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  1. I don't bother with ultra rare pokemon. I prefer getting starters, and legendaries (The only Legendary I ever saw was Terrakion. By the time I noticed it, it was too late and I had already refreshed)
  2. Julie: Hey, I'll eat something. What do I think? Joolee: better not be bad or I'll barf. Julie: Oh stop it. Joolee:
  3. Don't really like Tifarall! Go Corphish!
  4. banned because Ammit is freaky and bad.
  5. banned because armaldo is a good fossil pokemon
  6. Kikiminni Artwork

    From the album Other Artwork

    Here is Kikiminni! not very good at drawing!
  7. All the rest of my sprites I am posting on my "About Me" on my profile.
  8. Nice did you make this


    1. Replier


      Everybody said ._>

      don't use resize, it will be some missing pixels.

      Until you're a good spriter

    2. Julie


      yes I made this and I like it a lot :)

    3. Kaps


      Its good compared to my stuff

  9. Can you do Infected Machop? (please make him have both full hands, thank you!) He actually is supposed to have 2 wings, with the left one having a bite taken out of it.
  10. Okay, that seems reasonable. I'll try to make it less stretched out next time. This I really tried hard to make, but when I saved it, it turned out TERRIBLE. Why did this happen?
  11. I made my first fusion sprite! How do you like it? It's called Infected Machop. Credit to mostly @The-Hydra for telling how to make it! I tried to put it as a Pokecreation, but it glitched out and I couldn't place the image.
  12. I really don't know. It's shell looks like a barnacle, but otherwise it looks like a turtle.
  13. (I want to get this right for once in my life) Kartana
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