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  1. Ok, I'm sorry for being so late, the computer lab was closed for a while.
  2. I just noticed that I have three warnings and all of them for the same reason.

    1.Do not spam.

    2.Do not spam.

    3.Do not spam


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AethericDoom


      It's good that way

    3. Tega


      yeah i guess youre right

    4. Nisa




      Just maybe.


      They're trying to tell you something?


      Thats just a hunch though.


      I scientifically educated hunch.

  3. "Aw, man! tomorrow is so far away!" Harry is upset, but goes back to his hut anyways. "I guess I'll just go back too..." Xato teleports back to his home. Suddenly, the ground starts to shake, and a black mark appears on the eevee, but only for a second.
  4. I dunno why but the medal you gave me still hasn't loaded

  5. You can, but you have to type in the vertification code.
  6. @The-Hydra is gay

    Why the heck are you allowing this username

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    2. The-Hydra


      I'm so not gay that it doesn't bother me:D 

    3. Kekleon



      hydra is gay for me

    4. Kaps
  7. "I... I guess we continue the shadow revival gathering?" Harry, Roger, and Sundo return to the location for the shadow revival gathering. "I guess I'll watch, kay?"
  8. I'm back after two days, the outside has seemed like a more healthy choice for a while.

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    2. Nisa


      This is Kaps

      He doesnt waste his life on his computer and does something productive.

      Kaps is smart.

      Be more like Kaps.

    3. Kaps



    4. Primal


      It's website for chat rooms and stuff

  9. "Is Roger owey?" Harry giggles and mildly teases Roger. "Heh, it WAS funny..." Sundo, Roger, and Harry all continue to find Lapras...
  10. I love you. You're not a loser to me. I hope you know that, baby.

  11. Ok, this is my entry of petilil and gulpin.
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