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  1. Okay, funnily enough, I actually did some of the code wrong. 140115 is actually 130114 180501111125 is actually 180501121225 14251920051825 is actually 13251920051825 09051805 is actually 08051805 Lol I'm glad I checked it, I really messed some of that up.
  2. Banned because your avatar is basic
  3. 230512 19151305 011919 03080114070504 1325 04091903151804 14011305 1915 0913 0415091407 20080919. 070520 15220518 0920.

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    2. Nisa


      *How do you decode this*

    3. Kibbeh


      simple answer: link (enter the numbers into the top text box then hit decrypt. look for the one that says A = 01)

      DIY answer:


      to do it yourself, basically each letter corresponds to a number. there are 26 letters so it's split up into something like this:

      A = 01

      B = 02

      Y = 25

      Z = 26

      so let's take my first thing, 23051212 

      we can split this up into segments of 2, so it would be:

      23 05 12 12

      now we need to find the 23rd, 5th, and 12th letters of the alphabet

      23 = W

      05 = E

      12 = L

      12 = L

      thus the first word would be "well."

      and that's pretty much how it works.


    4. Nisa



      Pasting things into the link worked anyways

  4. "Get a hold of yourselves!" Arceus said. "We've already established who is on what side so you having no reason to attack each other!" Mental, blinded by the sand, throws Norin directly into the air. Arceus quickly appears and catches Norin and puts him back down on the ground. Butterfree and the Beedrill notice this, and as they begin to attack, Arceus disappears. The Beedrill's Twineedles hit thin air, but Butterfree's wide range with Gust means that it catches both Mental and Norin, dealing 10 damage. (About damage now, 40 damage is a bit op for dragon rage in this case so ill drop it to 20, no Beedrill was specified so I'll be annoying and say that it hit Beedrill 2. Cloud's Moonblast does 18 damage to Lance.) Beedrill 1 - HP 50/88 Butterfree - HP 78/110 Beedrill 2 - HP 50/88 Mental - HP 65/96 (Accuracy -1) Norin - HP 43/67 Diura - HP 71/76 Cloud - HP 67/80 Poisoned Bernice - HP 75/85 Lance - HP 53/76 (Defense -1) (Special Defense -1)
  5. From the album Random Stuff, but Mostly Pokemon Galaxy

    Good luck If you can't read it (I'm not expecting you to be able to tbh), it says: Left column (top to bottom): 20080120 Name: 1 140115 Name: 2 0919 Name: 3 180501111125 Name: 4a 01 Name: 4b 14251920051825 Name: 5 Right column (top to bottom): 2008051805 0919 01 20180901201518 09051805 Please note that character names and designs are really not final. Once again, good luck, it's not too hard.
  6. Banned for not having a rep badge
  7. Banned because your profile picture is a wiener
  8. Banned because you profile picture is not as beautiful as mine
  9. (WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH Mental, a couple of things. First, unless you can make a Z-Crystal pop out of thin air (don't even try), then no Z-Moves. Z-Moves require a trainer and there is no trainer. Also, seriously, 10 damage to the Beedrill and 20 damage to the Butterfree? Butterfree is a higher level and has a higher defense, so I'm altering it to 10 damage to the Beedrill and 7 damage to the Butterfree.) (Also, Flame Burst damage will be 14 to the Butterfree and 8 to the Beedrill. Mental takes 7 damage. Norin's damage goes to Butterfree since no target was specified.) Butterfree lets off a Gust, hitting Mental, Norin and Bernice. Bernice takes 5 damage, Norin takes 14 and Mental takes 10. The Beedrill use Poison Sting, launching toxic stingers everywhere. They hit every except Norin, who falls over after using his mighty Fling attack, accidentally ducking under the attack. It hits everyone else, doing 4 damage to everyone. One of the stingers poisons Cloud, which as you can imagine, greatly upsets him. Cloud takes no poison damage (yet). Beedrill 1 - HP 70/88 Butterfree - HP 88/110 Beedrill 2 - HP 70/88 Mental - HP 75/96 Norin - HP 53/67 Diura - HP 71/76 Cloud - HP 67/80 Poisoned Bernice - HP 75/85 Lance - HP 71/76
  10. "We're in Kanto's Viridian Forest." Arceus said. "It was the first lead I had." Arceus quickly teleported away and seconds after three Pokemon emerged from the trees. "SURPRISE!" Butterfree yelled, swooping in with two Beedrill beside him. "I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to stand up to us." Dark Butterfree and Dark Beedrill (x2) appeared! Beedrill 1 - HP 88/88 Butterfree - HP 110/110 Beedrill 2 - HP 88/88 "Hmm.." Arceus thought to himself, "Mental isn't here. We are at a disadvantage. I hope he shows up soon." Butterfree uses Tailwind, allowing it and the Beedrill to attack more! Both Beedrill use Twineedle on Cloud, who cared about being clean than fighting these filthy Dark Pokemon. The hit is resisted and Cloud avoids being poisoned. Cloud takes 8 damage. Norin - HP 67/67 Diura - HP 76/76 Cloud - HP 72/80 Bernice - HP 85/85 Lance - HP 76/76 (We've got a super healthy Butterfree and a pair of tag-teaming Beedrill. How will our heroes fare?)
  11. Banned for betraying Big the Cat
  12. ( @The-Hydra make sure to keep up, reminding you since you haven't posted since Monday) "That is a good question Lance." Arceus said. "I'm surprised nobody asked me sooner." Arceus paused, took a deep breath and started again. "The Dark Pokemon are unique because what you see of them is not the same as the Pokemon it inhabits. Rather, it is now made of pure darkness. This causes a lot of problems because all of my attacks have a special, godly power attached to them, called light power. Light power can hit every Pokemon usually, but the darkness is immune to this. My attacks dissolve as soon as I make contact with them, making me powerless against them. I wish I could do something, but I simply can't. I wouldn't have put you all through this if I could do it myself."
  13. Banned for being sorry about banning
  14. Banned for not knowing how one becomes a champion. (btw it's because me and memelix are the current champions of the summer league)
  15. I'm 99% sure innormal is not a word, but this really got off topic fast didn't it?
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