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  1. Granted. It dies. I wish for a fish
  2. Not in a sexual way As in I really like it, it is fun to use Banned for *fidget spinner whooshes in my hand right now*
  3. Banned because I love mine
  4. Granted but sadly it does not get stolen by some robbers, so you still have to deal it (OOPS THAT WAS TO KILGRAVE) Granted but sadly it does get stolen by some robbers I wish for a remote
  5. Banned for hating fidget spinners
  6. don't remind me
  7. ...not that bad. And i'm not a mod I can't see emails
  8. east coast woot
  9. I don't disagree, but doesn't ekevinn only stop by every like 2324233 years
  10. Oh... Okay. Handed back to @Kaotic go from the last hint buddy
  11. "I don't care much for medals" Said an admin in a PM
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