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  1. Pokemon Claim: Umbreon Shiny? (y/n): Nope Dex #: 197 Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): Nope. Pokemon Claim: Wimpod Shiny? (y/n): Yes. Dex #: 767 Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): Nope Pokemon Claim: Reshiram Shiny? (y/n): Nope. Dex #: 643 Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): Nope.
  2. It seems that the lightning orb she threw earlier probably didn't affect any of the demons. Well, Pancaea didn't put much fire power to it in the first place, but it should have done some damage. It would likely mean that she'll have to put more energy to it. That would be troublesome considering her small mana pool, and the fact she doesn't have any Flasks of Arachnid Venom to throw at them. She opted for another fulgar orbis spell, this time with a little more power into it. Throwing the electrical sphere harder than usual, she hurled it at the demon. All the meanwhile she made a mental note to find a spider to create some of the flasks.
  3. The red-furred werecat had asked a question inquiring about everyone's names. "Pancaea," the werewolf simply responded to Monty's question. "Alchemist by profession." Well, owing to this situation, creating potions will be more difficult. But hopefully they'll find some kind of village where such a thing will be easily. Pancaea, who was standing during this time, was caught off balance by a sudden tremor. And then the demons started appearing. She cursed under her breath, they were ambushed, which will certainly pose an inconvenience. "Fulgar orbis!" the grey canine had called out in a magic spell, summoning a weak ball of electricity in her hand before tossing it at one of the demons.
  4. As the talking and a random arm wrestling match had occurred, a certain werewolf was standing some ways off from the main group, watching this all go on. The woman would prefer to be brewing some potions, but all she had was some stone dust and oak leaves, which is only enough for a few Potions of Healing. She would go seek out some more ingredients, but the canine was quite uncertain of the safety of the general area, considering she only had basic lightning to defend herself with. Panacaea's ear twitched at hearing the mage's words. She was indeed blamed for something she had no control over, which was the king massacring the village for seemingly no reason. Retrieving the gems was already a fool's errand in itself in the werewolf's eyes, and now they're caught up in this situation.
  5. (OOC: Not to fear, my posts tend to be two paragraphs and sometimes going into three or more, though rarely it might be a little less. I very rarely, if ever, go into one-liners or two-liners. Though the length I go at might be a little advanced for this roleplay based on how many characters the other people have typed, so I'm willing to tone it down a bit if the other players find it difficult to keep up with my posts. Also, I've edited my application to praise a certain Pokemon. I'm quite looking forwards to this roleplay.)
  6. Name: Panacaea Race: Werewolf. Age: She doesn't keep track of her birthdays, not since she was 14, but she estimates herself to be 25-26 based on her birth year. Gender: Female Power/abilities: Panacaea utilizes a small amount of lightning magic, as well as the excellent sense of smell signature of her species, but her abilities lie in her profession as an alchemist. The werewolf is capable of creating a wide array of potions, and is able to do basic transmutations as well (such as stone into iron). Appearance: It's a headshot, so for her lower body it's mostly her blue robe and her dark colored clothing, and she happens to have a tail as well. Personality: Pancaea is quiet, preferring to be a silent observer rather than actively socializing. Of course, she'll always answer when spoken to, and people will find she's a rather polite person if a bit aloof. However, she finds kindred spirits in whoever finds interest in alchemy, and is the only time she'll talk someone's ear off. Weapon: Nothing but her basic knowledge of lightning magic and her potions. Other: As an avid roleplayer, it's about time I join one on here. Also I'll do my best to keep her potions from being overpowered, I'll even let Mental review a potion's effects if I must. Also, Rowlet is a god, praise him. I forgot to praise this great deity. inventory: Alchemist's satchel, Potion of Healing x5, stone dust x3, oak leaf x3, tools of alchemy.
  7. No problem!
  8. Rogue, that mad scientist of a fusion artist, had been experimenting with the armor recently discovered on Solgaleo and Lunala. DNA tests had traced it to a fairly recently discovered Pokemon, potentially Ultra Beast, called Necrozma. Using some newly discovered black crystals found around one Necrozma specimen's lair, it turns out that by holding these, any Pokemon can gain the armor as long as the crystal stays in their possession. *** In a lab located on Melemele Island, not unlike one the Aether Foundation can be seen using though it is marked with a different sign, a Wimpod leads several interested Trainers into the lab. One of them is you. "We've been doing a lot of research into these black crystals," Rogue had said, which would startle anyone not expecting a talking Pokemon. "After all, this is going to be very important in the study of fusion Pokemon. Which is why I invited you all here. I'm looking to study the effects of the black crystal and the armor on other Pokemon. If you aren't willing to let us test the black crystal on your Pokemon, I understand, but be rest assured that these experiments are painless. Trust me, I've tested it on myself and several other Pokemon. If you do decide to let us test it on your Pokemon, all you need to do is to fill out a form." *** Hi everyone! So, I've been making Ultra Pokemon, and I thought I would do this kind of thing through your guys requests! Here's some examples. RULES: I have two forms, one for giving an Ultra form to a normal Pokemon and one for a fusion or otherwise edited sprite (like a fan-made Alolan Pokemon). That fusion/edited sprite cannot be just a recolor. You must ask for permission if you could submit these to the PokeCreations. I only need you to give me credit if it's a normal Pokemon though (i.e. Ultra Pikachu). If you don't use the form, I WILL NOT do your request. Same with if you don't follow the rules. One request per person! FORMS: For normal Pokemon[pause in speech] Pokemon: Desired resulting typing: Optional. For fusions and other sprite edits (NO RECOLORS)[pause in speech] Pokemon: Picture: Desired resulting typing: Optional. Description: Optional, but I won't be able to make a description for the Ultra form. WAITING LIST:
  9. @snipeghost The Wimpod eventually came back with the Bannette. It looks different, but reverts to its original form once the black crystal had been removed from its possession. "The testing of the black crystal on this Pokemon was a success!" she had exclaimed rather happily. Ultra Banette [GHOST] The hatred that runs through this Pokemon had been crystallized into the black claw-like crystals on its hands. Through testing, it has been discovered that Ultra Bannette can slash at a force that can slice wood.
  10. I'm back home from Alabama!  Back to doing mod things.

