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  1. Name: Cryodrac Latios Type: Dragon/Ice Pokemon used: Latios, Kyurem (Black)
  2. l'll be going with my mom for her doctor's appointment tomorrow, I'll be on the phone but I won't be able to approve sprites for that reason.

  3. While I heavily prefer the entirety of the Chimchar line and Incineroar, here's the specific Pokemon starters I prefer. Gen I--Charmander line. Gen II--Chikorita line. Gen III--Treecko line. Gen IV--Chimchar line. Gen V--Oshawott line. Gen VI--Fennekin line. Gen VII--Litten line.
  4. You just lost that guarantee. Sadly nothing is easy like the dreamy world.
  5. 8/10 Guzzlord has an interesting concept. Mostly because it seems like a black hole in Pokemon form with how it can consume literally anything without leaving any waste. Stats-wise though, it's like Wailord. It has a lot of HP but barely any Defense and Special Defense to back it up.
  6. Just letting you guys know, I'm not going to approve my own creations (if that's even possible), I'm still leaving the approval of my creations to the other PC mods.

    1. isagonj


      yeah, nice. thats generally how you do it, never approve your own things. keep up the good work pal.

  7. Congrats on PC Mod! Your sprites are pretty dope btw ; )

    1. UmbreonRogue


      Thanks!  Though I wasn't sure what I did to qualify as a PC Mod, hahaha.

    2. Panflam


      Welcome to the pink squad!

  8. Question about point tallies, will all the points of the creations be added together (Like 29 points for two creations with 10/10 and one with 9/10) or will it be averaged out (9.6666 in the same example)?
  9. Yeah, I was expecting him to average it out or something. Is this how all contests determine their points? I should create more submissions from now on.
  10. 6/10 The backstory is alright, but otherwise it's just not interesting. Not as bad as Basculin, its fellow Gen V Pokemon, in my opinion.
  11. Sacred Sword used to be unique to the Musketeer trio, but then the Honedge line stole it.
  12. I don't see a template so I'll just throw this here. Name: Flame God Type: Fire Pokemon Used: Ninetales, Magmortar, Entei, Rapidash, Moltres, Shiny Heatmor (used for recoloring)
  13. Whew! Those flaming hot dogs are really spicy!
  14. Sprite: Types: Water/Fairy Pokémon Used: Gardevoir, Gastrodon Pokémon Name: Sea Slug Gardevoir I don't typically combine the names of my fusions. I see them as a variant of the base Pokemon more than anything, unless they're deliberately used to make a Fakemon.
  15. Am I entered? Or is it too late? @Kaotic
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