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  1. what happened while i was gone

    1. Kibbeh


      only the best changes in the entire history of ps

  2. 99 i will not have this loss
  3. not even mad :))) i like that one OOFman3000
  4. They are good boyos :)))
  5. msmc and olympia are in bo3 now :DDDDD

  6. quoting is mentioning something someone said but @ing them is mentioning them, or bringing them to that topic.
  7. help my brother is a jake pauler i cant decide whether i should burn him at the stake or pike his head

    1. FrogBoyHops
    2. Tega


      your wish is my command

    3. Kilgrave


      Pike his head multiple times with flaming pikes

  8. goodnight fellows

  9. I just deleted my save data from Black 2 and gave my DS to my little brother. I feel good about it, but at the same time I'm really sad to see my team go.

    1. Taiiyo


      Omg I did the same with my old White 2 over year ago.



      My little bro has gotten 3 shinies since



    2. Tega
  10. banned because[pause in speech]i give up. you win. have your ban.
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