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  1. You got it! @Kilgrave
  2. I like them all! So I chose all[pause in speech]
  3. contest

    Regice will make an ice cube for lunch, won't he?
  4. Thanks, its awesome!
  5. Not Yet! #6: Three of his stats are OVER one-hundred.
  6. Oh, okay.
  7. Thanks! Its okay that there isn't the mega stone, but I might use both, idk, the red/darker red looks good so does the other, but yeah thanks! May I get another?: Character: Link(from Zelda) Quote: And the Legends of Zelda! Specific picture link: http://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=5qop4gQH&id=788D07BC7931D1EC466225D18EC56D64E51CA9BC&thid=OIP.5qop4gQHdcSdFuKlu4yY8wEMEs&q=link&simid=607996907651533321&selectedIndex=47&ajaxhist=0 Background color: Blue & Green Series symbol link: http://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=FOrSgEao&id=1146D4B4F173DB69A536615E82D460BB838F2440&thid=OIP.FOrSgEaohEQ6FkJMjtptXQEsC0&q=zelda+symbol&simid=608025323142776786&selectedIndex=9&ajaxhist=0 Background pattern link: Other:
  8. #7: This Pokémon can learn Brick Break.
  9. Pokemon: Lunala, Garchomp, Arceus Shiny Pokemon?: Does this mean do I want a shiny version of it too? If so yes. Available for public use?: No Further details?: Use Garchomp as base, Lunala's wings and the ring from arceus(if possible)
  10. Here is one!: Name: Mega Ho-Oh Legendary Used: Ho-Oh + 3 legendary birds.
  11. Hey is anyone going to guess another Pokémon? @Nisa @Tega, etc.
  12. Nope! #8: This Pokémon can learn Scald.
  13. Here are some more: Mega Mewtwo Z: His eye is meant to be PURE white because of its super psychic power. Blastoidon: Fire Scizor: And Alolan Magby & Alolan Magmar:
  14. #9: One of its types is water.
  15. fusion

    Also could I get some more? Fused Pokemon: Lugia, Lairon, Rayquaza, and Solgaleo Base Pokemon: Rayquaza Colour: Solgaleo's Color please. Also could you use solgaleo's main thing around his head, lugia's wings and lairon's armor plate-things in it? Fused Pokemon: Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, and Mega Rayquaza Base Pokemon: P-Groudon Colour: Black like Primal Kyogre's body black. Just fuse them together however you like, nothing specific from me.
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