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  1. My favorite would be[pause in speech]If there was an alolan Dragonite, I found this fan art for one and thought it looked very cool!: I did not make it myself, just thought it looked really cool if there was an alolan dragonite, this should be it.
  2. Nope! #7: This Pokémon Can Learn Thunder Fang
  3. PSYSHOCK!!! I'd like to enter please.
  4. Nope! #8: This Pokémon Can Learn Toxic.
  5. Nope! #9: This Pokémon has atleast 1 pre-evolution.
  6. Imma take over for now #10: This Pokémon Can Learn Crunch.
  7. but I thought @Nisa gave me my round back? Well whatever I guess. Regirock
  8. Could I have the round back since I didn't finish?
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot[pause in speech]maybe dark/psychic?
  10. K, this was a fun contest, maybe the next one should be about having to use Fire types?
  11. Nope! #7: This Pokémon can learn the move psychic
  12. Nope! #8: This Pokémon is or is part psychic type.
  13. Lampent
  14. #9: This Pokémon is GENDERLESS!
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