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  1. Silvally is better than Arceus. 

  2. oh my god WHERE IS MY TEAM?! I put Dunsparce in a box and I have Charizard and Chikorita!!
  3. Then this wouldn't be a topic. What if we had to live on the Moon because the Earth was destroyed?
  4. banned because it's fine because it's a fusion and fusions can be terrifying because they are fusions.
  5. I like the artwork. No offense, but I don't like Silvally due to the fact he can change his typing. That's ARCEUS'S job! Also, Silvally isn't even legendary. But I still like the artwork. I don't mean to be offensive.
  6. banned because you know that you are the only person liking Artiglace.
  7. Then Cosmog would still not exist. What if Ash never existed :)!!!
  8. live in a bag because Cosmog is adorable
  9. ARTICUNO. Oh my god why would I want Artiglace?! Yeah, Articuno is cute anyway, Artiglace is the stuff of nightmares. Would you rather have always a community reputation of 0 or have people constantly insult you?
  10. banned because and
  11. uh yeah I exist. Could I please have a sprite of Tyler to use?
  12. I. CAN'T. SPRITE.
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