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  1. Hello, only other member online!

  2. Is you brother on something lol I'd like to see a reason for that
  3. I thought about this an not very long later I came to the conclusion that this is f*cking beautiful. Did not deserve a one. As a result, here is my final entry: Sprite: Types: Fairy / Fighting Pokemon Used: Bellsprout, Dodrio, Gurdurr, Gyarados, Lickitung Pokemon Name: Lickilimistake 2.0 Lickilimistake lives on in the mighty Lickilimistake 2.0. With a powerful Lickitung cannon, that shoots live Lickitungs and the opponent, and acid-firing Bellsprout head and beautiful birb legs, Lickilimistake 2.0 dreams of being the very best like no one ever was. He hates the number 1. Actually, he hates any number below 10. If someone gives it a number lower than 10, it demands that it be changed because Lickilimistake 2.0 believes that it is perfect. I removed Luidcolo cos it doesn't have a 2d sprite with its mouth closed and Dodrio worked fine anyway. Please, please, please for the love of Lickilimistake give Lickilimistake 2.0 the score it deserves, cos it has nice colours and happy things and believe it or not I'm actually trying.
  4. You've just reminded me of that and now I'm tempted to drop the score.
  5. 69 I know girls aren't gonna win so I'll just take the piss
  6. Screw boys 69 Were you surprised?
  7. I waited all day for this and it just had to be Pelipper :/ 2 / 10 Wingull is alright. If I had to rate it, then it would be a 4. It's boring, absolutely everywhere, and it's design is meh. Pelipper takes all of that and cranks it up to 11. I don't understand why a seagull evolves into a pelican. Drizzle just means the even more people use this meh-fest. I don't really like it, but at least it's not my least favourite Pokemon.
  8. I personally love Dark / Psychic. Not only do I really like Inkay and Malamar for how unique they are, but also it for how stupid it is defensively, being to only type combination with no resistances that isn't Normal. I find that really funny for some reason. I also love Psychic and Dark types in general, and I'm glad that those two types were put together.
  9. 4 / 10 Yeah, I like Skuntank, but that pink hurts my eyes. Really like purple, especially the shade of purple on original Skuntank so I prefer the regular form.
  10. 7.5 / 10 While I don't give a damn about the other monkeys, Pansear holds a special place in my heart because I refused to pick anything other than Oshawott in the fifth gen games, so it was the only one of the monkeys that I actually got to use.
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