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  1. Altough people judge you for liking gladion, you gotta remember that there's nobody like you, and that your unique. Not in a insulting way, btw. I think. probably not, anyhow. No offense.
  2. Why do they hate the frog guy so much they shoot nuts at him they shoot water at him personally he's my favorite
  3. Your able to compliment anyone although often in a sarcastic way still
  4. Tega you are an accomplishment sorta kinda almost um not really tho still you good boi
  5. Yes yes Cosmog is bootiful
  6. contest

    Ice cube
  7. We-ell[pause in speech] It looks like idk and alive is tied Guess i should start crankin' up them comics.
  8. Why is my community rep


    1. OhJay


      Because 180-210 is Zephyr[pause in speech]


      I'm sorry if I am missing something but that's how it's supposed to be?

    2. Kaps
  9. My incorrect team is coming up too
  10. BeaderagonBeaderdragon
    ya made two
    1. AethericDoom


      Bearderdragon Bearderdragon,

      You made two;

      Bearderdragon Bearderdragon;

      Who are you?

    2. Nisa


      Yeh ones a remake, since Ive improved with my spriting since

      Same as how I made 2 Leavaips, and old version and improved

  11. Scratchy, wake up and smell the wasabi. Won't even bother readin' Magikarp?
  12. Will ya look at that

    people do post their accounts on pokestadium

    cough @jsparx64 cough


  13. I'll see the final votes in a day or so
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