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  1. contest

    The results are in! First Place: @ZardysYaminokoteiTsung Second Place: @Julie Third Place: @Kaps Everyone who had submitted sprites will be given the appropriate medals through PM.
  2. contest

    It's simple, though it's a bit lacking as much isn't done with the main Piloswine body itself. 8.25/10 LAST DAY FOR SUBMISSIONS. Contest ends at 10:00 P.M., Central Time. Results and medals will be given out on June 22nd. @Kaotic @Kilgrave @Legend @money12wolf
  3. Insert generic laugh track in regards to the pun.
  4. Well, I'm gonna make Ultra forms for the Eeveelutions.  They'll probably have similar armor as they share the same body type.

  5. contest

    Alright, I'll take you out of the list, @AethericDoom.
  6. contest

    This looks fantastic! I really don't see any noticeable flaws with this one, so I give this one 10/10!
  7. contest

    @Kaotic @Kilgrave @Legend @Kaps @AethericDoom @ZardysYaminokoteiTsung @money12wolf TWO DAYS UNTIL THE CONTEST ENDS. If you do not submit an entry, you will NOT get a participant's medal.
  8. How come you don't have a rank?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kaps
    3. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      This is why I wish people other than Johan could access the main site. People who are regular submitters on Pokécreations have nothing to show for it. 

    4. Kaps
  9. Username: UmbreonRogue Character: Rogue (the Wimpod fusion in my avatar) Basis of Abilities (weapons/skills/etc.): Range based, meant to damage opponents while keeping at a distance. Size (small/medium/large): Small Weight (light/average/heavy): Light Speed (fast/average/slow): Fast Strength (weak/average/strong): Average [OPTIONAL] Up Special: Struggle Bug Side Special: Bubble (also moves somewhat, causing damage on collision) Neutral Special: Ember Down Special: Will-O-Wisp Final Smash: Mega Rogue--A sudden shift into melee based. Up Special is replaced by Metal Claw, Side Special becomes Aqua Jet, Down Special becomes Brick Break, and Neutral Special is Fire Punch. All are more immensely powerful than the normal moveset in non-Mega form.
  10. contest

    Looks much better than the previous entry! My only complaint is that the left wing looks off, mostly because the side of the wing that should be facing outward from the body would be facing inward instead. However, I'll give this 9/10, averaging your total score as 8.5/10! Also extending the end date of the contest to June 21st. @Kaotic @Kilgrave @Legend @Kaps @AethericDoom @ZardysYaminokoteiTsung @Julie @money12wolf
  11. These Smash screens are looking interesting, I can't wait to see anymore you might make.
  12. contest

    Whoops! I initially didn't see that post. Sorry! It's simple, but it works. I zoomed on it in MSPaint and I did see a minor mistake in outlining color, but it's so minuscule it's not really worth nitpicking about. I will agree that it could use a bit more detail, and due to that it loses a few points, but overall it works. 8/10
  13. contest

    Yep, adding you to the list.
  14. contest

    Alright, you've been accepted! I'll add you to the list.
  15. Name: Toxivfefe Type: Poison/Dark Ability: Typo All physical moves become special moves, and special moves become physical. Affects all Pokemon on the field. Description: The evolution of Covfefe, starting at Level 30 at night, is even more poisonous than its pre-evolution. It spews poisonous gas from pores hidden in its thick fur. It's been banned from most tournaments due to how confusing its ability can be. Pokemon used: Mightyena (base), Eevee, Koffing, Musharna
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