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  1. I'm saving Smogon sprites of the 7th Gen Pokemon on my Microsoft Paint, and I swear they're always saving the black lines for the most complicated sprites.

    1. dreampoolumbreon


      That's always the worst. suggestion: Conyjams on Deviantart has some great stuff as long as credit is administered ^^

  2. Similar: Keyboard.
  3. How long do you guys think I should make the Abomination series of my sprite edits?  I'm thinking of going up to Abomination 019 and then making an alternate form for Chimerasect.

    1. Luxifer


      why not 020?

    2. UmbreonRogue


      Mostly because Chimerasect was the twentieth and somewhat successful try.

    3. AnonymousDoom


      Hey Rogue, I absolutely am astounded by the abominations. Go as long as you want! 151 020 including Chimerasect sounds good.


      Great work!

  4. pikachu

    Username: UmbreonRogue Sprite: Type: Electric Ability: Volt Absorb With the recently discovered Pikachunite, Pikachu reacts to the Mega Stone in such a way that it builds up so much electricity that its fur stands up. Mega Pikachu may at times be unable to control such a large amount of energy and fires stray electric bolts. (I'm not the best at making Mega Evolutions, but it doesn't hurt to try, right?)
  5. Before Umbreon officially became my favorite Pokemon, I had just made an Umbreon OC I was quite happy with. As a result, I made an account on another Pokemon website, which is now dead, with the name of UmbreonRogue. Ever since then, I used this username for my accounts as well as other usernames containing "Umbreon" in it.
  6. Eh, not a big fan of spicy food. I don't like getting my tongue burned. I like chicken-flavored ramen noodles the best, especially the kind you can put water in a bowl, put in the noodles and the flavoring, and stick it in the microwave. Unfortunately, it's not the healthiest thing ever. My least favorite is definitely any kind of bean. I don't like the taste and the texture feels weird.
  7. Username: UmbreonRogue Pokemon name: Tantiemian Slugma/ Tantiemian Magcargo Pokemon Sprite: Typing: Ice and Ice/Rock, respectively. Ability: Snow Cloak/Ice Body/Sturdy (Hidden) Environment: Mountain Tantiem. These Pokemon have adapted to the very tops of the mountains by having bodies made of snow and ice.
  8. My name is UmbreonRogue, and I've been a long-time Pokemon fan. I mostly came here to submit some sprites I made since I do Pokemon fusions and other sprite edits and have been for a while. But I figured while I was at it, I might as well say hi to all the folks here. So hi!
  9. Welp, I did it.  I have officially began some lore stuff in my sprite edits when I began the Abomination series.  001 has already been approved and I submitted 002.  I might have to keep these links somewhere so I can keep the lore stuffs coherent.

  10. I'm not sure why, but I have a pretty big aversion against combining Pokemon names.  I guess it feels overdone to me, so I end up using names like "Dream Milotic" and "Frozen Haxorus", and if it isn't (adjective) (base Pokemon name), then you get something like "Chimerasect".

    1. Petey Piranha

      Petey Piranha

      Interesting. For me, I only make up a name if the combined names don't work together 

  11. I like Lunala's cry the most. It's like the most cosmic hiss ever. Other than that, I like the cries of Floatzel, Kricketune, and Rayquaza.
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