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  1. "Is Roger owey?" Harry giggles and mildly teases Roger. "Heh, it WAS funny..." Sundo, Roger, and Harry all continue to find Lapras...
  2. I love you. You're not a loser to me. I hope you know that, baby.

    1. Kaps


      please stay away

    2. Cookabeara


      That was mean D:

  3. Ok, this is my entry of petilil and gulpin.
  4. "Well, we could make one ourselves!" Harry takes a recipe book out of his shell... Ingredients: 2 Kingler claws 4 Horsea tails 1 Big pearl "Hm, this isn't much help..."
  5. "Yay! It's morning!" Harry wakes up, in the bright of day. "Finally! Come on, there seems to be a... Problem, you could say." Harry walks along, not knowing what is going on at all. "Okay Harry, go on in." Harry goes into Chief's hut... "Ah! There you are! If you came a bit earlier, you could have went along with Roger." "But whats the big problem, Chief?" Sundo will explain, I believe he's somewhere in the beach. Go on... Harry leaves Chief's hut.
  6. Name:Harry Gender:Male Age:6 Species:Togepi Origin:A trainer who had beaten the elite four decided to start breeding shinies. He failed multiple times, and regular Pokemon kept coming out of eggs. Harry was one of them, and he was abandoned. He was found and taken care of by a young girl, but one day he went outside to see the world. He tried, but couldn't find his way back. However, out of curiosity, he decided to join the Shadow Destroyers. Personality:Cheerful most of the time, and because he is so young, also not to bright.
  7. Granted, now gold is taking over the world and it's your fault. I wish for a nice peanut butter sandwich please don't corrupt I'm hungry
  8. (Sorry bro I kinda let it die when I forgot it for a few decades)
  9. Granted what four things do you want from the dish I wish I had a crab
  10. Banned for talking about chickens
  11. Alright, I have given you a dead fish. I wish I had fifty mufffins
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