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  1. Yay it's Scarrund I'll make a sprite for it :/ Ok riolu I'm done and next time be more specific >:/
  2. Question mark spam?
  3. No
  4. .

  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOD THE GOLD TROPHY FOR MOST LIKED CONTENT ON JANUARY 9TH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. OhJay


      lemme refer you to the one directly above our typing here


      all those exclamation points? 



    3. Kekleon


      don't be so rude 

      personally, i care and would like to congratulate mrs latias yipee

    4. Gruffin77


      Thb the winner thing seams dumb... Sure I won 12 days but its still dumb

  6. What is this? Your image seemed to have been deleted D: This is proven to be too hard for me please read the rules. there are no gen 5 sprites for Kartana and Nihilego
  7. Drifblim is the best pokémon ever

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    2. Latias Yipee

      Latias Yipee

      Read it backwards!

    3. Primal


      I see, well yes, Drifblim is in fact a pokemon. It's a really cool one too. Maybe even better than Latias.

    4. PrimalDialga3721


      Latias sux


      Drifblim rox

  8. . I am done with your request. I feel like this one looks a little....rushed.
  9. Ok I could not make a pixel art for this and even a non pixel art for this was a challenge.
  10. T--the rules.....and milbfirD is......can you read backwards? Bayveon, now a Sylveon and Bayleef fusion seemed pretty limited because I could only use Sylveon's tail and ribbons but I hope you like it. This does not help me at all... Yours might take a while, because I have to make the sprite look old and kind of messed up original. But I'll try! GREAT ARCEUS THE FINAL RESULTS ARE AWFUL!!! So a mirror lion huh? Won't be too hard.
  11. Thanks
  12. He already has his own shop, and it is very successful! I'll make your first request! A fusion! Username: Latias Yipee Base Pokemon is Altaria other Pokemon is Victini And I guess I'll name it Victaria!
  13. Could you make a Flying type eeveelution? NO WAIT I HATE FLYING TYpES THAT ARE NOt BIRDS! How about a Ghost type eeveelution? Nope I hate ghost types. Just...please do a Dragon type one. And the price is: One pencil, some colored pencils (draw to buy)
  14. Banned for feeling bad about being a newbie. Banned for exploding her flash drive with Altaria GIFs that were made on ABCya that take up too much space and are too big. Banned for having problems with milbfirD (this post has so many pages! 113 in total xD)
  15. Mind if I show you the one I made? And yes, I know you already found one.
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