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    Playing pokemon, drawing, writing and spriting. Also playing Town of Salem.
  1. I have multiple fears, which my anxiety is to blame because I used to have barely any. My most frequent are - - Fire, had this fear since I was very young. - Blood, though it depends. A nosebleed won't phase me, but I panic if I get a cut and it bleeds. - Death. I fear dying. But who doesn't? - A fear that probably nobody else here has - a fear of a car, especially the one we currently own in our family, rolling backwards when I'm alone in it and waiting for Mum to get back from shopping or the likes. Once, she parked on a hill to pick up a family member to go out, and the handbrakes failed and the car rolled back with just me in it. I only just managed to pull the handbrake in time and ever since, especially on slopes, I have a feeling the car may move back when it's parked. This is why I generally take my 3DS, tablet or phone in the car when I'm likely to be waiting in the car for Mum, it keeps my mind clear. Occasionally, but not always, these will happen too - - Shouting. - The sound of a door knocking (it's a long explanation)
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