  11. I'm off to Alabama.  I should be able to resume mod duties this Monday.

  12. Sorry, this is the first time I've done such a thing, so I probably should edit the rules tomorrow when I'm not on mobile. But to answer your question: Question 1 Answer: Yes, I would give Ultra Forms to fusions to other people. To be honest I should remove they credits part and make the crediting normal Pokemon only. Question 2 Answer: I'm thinking of keeping it at one at a time so I don't get overloaded.
  13. I'm back from Springfield Missouri and ready to go back to doing mod things.

  14. I'm going to be away all day tomorrow and some of the day into Sunday.  I'll be on mobile but I can't do my mod duties during that time.

  15. I wasn't feeling confident with the submission I was going to put here, so I'm just gonna dump one of my older fusions here. Name: Dream Milotic Type: Water/Psychic Pokemon used: Milotic, Cresselia, Suicune, Rampardos
  16. Psyshock is a weird move. It's special but attacks as if it's a physical move.
  17. contest

    Welcome to my first ever contest! It’s getting closer to summer as we approach June, heck down here in Southern USA it already feels like summer. With the increasing temperatures, we eat more ice cream and stay inside with air conditioners on full blast. However, while we try to cool down, why don’t we make Pokestadium itself cool down with an Ice-type fusion contest? Sign-ups will be allowed throughout the duration of this contest, though it will be greatly preferred if you sign up as soon as possible. As for submissions, they begin on May 28th and end June 10th. After that, I’ll get the results out and everyone will be sent the first place, second place, and third place medals, all of which I will PM to the respective placeholders. They’re ones with a template I made myself! There are a few rules to follow, of course. I won’t accept you into the contest if you don’t say the keyword. Additionally, I disregard all submissions submitted before May 28th. I’ll let you guys know when you can start submitting your entries, and I’ll provide the form that you guys will use, and I’ll edit it to this post as well. EDIT: Here's the form for submissions, if you're new to the contest, remember to say the keyword. Put sprite here Name: Type: Pokemon used: I’ll have everyone start out with ONE entry. However, after that, you can two more after that once I judge it, and the score will be averaged out. That way, if I give your first entry a poor score, you can try again. The best part is that if you end up with a worse score than your first entry, I’ll drop it out of the average, even though it will still count as one of your entries. The only things that will be part of the total score is your first entry and any entry with a higher score than it. Your fusion must contain at least one Ice-type Pokemon. I’ll be the only judge of this contest, so you guys are completely at my mercy. Say ice cube somewhere in your post if you want to sign-up! Participants 1. @Kaotic 2. @Kilgrave 3. @Legend 4. @Kaps 5. @ZardysYaminokoteiTsung 6. @Julie 7. @money12wolf I’ll increase the number list as we get more people in this contest.
  18. contest

    The results are in! First Place: @ZardysYaminokoteiTsung Second Place: @Julie Third Place: @Kaps Everyone who had submitted sprites will be given the appropriate medals through PM.
  19. contest

    It's simple, though it's a bit lacking as much isn't done with the main Piloswine body itself. 8.25/10 LAST DAY FOR SUBMISSIONS. Contest ends at 10:00 P.M., Central Time. Results and medals will be given out on June 22nd. @Kaotic @Kilgrave @Legend @money12wolf
  20. Insert generic laugh track in regards to the pun.
  21. Well, I'm gonna make Ultra forms for the Eeveelutions.  They'll probably have similar armor as they share the same body type.

  22. contest

    Alright, I'll take you out of the list, @AethericDoom.
  23. contest

    This looks fantastic! I really don't see any noticeable flaws with this one, so I give this one 10/10!
  24. contest

    @Kaotic @Kilgrave @Legend @Kaps @AethericDoom @ZardysYaminokoteiTsung @money12wolf TWO DAYS UNTIL THE CONTEST ENDS. If you do not submit an entry, you will NOT get a participant's medal.
  25. Username: UmbreonRogue Character: Rogue (the Wimpod fusion in my avatar) Basis of Abilities (weapons/skills/etc.): Range based, meant to damage opponents while keeping at a distance. Size (small/medium/large): Small Weight (light/average/heavy): Light Speed (fast/average/slow): Fast Strength (weak/average/strong): Average [OPTIONAL] Up Special: Struggle Bug Side Special: Bubble (also moves somewhat, causing damage on collision) Neutral Special: Ember Down Special: Will-O-Wisp Final Smash: Mega Rogue--A sudden shift into melee based. Up Special is replaced by Metal Claw, Side Special becomes Aqua Jet, Down Special becomes Brick Break, and Neutral Special is Fire Punch. All are more immensely powerful than the normal moveset in non-Mega form.
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