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  1. Hi yuuko

  2. FALSE NOO NOO CAN'T DIE! but anyway, it rips and becomes unusable. I wish for a noo noo again.
  3. I legit thought that was a glass idk why I got so paranoid from that lmao looks good
  4. A dual typing (for those who don't know) is like Dark-water, or Psychic-ground. Which is your favourite combo?
  5. Granted but it falls down a river I wish for a noo noo
  6. pokemon

    I had only one reason to live, but now I have another
  7. 7/10 I love all the pans, but it's just a little unoriginal for me. I like pansage better.
  8. Walking for pancreatic cancer. It's early, but it's worth it.

    1. AethericDoom


      Good for you dude

  9. Granted but its 1cm by 1cm I wish for a large poop
  10. Banned because you said it
  11. Hbd to me (with the family)

  12. Yeah better get your social security number from that. No. If you have a high end camera and someone likes the pictures you take, they might want to get that camera. They dont have to ask you "what camera is that" so it just saves time.
  13. 9/10 It's design is cool and its typing is even cooler. I've always wanted one, but i just never encountered a croagunk.
  14. It sure was. Hope we can do another one soon
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