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  1. @Tega_Morterra Johan the admin is gone so he was in charge of the website mostly. sorry
  2. Waddle Doo
  3. Wow look up BoTW Link
  4. BNned for hearts
  5. PHIL "Ahh, blasts. A bunch of Foongus want to fight. I'm up and out." Phil sets off away from the angry Foongus, Christian finishing up his mushroom in an attempt to avoid a battle with the Pokémon. "Maybe we can throw these rocks down to see how far the crevasse leads. Maybe we can drop down and see if anybody is here that's not hostile- AGH!! These rocks are Geodudes!!" Phil stumbles back and starts to form a bubble. "Be careful, I'm super-effective!" The Geodude responds, "Go away! I'm napping!" Phil exhales nervously and lies on his stomach to find a rock that's not a Geodude. Upon finding one, he throws it down the crevasse, which is still slightly trembling, and yells, "We can jump down to see what's down here! It's only a few feet!" But he looks back to see the Foongus still bothering the yet unnamed Bidoof, Christian looking back in concern.
  6. "No." Phil looks out at the crevasse forming on the other side. "We can drop through there. What do you think?"
  7. Banned because the 545,766 layers of shadow on 3D must've taken you ages to recolor
  8. Anyone seen Breath of the Wild Link's floofy sideburns?
  10. Amiibo
  11. @The-Hydra wins! GARDEVOIR it was!
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