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  1. I'm venting through painting. It's something made with you in mind.


    Hint: It's black and scaly. 

  2. Please visit this page to provide support <3


  3. The Pokestadium Theme Render is complete! Do you like it? This would be the banner at the very top. This would be the default profile picture. So what do you think? @The-Hydra, would it be possible to integrate this as a theme? (Possibly titled "Smash" or something of the sort?) If it's possible and cool with you, please tell me if it doesn't fit on the top and I'll fix it in a jiffy. As always, smash that rep button and follow compliments and criticism greatly appreciated! Especially the former!
  4. 03 - 08 - @Legend thanks!
  5. I willn't say won't


  6. 10/10 bubble ubble cute dude beauty man Fun Pokemon! I love him, he's so great. Y'ALL ARE EVIL (except Julie)
  7. even 10? Lots of gore there
  8. 250px-191Sunkern.png  =  250px-TP_Peahat.png?version=d9974dcc450b



  9. This is actually scaring me I must run away
  10. Creepy and cool, I like it
  11. : Decidueye : Heatran : Primal Kyogre : Mega Ampharos : Ditto, Arceus is cool too, Silvally is cool too : Yveltal : Mega Absol /Guzzlord : Gardevoir (NOT MEGA) : Skarmory Fighting: Hawlucha : Spiritomb /Lunala : Lycanroc Midnight Form : Scolipede : Giratina/Alolan Exeggutor Mega Rayquaza : Charjabug : Mew / Mewtwo : Flygon / Diglett : Froslass ???: No Pokemon with this type Bird: The one and only Missingno
  12. You'd just love Mortal Kombat Dying alone, my life amounting to nothing. @AlexFuses, please make these blog posts or I'll be sad
  13. I do Also I'm fixing the background of Majora You make awesome Fakemon!
  14. @The-Hydra, officially, is it "Pokestadium" or "Pokéstadium?"

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. The-Hydra


      fairly certain it's pokestadium because laziness reigns


      also I guess it might result in us being confused with the official game thing that is known as "Pokémon Stadium" slightly less but probably not a lot

    3. AethericDoom


      Ok. Thought so, thanks 

    4. AethericDoom


      Also, is there a certain icon PS uses?

  15. Ears Like Irate Trippy Earlobes
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