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  1. Are you banned?

    Pretty sure you are but maybe that's just me.

    And a few billion other people.

  2. lol I'm gone for a couple days because I have to study for finals, and people think I'm perma banned. Get real scrub lords.

    1. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      It's not like you were doing something  that would get your perma-banned... Oh... Wait. 

    2. The-Hydra
    3. Kaps


      I wish you WOULD be banned. WAHAHAHA

  3. Remember, if you don't sin Jesus died for nothing :^)

    1. Tega


      That makes me feel better thanks akat

    2. Kaps


      Oh, you won't have to worry about that. I sin all the time, noooo worries here. Then again, who doesn't?

    3. AethericDoom


      Yeah that makes sense forgive me Jesus

  4. three treasures of the one who sew the tricksters mouth closed.

  5. Boy gotta love people who post a bunch of status updates in a row :^)

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    2. Kaps


      I don't do that. *cough cough*

    3. AethericDoom


      Who said you did?

    4. Kaps


      I did


  6. So the crustaceans' claws move in malice already.

    1. Contract_Crawdad


      pinch pinch mf

  7. Taka, you have teared through the zipper in which the bag you were in was concealed by, You have gone too far. STOP.

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    4. 1616taka









  8. Come together young tadpoles and lay praise upon the frog prince, imbued with the soul of the mighty cosmic toad. Help purge the world of the evil manipulators, the crustaceans.
  9. Lore

    1. The-Hydra


      rich, creamy lore

    2. 1616taka


      Scroll 2 will be scribed tomorrow 

  10. In the beginning of time, there lived a mighty toad. This toad's outwardly appearance was both awe inspiring but also horrendous. It's skin was a glassy emerald, and its eyes Citrine with Ruby pupils. However it's back covered in warts, these warts were twisted and rendered ones stomache useless at the very sight. Each wart holding a human face contorted into a sickeningly ill face of torture and pain. From their gaping mouths a torrent of wails and screams echoed throughout the empty void. The toad stood at 21 miles tall, 43 miles thicc, and 67 miles long.

    Beneath the toad lay a lake, untouched and perfectly still. It's reflection was a pure black reflecting the void as it truly is without any inhibitions. The lake stretched out in a perfect circle with a radius of 210 miles, and dipped down into a curved basin with a depth of 333 miles. Nothing existed inside of this lake to make any sort of ripples or destroy the elegance of the smooth perfect surface. 

    This is how all that was existed in perfect harmony and balance with one another, until 1 instance. In this instance the toad lay dormant in slumber in a nightmare. As this nightmare went on the mouths of the faces on the warts began to open wide and scream louder as crustaceans clawed and climbed their way out of the cosmic diety. After escaping the mighty toad for what had been so far all of eternity the crustaceans set their beady black eyes on the lake and started marching towards in. One by one they ruined the sanctity of the lake causing ripples all across the lake. Feeling something was wrong the toad awoke and was horrified to find the happenings going on around him.

    The mighty toad took action and jumped into the lake to try to drag all the crustaceans out and restore the piece. However upon breaking the waters surface the toad unknowingly triggered the biggest splash and ripple. This ripple exploded out in all directions, unfortunately mangling and destroying the cosmic toad. The sinister crustaceans however managed to survive and schemed what they would do next. The toad, however, was not fully destroyed, from his remains and his uninhibited cosmic power unbound and freely floating the primal universe began to form. The Crustaceans took no rest and immediately took action and nurtured the universe so that planets could and would produce life for the evil creatures to rule over. Millions of years went by and planetary systems, stars, galaxies, nebulas, etc etc. all started to form and flourish. 

    Eventually the planet known as earth care into existence. Meanwhile the crustaceans had formed a pantheon of sorts, naming figure heads such as the loaf god and Tirafell, while pulling the strings in the background. Life on earth began to form all to the accordance of the crustaceans, if they deemed a race unworthy they immediately wiped them out. This went on and on and eventually humans came about.

    Originally the crustaceans were going to wipe out the humans as well but something miraculous happened, the soul of the Toad Diety reignited and made its way into the body of a human named Julian. With the knowledge of the great toad Diety Julian constructed a great arc to house himself and his family as well as a few of every animal. Soon the flood came and wiped out all life, except the life on the arc. Catching wind of this the shifty crustaceans were furious. Julian became a hero to the world and was now known as the Frog Prince because of how fast he lept into action. The frog became a symbol of hope against the tyrannical crustaceans and as such the crustaceans began a deep hatred towards frogs. 


                        End of Scroll 1

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    2. AethericDoom


      It appears you called me an uncultured swine.

    3. 1616taka
    4. Kaps


      How insulting

      he ain't no bacon

      repent Taka

  11. Why so emotional? Must you pry into the pain of other mortal lives? Cruel, inhumane beast! Tearing the hearts of thousands, raiding their personal thoughts! Keep your painful hands to yourself, and be gone from other people's problems!

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    2. 1616taka
    3. sparkleworks1


      This is needlessly dramatic.

    4. 1616taka


      But of course. I am, in fact, doing this all for entertainment. Drama adds flair to it all.

  12. Ey I need to get a topic for a Philosophy paper, has to

    be on a non-mainstream philosopher (i.e. No Aristotle, Confuscious, Plato, etc.) someone pitch me a name.

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    2. Joker


      Well they're obscure to me


      Sure I live in the far off land of Northern England where we still blame our bad harvests on those pesky witches, but hey, you'd think we'd at least keep tabs on all the mainstream philosophers.

    3. AethericDoom


      Stupid witches cursing my god darned corn again

    4. Kaps


      Do Cosmofscious

  13. So you guys ever look at the evolution of Satan in the Bible (old - New Testament)? The evolution of the character is kinda cool, starting off hasatan and evolving into Satan.

    1. Kaps


      Your kind of like him, no offense.

    2. 1616taka


      So I'm the evolution of an abstract idea into a character? You should really think Before you type.

  14. *nuclear bomb*
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