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  1. A spiriting contest with my favourite type? How could I refuse! Also Psyshock is a great move.
  2. Username: Kilgrave Representation: Lord Memelix Image of Representation: Final Details: This is Lord Memelix, the mightest meme and my life in a nutshell. I place great faith in you, Taiiyo, make this Steelix the memest possible.
  3. Huh. I just changed from volcano to earth badge without getting any reputation. Why?

    1. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      The addition of Hoenn badges.

    2. Kilgrave


      Well rip volcano badge. i had that for less than a day lol

    3. The-Hydra




      blaine's great

  4. *cries in corner RIP THE DREAM MEME Swampert?
    1. mental


      rick and morty! :D
      and ewwwwwwwwwwwww

  5. 8/10 Magby is one of the few baby Pokemon that actually stand out to me. I really like the entire Magby line and it's just adorable. Also its Japanese name is Bubii. It's a mix of adorable and funny.
  6. Wobbuffet, Smeargle and Toxapex. Wobbuffet cos stupid gimmick mon. Smeargle cos VGC16 cancer. Toxapex cos its stupid defensive lump of ugliness and brokeness.
  7. I just realized that one thing I really hate is when people shout at the tv during sports or whatever. My dad has been doing it nonstop for the last half an hour.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kilgrave


      The thing that bugs me about it is that yelling at the to doesn't change what happens on the tv.


      I don't yell tho. When I play games, I kick things lol


    3. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      *raises eyebrow*

      And does that change what happens in your game?

      You see my point?

    4. Kilgrave


      I didn't say what I did was better.


      But yes, I see your point.

  8. Yeah I think I made that room with the intention of making people fight what I hated the most. Playing VGC16 was cancerous but actually kinda fun at the same time. Memelix: "I deny that statement" The link doesn't work.
  9. THE MEME LEAGUE Welcome to the Meme League, the mightiest Pokemon league in the entire universe! The meme league itself is hidden in a different reality to our own, which can only be accessed by a supercomputer, as such, the elite 4 are not real people, but very smart simulations. All of the rooms are very boring because computers. The first member of the elite 4 was based off the most cancerous metagame to ever exist, VGC16. They use exclusively normal types. Team: - Blissey w/ Leftovers - Chansey w/ Eviolite x3 - Smeargle (moody af) - Kangaskan w/ Kangaskanite Simulations don't really make conversations so after you defeat it you are taken to the next member. The next opponent uses Fighting type Pokemon. Team: - Hawlucha - Machamp - Gallade - Sawk - Heracross - Lucario w/ Lucarionite After that, the third member is challenged, however it is a bit glitchy, and it makes for a creepy fight. Team: - Mismagius - Trevenant - Chandelure - Aegislash - Dusknoir - Gengar w/ Gengarite Finally, the last member of the elite 4 is challenged. Team: - Magikarp w/ Focus Sash x4 - Magikarp (Z-Splash) - Gyarados w/ Gyaradosite All of the Pokemon in this final team are level 100. Finally, after four long and difficult fights, you are taken to the champion. You are now back to wherever you were before you challenged the meme league. All is good. ???: Hello loser. I am the champion. I will win through the power of MEMMMMEEEEEEE. I am the champion, cos hell, it's my rank lol. Team: - Alolan Dugtrio - Espeon - Mimikyu - Malamar - Medicham w/ Medichamite - Kartana Should you defeat my all-powerful team, you'll find out that THIS ISN'T EVEN MY FINAL FORM. Final form: Memelix w/ Steelixite - Earthquake - Dragon Dance - Iron Head - Stone Edge I don't know what happens after that cos nobody beats Memelix.
  10. contest

    Man, sorry I never got around to making a sprite, I was really busy :/
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