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  1. This is a list of every Pokemon I have pronounced wrong and how I pronounced it. I am not including ones that I only pronounced wrong once. Well, it's obvious, but I'm getting more used to it's correct pronunciation. VEE-no-nat VEE-no-moth GROW-lithe (instead of grow-lith) DOH-doo-oh GEER-uh-dose vuh-PORE-ee-on chih-KOR-ih-tuh muh-RILL WOB-buff-it SY-zor SWIH-nub PILL-oh-swine FAN-fee TIE-rogg EL-uh-kid SKEP-tile BLAZ-ih-ken pooch-YEE-nuh might-YEE-nuh SHIF-try AZ-oo-rill PLUS-ee (didn't realize it was an L) MIH-nun ill-LOO-mise vih-BRAH-vuh CHIME-choh BAG-un GROUND-on GROH-tull BIB-uh-rell ROSE-ur-aid BON-slee HAP-in-ee GY-bull ry-OH-loo hip-poh-POT-us WEE-vil GLISS-kor fee-OWN teh-PIG MUN-uh pih-DUV aw-DEE-noh KON-kull-der SAY-smih-tode GAR-buh-dor min-SEE-noh sin-SEE-noh GOTH-ih-tuh ee-MOLE-guh coh-BAL-ee-un vir-IZ-ee-un KY-oo-rem vih-VILL-ee-un DRAG-awlj hee-lee-OH-pih-tile dih-DEEN I pronounce all these normally nowadays.
  2. 3/10 It's pretty trashy compared to Popplio and Primarina.
  3. I was trying to do a Nuzlocke for a fake version of FireRed, Oak sent out an Eevee, and it was shiny?!

    Was this on purpose or was it just random? The online game is called Pokemon Red Frost.

  4. 6/10 I can't say I ever liked it that much. I mean, it's a flying scorpion.
  5. Banned because Ninetales-Zoroark literally just looks like a sitting Zoroark with a bad tail day
  6. Sorry I haven't been on in so long. I've been on vacation.


  7. Jynx. Not like most people because of controversy and whatever, I just hate because it'sTHIS FREAKING UGLY. That is literally the freakiest looking thing. The first time I encountered one, I nearly fainted.
  8. 3/10 Ugh! That thing looks disgusting! I don't like it.
  9. Yes my favorite Legendary is Latios LATIAS. I can't stand Latios anymore because everyone likes him because he is a boy. Latias? Noooo, they don't care about some silly GIRL. Also, Latias is cute. Latios is not. I don't find many legendaries that bad, but I find Regigigas hilariously stupid. It looks like a moldy plastic bottle with a nose!
  10. All Pokemon movies are beyond terrible because they have Ash in them, but which one is the all-time WORST? I vote Arceus and the Jewel of Life. A trilogy of movies is just stupid, but this one is the worst. The plot, what happens, what on earth?! You can't even tell what's going on!! (The only Pokemon movie I like is Destiny Deoxys because all the cubes crack me up)
  11. 1: The words "Colour" and "Flavour". It's COLOR and FLAVOR. Those look like they'd be pronounced "Cul-oor" and "Flay-voor". 2: The fact that Ash is the main character of the Pokemon anime. 3: Ash's Bayleef. 4: When people say Latios is better than Latias. 5: When people take over on Pokemon Countdown. 6: The fact there is not a Fighting-type emoji. 7: People saying Silvally is better than Arceus. 8: Arceus and the Jewel of Life. 9: The two times when I saw a Legendary on the catch list then accidentally refreshed. Never forgiving Terrakion, but I'll forgive Uxie because I literally just got Lugia to make up for it.
  12. 5: Nidorina. I don't know why in particular, but Nidorina definitely is gorgeous. It has a nice shade of blue. 4: Mew. Cute, amazing, and one of the best legendaries. Very cute in the first movie, even though I hate the anime. 3: Squirtle. I always choose this as my Kanto starter. Blastoise isn't all too great, but Squirtle is adorable. 2: Poliwhirl. It's so cute. Look at it. It dances! Even its cry is cute. 1: If you don't know this, you don't know me.
  13. 7/10 Fair enough! Pretty rare, and nice to have. Wish it could evolve, though.
  14. I know. I just wanted it to show up when he gets to J
  15. Username: Julie Quote: Will Destroy Your Soul! (jk) Render: Background Color: The lighter pink on Chansey
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