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  1. Dat Blaze is the best, most MLG thing ever.
  2. Lol 9001/10 Very good
  3. Capture.PNG

    From the album Test

  4. Hey PC, since that last sprite was literally amazing, I ask of you: Username: AnonymousDoom Pokemon to fuse: Drifblim and Blaziken (Since @Latias Yipee won't do it) Type: Ghost/Fire Other specifications: Base Blaziken unless that won't work. Ya'know, just do what works. Thanks, Doom
  5. Of course I hide my shop thinking it was locking it for it to disappear from existence. Now I can't get it back.

    1. Hydralicious


      iirc it still exists but only the mods can see it so you could ask one of them to unhide it

    2. Yuuko


      the only reason hide is an option for most members is that I'm not really welling to let members delete stuff and the staff not to be able to see what was deleted

    3. AnonymousDoom


      oh ok. Can anyone un-hide it?

  6. Opposite: GLISTENING
  7. MALD (It's a decoy missle deployed by the USA, I looked it up)
  8. Banned for being obsessed with Articuno :/ I mean sure it's cool but it's not even real.
  9. Palkia's anime cry boi it's totally like BEEP BOOP BOP ill stop now No copy don't worry PC And why won't you do a fusion of Drifblim and Blazekin? It's so sad I wanted Evil Lord of Death Blazing Blimpy
  10. Why can't the Switch come out already :/ Call me a noobtendo but I am hyped for Zelda Breath of the Wild

  11. Oh shoot milbfird is drifblim Please?
  12. #JustGotFirstShopOrderDone


    Wow never thought I'd use a hashtag

  13. You will soon, don't worry! @Latias Yipee Here ya go, her name is Dusty Blue Victaria: I wasn't sure how to mix them into a new body, so I used Altaria's body like you asked. The normal form is like a dust cloud, the shiny is like a thunderstorm. I didn't use Altaria or Victini's real shiny forms, and I recolored Altaria's blue to Victini's eye blue in the normal form.
  14. Here's a request (Hope it won't take you EONS) Username: AnonymousDoom Name: Flying Demon of Death and Destruction or maybe milbfird Blazeblimp Pokemon 1: Blaziken Pokemon 2: Drifblim Type: Fire/Ghost Can you put wings on it? Preferably Gliscor wings but whatever works Also what is milbfird
  15. How can I lock my shop?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AnonymousDoom


      Request to whom?

    3. Petey Piranha

      Petey Piranha

      The little green and red people... Also known as Moderators and Admins

    4. AnonymousDoom


      Oh lol wow me thanks

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