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  1. Name: Grasin Type: Grass/Psychic Pokemon Used: Machoke, Tentacruel, Deoxys, Mega Gallade, Weepinbell, Bellsprout, Cresselia Dex Entry: Grasin, the Alien Leaf Pokemon Grasin was first discovered on an island forbidden to be sailed to by sailors and the government. It wasn't until a family disappeared while sailing near the island that the island went under a full investigation, what was found was a huge crater with an asteroid buried deep inside. Looking deeper into the forest of the island Grasin was found in a lush, dense part of the forest which was later found to be created by Grasin. Grasin was then researched and studied, scientists found the DNA of Grasin closely matches with Deoxys' DNA, furthermore, Grasin's asteroid was identical to the one that brought Deoyxs to Earth.
  3. Your most recent sprite,Audhuntaur, is amazing! It looks like it was made by scratch because I can't see any real Pokemon parts, I'm seriously impressed!

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      Thanks so much!! yeah, I did make it from scratch.

  4. 2nd Submission Sprite: Types: Water/Grass Pokémon Used: Feebas, Whiscash, Meloetta, Bellosom, Maractus, Ralts Pokémon Name: Flowagant (Flower+Elegant)
  5. Spring Time!! Sprite: Types: Grass/Fairy Pokémon Used: Roselia, Swirlix, Azumarill, Shaymin, Maractus, Exeggcute, Cacnea Pokémon Name: Gixie (Grass+Pixie)
  6. This is my everything
  7. 1st Submission on 2nd page
  8. 1st Submission, I might make another. Bolgur, made from: Cubone, Machoke, Regirock, Duskull, Gastly, Cofagrigus, Dusclops
  9. Generation one
  10. Just realized I was break the rules by making this account............

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      I've got nothing better to do 

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      Didn't realize this was from 2016

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