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  1. ((Sorry but I have to point out that dank Majora's Mask reference, my form is almost done.))
  2. I spy a Smash Screen on your profile pic[pause in speech] Thanks for using it!

  3. Wait. Chris's name used to be Mr. Dypsht? Wow.

  4. @Wasabi 64, I'm sorry, but I don't really have motivation to complete your request. The art really doesn't fit with the style of the smash screens, as well as the awkward overlapping of the two characters. The pictures are also not exactly renders at all, just drawings, and seem too 2-Dimensional for the screens. Sorry.
  5. It's not even funny how pissed I am right now. Schedules came out for school and I'm barely with ANY OF MY FRIENDS, FOR ANYTHING. I'm not even with @Tega in Italian.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Yashu


      This actually happened to me a few weeks ago when I got my schedule, but some adjustments had to be made so now I have friends in all of my classes lol :tongue:


      stay strong though, nobody needs friends when you have fries.

    3. mental


      all foods before dudes bro

    4. AethericDoom


      All good points 

      Better stock up on potatoes

  6. I had a really viable theory about how God was a conscious representation of a quantum dimension but I forgot the details+evidence and now feel really bad
  7. Sorry, Wasabi, but the images are way too small and do not resize without blurring. My job is to make the screen, please resprite them bigger yourself.
  8. @Genji..? I'll do it with the original render and just keep the PSD in case.
  9. Dark brown
  10. Can you make one of those Super Smash Bros Things for these two guys:


  11. Banned for not being an oven
  12. If you are wondering why I got so triggered and yelled HOW IS POKESTADIUM NOT CONTRIBUTING:

    I PM'ed someone who I shall not name, and said,

    "Hey, wanna join my cool contributing project called PokeSmash?" (Not exact copy)

    They checked it out and were like,

    "Sure, but how is it contributing?" (Exact quote)

    I'll tag @Taiiyo too

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    2. Primal


      Well I wasn't talking about the smashscreens blog in particular. It was more so the Pokesmash one

    3. AethericDoom


      Ok. Thanks for the feedback. As a company, we value all comments and suggestions as we develop this app.


      X D

    4. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat


      Umm, okay then. I understood why you were triggered in the first place.

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