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  1. Kaps liked a gallery image by Hydralicious, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   
    So I painted this a really long time ago (2/1/2016 to be exact) but I never really felt like posting it but I changed my mind so whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Kaps liked a gallery image by Hydralicious, Breaking Waves   
    Tbh I've never been more proud of how a piece of my art has turned out, and I realized that I've never actually uploaded a traditional art piece so here ya go I guess? 
  3. Kaps liked a gallery image by Julie, Kikiminni Artwork   
    Here is Kikiminni! not very good at drawing!
  4. Kaps liked a gallery image by SuspiciousLark, Pokemon O.C   
    A pokemon Oc I did in my spare time, nothing much.
    Art made by me.
  5. Kaps liked a gallery image by Panflam, Fakemon - Noctox   
    So, I did a small re-design of an old Fakemon I made some years ago and it came out pretty good in my opinion. Now I'm out of ideas again.
  6. Kaps liked a gallery image by NuVonde, Memetafage Reference Sheet   
    The Viral Pokemon
    Type: Psychic/Poison
    Stats: 47 / 53 / 41 / 149 / 103 / 127
    Average height: 0'8" - 2'1" Average weight: N/A
    "Huge swarms congregate within anything that can perceive them, feeding and replicating uncontrollably. Its origin and true nature are poorly understood."

    So yeah, I saw PS was having a sort of art day (or was anyways, it's not ridiculously late lol) and decided to come out of lurking to post something I was working on today. A theoretical maybe ultrabeast - like Cosmog, it's part of an evolutionary line and doesn't have a BST of 570, so whether it is truly an ultrabeast or simply another being that happens to come from ultraspace is debatable - it was part of some random fakemon sketches I did today. I liked Memetafage the most, so that was the one I sprited. If the name and faux dex entry didn't give it away, I based this on the concept of a mental virus (specifically, the bacteriophage, a surprisingly unused concept in the Pokemon universe for such a neat looking li'l bug), which is basically already what a meme is anyways except this one is pointy. Anyways I had more to say but the gallery uploader got messed up and I don't feel like writing any more so whatever. May get the pre-evos up tomorrow.

    13/10 weird looking dog but would boop its snoot any day of the week.
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