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  1. contest

    I only heard of him from Jimmy Fallon's show. Also you're in.
  2. contest

    Welcome to my first ever contest! It’s getting closer to summer as we approach June, heck down here in Southern USA it already feels like summer. With the increasing temperatures, we eat more ice cream and stay inside with air conditioners on full blast. However, while we try to cool down, why don’t we make Pokestadium itself cool down with an Ice-type fusion contest? Sign-ups will be allowed throughout the duration of this contest, though it will be greatly preferred if you sign up as soon as possible. As for submissions, they begin on May 28th and end June 10th. After that, I’ll get the results out and everyone will be sent the first place, second place, and third place medals, all of which I will PM to the respective placeholders. They’re ones with a template I made myself! There are a few rules to follow, of course. I won’t accept you into the contest if you don’t say the keyword. Additionally, I disregard all submissions submitted before May 28th. I’ll let you guys know when you can start submitting your entries, and I’ll provide the form that you guys will use, and I’ll edit it to this post as well. I’ll have everyone start out with ONE entry. However, after that, you can two more after that once I judge it, and the score will be averaged out. That way, if I give your first entry a poor score, you can try again. The best part is that if you end up with a worse score than your first entry, I’ll drop it out of the average, even though it will still count as one of your entries. The only things that will be part of the total score is your first entry and any entry with a higher score than it. Your fusion must contain at least one Ice-type Pokemon. I’ll be the only judge of this contest, so you guys are completely at my mercy. Say ice cube somewhere in your post if you want to sign-up! Participants 1. @Kaotic 2. @Kilgrave 3. @Legend 4. @Kaps 5. @AethericDoom I’ll increase the number list as we get more people in this contest.
  3. contest

    You're in the list! How many more Ice Cube memes will end up in this thread?
  4. contest

    You've all been accepted! I KNEW someone was going to make an Ice Cube joke eventually.
  5. I have an irrational fear of escalators. I don't even know why, I just give those a wide berth and go for stairs and elevators instead. On the topic of noping out of something I fear, when I encounter a scary or troublesome situation in video games, I don't just pull an Engineer, I go into full opera mode as I sing "nope" to a random tune. "Taco" is my favorite word, it's a fun word to say.
  6. 9/10 Croagunk has an interesting design that I personally enjoy. Additionally, the evolution line has an interesting type combination of Poison/Fighting, and Croagunk has the one of the best Gen IV battle cries in the games in my opinion, second only to Kricketune.
  7. Name: Cryodrac Latios Type: Dragon/Ice Pokemon used: Latios, Kyurem (Black)
  8. l'll be going with my mom for her doctor's appointment tomorrow, I'll be on the phone but I won't be able to approve sprites for that reason.

  9. While I heavily prefer the entirety of the Chimchar line and Incineroar, here's the specific Pokemon starters I prefer. Gen I--Charmander line. Gen II--Chikorita line. Gen III--Treecko line. Gen IV--Chimchar line. Gen V--Oshawott line. Gen VI--Fennekin line. Gen VII--Litten line.
  10. You just lost that guarantee. Sadly nothing is easy like the dreamy world.
  11. 8/10 Guzzlord has an interesting concept. Mostly because it seems like a black hole in Pokemon form with how it can consume literally anything without leaving any waste. Stats-wise though, it's like Wailord. It has a lot of HP but barely any Defense and Special Defense to back it up.
  12. Just letting you guys know, I'm not going to approve my own creations (if that's even possible), I'm still leaving the approval of my creations to the other PC mods.

    1. isagonj


      yeah, nice. thats generally how you do it, never approve your own things. keep up the good work pal.

  13. Question about point tallies, will all the points of the creations be added together (Like 29 points for two creations with 10/10 and one with 9/10) or will it be averaged out (9.6666 in the same example)?
  14. Yeah, I was expecting him to average it out or something. Is this how all contests determine their points? I should create more submissions from now on.
  15. 6/10 The backstory is alright, but otherwise it's just not interesting. Not as bad as Basculin, its fellow Gen V Pokemon, in my opinion.
  16. Sacred Sword used to be unique to the Musketeer trio, but then the Honedge line stole it.
  17. I don't see a template so I'll just throw this here. Name: Flame God Type: Fire Pokemon Used: Ninetales, Magmortar, Entei, Rapidash, Moltres, Shiny Heatmor (used for recoloring)
  18. Whew! Those flaming hot dogs are really spicy!
  19. Sprite: Types: Water/Fairy Pokémon Used: Gardevoir, Gastrodon Pokémon Name: Sea Slug Gardevoir I don't typically combine the names of my fusions. I see them as a variant of the base Pokemon more than anything, unless they're deliberately used to make a Fakemon.
  20. Am I entered? Or is it too late? @Kaotic
  21. You know what, I'll throw myself into this, considering I made a fusion a few days ago that fit the criteria. Spring time.
  22. "Cosmic Rockruff has been known to bark at the stars at the sun and the moon."  Did I forget to backspace something again?  Gosh darn it.

    1. Hydralicious


      haha I don't think anyone will notice, your Cosmic Rockruff line is pretty dope tho!!!

    2. UmbreonRogue


      Thanks!  Everybody has been doing Cosmic variants so I thought I might join in on the fun.

  23. I'm saving Smogon sprites of the 7th Gen Pokemon on my Microsoft Paint, and I swear they're always saving the black lines for the most complicated sprites.

    1. dreampoolumbreon


      That's always the worst. suggestion: Conyjams on Deviantart has some great stuff as long as credit is administered ^^

  24. Similar: Keyboard.
  25. How long do you guys think I should make the Abomination series of my sprite edits?  I'm thinking of going up to Abomination 019 and then making an alternate form for Chimerasect.

    1. Luxifer


      why not 020?

    2. UmbreonRogue


      Mostly because Chimerasect was the twentieth and somewhat successful try.

    3. AethericDoom


      Hey Rogue, I absolutely am astounded by the abominations. Go as long as you want! 151 020 including Chimerasect sounds good.


      Great work!

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