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  1. My favorite Pokemon ever is Leavanny, so forgotten, yet so cool. My second favorite Pokemon is Ariados, it seemed forgotten at first, but Nintendo paid it a lot of attention in gen 7, yay Ariados! \o/ My third favorite Pokemon is Dewgong, poor, poor Dewgong. Getting overshadowed by mons like Lapras and Walrein, it can't be easy for this cute little Bulk-Reject! Honorable Mentions: Chimecho, another one who got a boost in gen 7! \o/ I actually bred a perfect Chimecho in X because... Idk why not? It's pre-evolution, Chingling, seems to be much more remembered than the actual thing. But I really do love Chimecho, and shhh it's a sekret... But Frosslass is secretly just a spooky Chimecho... It's a sekret! Mega Chimecho for Sinnoh Remakes please! \o/
  2. My top 3 are: #3 Dewgong. very underrated imo. Amazing in TCG, has a nice support movepool in VCG, and is all around a good meme Mon. #2 Ariados. Okay, so admit it. I really like bugs. Bug is my favorite type. Bug is my favorite monotype team. Bug is my favorite meme. Ariados was my signature Mon, me and my Ariados were THE meme, and in gen 7 it got buffed hardcore. Holy crap I was so happy that my little meme-bug was making it big, and it even got it's own signature move! My Memedos now runs Focus Energy (teehee movepool expansion), Megahorn, Poison Jab, and the new and improved Fell Stinger! #1 Leavanny. it's fast, has high attack, gen 5 bug so everyone hates it, and just pure meme factor in general. So satisfying to win with it. Also really pretty design and just my overall favorite.
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