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  1. NOOOOOOOO I MISSED VENUSAUR 7/10 Magearna is cute and packs a punch. Not particularly memorable, but still cool nonetheless.
  2. Aaaannnnnnnndddddd Congratulations to @The-Hydra! The Pokemon was Snover! Thanks for playing! I guess it's Hydra's turn now
  3. Say hello to my least favourite Pokemon. Wobbuffet is a sad excuse for a Pokemon, created at a time where Pokemon designs were beginning to improve. I nickname it 'the ball sack' because it looks like a sack of balls with ball legs. Thank God it looks like a punching bag because if it was real I'd punch the crap out of it all day. It has the most useless movepool ever, one of the game's most broken and annoying abilities, and that's it. IT HAS NO PURPOSE. The only thing Wobbuffet has ever done that's worth mentioning is showing up in the anime a lot. It's ugly, it's stupid, it's pointless, and should definitely not exist. EDIT: AND HAVE YOU SEEN THE FEMALE VERSION??? WHAT IS THIS????
  4. Hello and welcome back to the Blog-A-Log-A-Blog. Today's topic: Respect. Let's do this. I was informed by my parents last night that I am a very disrespectful person. This happened while we were watching the news and my dad started spouting his questionable political opinions. The Prime Minister was on the TV and my dad told her to shut up. Now, I like our Prime Minister so I not so kindly told my dad to shut up. I'm not going to lie, I hate my dad. He's a selfish man who is convinced that his offensive 'jokes' are the funniest on the planet and absolutely can't stand being wrong. And, like I said before, his political views are pretty dumb. Today's blog is not about politics, so after I told him to shut up every adult in the house ganged up on me for being rude, which I didn't mind, it happened a lot. That night, both my mum and my dad approached me over it. While my mum, being the nice person that she is, kindly told me that I was disrespectful and to not do that again (although my whole family also thinks that my dad has crap political views). My dad, on the other hand, basically threatened to smash my face in if it happened again. Although I know that my dad is capable of that, I never take these threats seriously. So that made me wonder, am I a disrespectful person in general, or do I just not want to respect certain people? If there's one thing I learned from yesterday, it's that it's okay to point out my flaws, because I feel that I have more bad qualities than good (I blame my dad, he's the same). I came to the conclusion that respect is earned, but earning respect is difficult by my standards. I said yesterday that I really don't want to talk and interact with others, but also I find very few people in life that are even worthy of my attention. I've found myself, once again, questioning my 'mental state', and slowly proving my own theory. As sad as it sounds, I don't want to respect 99% of people I know because I simply do not care about them. The leftovers have my respect because they help me keep my sanity, at a time that I feel I'm slowly losing it. I mean, just a few hours ago, I was playing a game with my friends, and it was the happiest I've felt in a long time, probably about a month. People say that you should respect everyone, but those people are sane and actually care about others. I'm different, so where does that put me? I've come to the conclusion that the people I respect are the ones that make me happy, such as my mother and my friends. I don't see why I have to respect people who waste my time by existing, like my dad. I see respect as a bridge. One side may build towards the other, but that side doesn't have to let it happen. Someone on the other side can cut the bridge away, leaving it hanging on the side it started on. I've been cutting the bridge that almost everyone is trying to build and that's because I don't want to talk to people. I don't know is this makes me a bad person, but I don't know many people who could answer it for me. I guess for now I can say that it's just the way I am. Anyway, thanks for reading. Today was an odd topic that I wasn't expecting to cover, but things happen and it made me think. See you tomorrow
  5. No 6) One of this Pokemon's types is Grass.
  6. Granted but the mailbox is stuck shut so it's useless. My friend wishes for anime to be real.
  7. No 7) This Pokemon used to have a signature ability.
  8. No 8) The Pokemon has two types.
  9. No 9) This Pokemon learns Solar Beam by TM.
  10. Okay wow so I guess it's my turn. 10) This Pokemon is the first in an evolution line.
  11. Granted but it is a long and boring book. I wish for sauce for my mosquitoes.
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