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  1. Granted, but it squeezes you until you can't breathe. I wish for a Palkia
  2. From the album Other Artwork

    Okay, here are my ideas for gen 8 starters. I will post the middle stages and final forms later. Grass: Vinoru. It has a symbiotic relationship with butterfly Pokemon. It often helps them to gather food, then they share the food with Vinoru. Fire: Robest. It looks like a Water-type Pokemon, but its Ember is very strong, stronger then most other Fire Pokemon. Water: Tybo. It roamed the polar areas taking control, until it was decided to be a starter Pokemon. It often agrees it is stronger then its Trainer or any of its Trainer's Pokemon.
  3. pokemon

    I love the creepy crocodile-like face expression.
  4. 7/10 Yanma's pretty cute. Most gen 2 pokemon are really good.
  5. pokemon

    Super cute! The fire one looks like Litten.
  6. Granted but it constantly pokes you. I wish for a life
  7. Ice/Ghost. This typing just seems so mysteriously awesome, and I also really like Froslass's design. Ice and Ghost makes me think of a mysterious icy fog on a dark night. Also, Ice and Ghost are the two rarest types altogether, making for a very unique combination.
  8. 10/10 the thing's awesome! It's like a mini Manectric!
  9. 7/10 Pelipper is cute and I'm glad there is a pelican Pokemon. It also has a really nice shiny. WINGULL is annoying.
  10. Can you maybe do Kikiminni or are you too busy?
  11. Granted, but the university is really boring and low quality. I wish people liked me.
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