably participate in the next contest of yours too!
  3. Ooh, tricky, tricky, but here's my guess: is it Raticate, @Nisawesome?
  4. Hmmm....I'm thinking....thinking.....thinking.......AHHHHHHHHHHH! ugh, someone just threw a truck at me...*cough* *cough*
  5. Awwww...you got it. It was Celesteela, now its your turn...
  6. #9: It can learn harden by level up
  7. REBOOT! #10: One of its types is steel
  8. You can burp fish out of your gills if you're deep fried and have some seasoning. and Pie is yummy if you toss it in the garbage can then wax it and put an ice cube on top.
  9. Okay so here are the scores and places!: 1st Place: Panloco(30) 2nd-4th Place: Mewtwonite Z(24), BlueZygarde(20), Anti_(18) 5th Place: The-Hydra and mariocXx with both having 9.5 All who didn't make it in the top 5: Celebi(9), SoundDarkness(8.25), Nisawesome(8.25), rioulu(8), DaRealCreeper(8), people999(8), 8_Bit_Absol(7.5), Malcamoo(7) Thanks for participating and sorry for the late score post, but yeah, thanks for participating again, hope to see you in my next contest! Your medals for placing should arrive soon!
  10. Okay, thanks!
  11. Here's my first entry: Sprite: Pokémon Name: Mega Regigigas Pokémon Used: Regigigas, Regirock, Registeel, Regice I've also got my second: Sprite: Pokémon Name: Mega Bisharp Pokémon Used: Darkrai, Arceus, Bisharp, Scrafty I hope these aren't too bad.
  12. No, the date has arrived, the 14th of Feb.
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