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  1. Elvis?
  2. «CyberWar» Log 1 - Breach is out now!


    Why is that text so big


    @Taiiyo @Tega @Luxifer

    You three commented and the deal is plz read or I'll be sad :(

  3. “GO!” Shots rang out in the vast shooting range. Everything from AK-47’s to HL-800 laser blasters fire at the dummies. One man, a tall, lanky kid, fires off perfect shots consecutively into the dummy’s head. “Woo! Hey Karlos, did you just catch that?” Toby said. It was he that had shot with such pinpoint accuracy. He stared at his beloved hard light pistol, the newest weapon out there, and admired the shining yellowish-white surface. These things used energy cartridges instead of ammo, and each one lasted ages. Thanks to Tyler Einstein, who was only born twenty years ago – 2057 – technology had gone through an insane leap in only ten years. You’re reading this right, Tyler invented a prototype teleporter at age 10! “Yep. My turn,” Karlos grumbled. Karlos was a huge brute of a man, with immense strength but a soft heart. He hoisted his huge, heavy firearm and rapid-fired a load of bullets into the dummy’s body. The thing teetered and fell, and heads turned from across the range. “Hey buddy, can I get a blast at that?” Karlos looked down to find a short, slithery-looking creep of a soldier staring at him. He wore his uniform like a slacker, sleeves cuffed incorrectly, buttons undone. It reminded him of some sort of snake. “Nope.” Karlos stared at him. “Oh, really? Then I’ll just take it myse—“ Whack! The kid fell to the ground. Even though Toby didn’t have much reason, the soldier looked like and probably was a punk. He was only looking out for Karlos like Karlos had done for him that one time back. The commanding officer turned to scold him, maybe beat ‘em up, but instead a siren rang out: BREACH! BREACH! ALL UNITS REPORT TO THEIR PROPER STATIONS. Then the explosions started.
  4. Dank memes? I'm in.


    But seriously. BotW had awesome voice acting at just the incorrect moments.

  5. How do you make these
  6. Why no profile pic?

    1. Kibbeh


      his older one was removed for being too flashy and possibly a hazard for epileptics due to said flashing

      he just hasn't updated it yet, it appears.

    2. AethericDoom
    3. Kaps


      Yeah, Primal just told me. I should get something else.

  7. ((Sorry but I have to point out that dank Majora's Mask reference, my form is almost done.))
  8. I spy a Smash Screen on your profile pic[pause in speech] Thanks for using it!

  9. Wait. Chris's name used to be Mr. Dypsht? Wow.

  10. @Wasabi 64, I'm sorry, but I don't really have motivation to complete your request. The art really doesn't fit with the style of the smash screens, as well as the awkward overlapping of the two characters. The pictures are also not exactly renders at all, just drawings, and seem too 2-Dimensional for the screens. Sorry.
  11. It's not even funny how pissed I am right now. Schedules came out for school and I'm barely with ANY OF MY FRIENDS, FOR ANYTHING. I'm not even with @Tega in Italian.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Yashu


      This actually happened to me a few weeks ago when I got my schedule, but some adjustments had to be made so now I have friends in all of my classes lol :tongue:


      stay strong though, nobody needs friends when you have fries.

    3. mental


      all foods before dudes bro

    4. AethericDoom


      All good points 

      Better stock up on potatoes

  12. I had a really viable theory about how God was a conscious representation of a quantum dimension but I forgot the details+evidence and now feel really bad
  13. Sorry, Wasabi, but the images are way too small and do not resize without blurring. My job is to make the screen, please resprite them bigger yourself.
  14. @Genji..? I'll do it with the original render and just keep the PSD in case.
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