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  1. From the album Sky's Art

    My favorite Smash Bros character <3 Corrin is such an epic dragon ^^ This took me so long to make @_@

    © 2017 @SkySilvally

  2. OMG! It is SkySilvally from Pokecharms!

    1. SkySilvally


      Yeah it's me~ I was searching for creative focused Pokemon sites last night and found this so here I am :3

  3. From the album Sky's Art

    Digital Silvally drawing. I'm not much of a digital artist IMO but here is one of my digital pieces...

    © @SkySilvally 2017

  4. From the album Sky's Art

    This was my first time drawing Silvally, back before SM released. Made with Copic markers.

    © @SkySilvally 2017

  5. From the album Sky's Art

    Hello, I'm Sky and I'm new here :3 So...I decided to post several of my Silvally drawings first. This one is made with colored pencils and is my mascot, Sky the Silvally :D

    © @SkySilvally 2017

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