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  1. "Oh no. Here comes his tail!" Doug screamed as Onix turned around and smacked him straight in the face, dealing 10 damage! "Im gonna get you for that!" He yelled as Doug used Zen Headbutt, dealing 7 damage! "Guys, the spear-thing on top of his head is his weakness! Aim for that."
  2. Oh I need to read lol im tired
  3. I LOVE this sketch. Really like the style you used. (this answer is probably obvious but ill ask anyway.) Is this Paint Tool Sai?
  4. "Right now we're trying to get the Mystic Water." Doug motioned to the lake in the distance. "We think its over there somewhere. I mean, a lake in the desert? What are the chances?" Doug said excitedly. "We can finally find their weakness! And you know, with half our group gone, you are a really big help. With your transformation abilities and that, we can get thos Regis faster than a Blaziken with Speed Boost!"
  5. "Hey Zaccai, its nice to meet you. My name is Doug. Im not from here. We're with a larger group, but we split up to go search for stuff. Make yourself comfortable!" Doug grins at Zaccai and spreads his wings in a fashion that makes it seem like he's welcoming someone into his home.
  6. (And now we play the waiting game. Taiiyo will be the future. We will wait for the future)
  7. You need to play Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. Classic, such a good game. I would also be interested in a Fire Emblem game, as I have never actually played one.
  8. the ugly duckling
  9. (Meanwhile, with Mental and Doug[pause in speech]) "Hey Mental, you wanna go over to that rock pile? It looks kinda out of the ordinary. Like us haha\haha\[pause in speech] ok. Lets just go and check it out." Doug dug a tunnel to the weird rock formation, just in case someone would see them. "Oh no." Doug yelled at mental as the rock formation started moving by the lake "ONIX!" "ROAAAAAR!!" The Onix screamed so loud it almost broke Dougs eardrums. Mental turned around and started flying in his direction.
  10. 9/10 original design, comes from the mind and the heart. well thought out. nice typing. it has nice eyes
  11. nobody is nice to me in pokemon stadium



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tega
    3. OhJay


      maybe that's because you are on pokemon showdown, not stadium

    4. Tega


      oh sorry lol i meant stadium

  12. thanks to you im continuing my Fallout series

    i almost forgot about it lol

    1. Gruffin77


      *Burts through wall in power armor* SOMEBODY SAY FALLOUT?

    2. Tega
  13. waiting for this so happy its finally coming out
  14. "Ill go with Mental. Im pretty much the only one who feels somewhat safe around him, no offense to him." Doug sounded sad. Mental is pretty cool, at least that whats Doug thinks. Sure, he can be kind of[pause in speech]different sometimes, but you know, nobody is perfect "Oh, and do you know where we can get some water? Im parched!" Doug said to Mental.
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