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  1. (Ok I understand that my posts are pretty messed up and breaking the rules it's just that I'm not used to anything different or outside my comfort zone. I'm sorry if I break the rules of anything and I will change my posts (sadly not all of them because I've been posting here for a long time.). Hopefully you understand my reason.)
  2. Fusion/Splicing (3) Skill level: Can turn out bad can turn out good sometimes. Example of work (not required): None Questions/comments/suggestions?: I need to improve on my fusion skills, sometimes when I fuse the parts don't blend well together rip. Scratch Spriting Skill level: Depends if im motivated to draw or not Example of work (not required): Questions/comments/suggestions?: Same as fusion (3) but different. And finally Light and Shape Dynamics Skill level: Bad, Super bad. Example of work (not required): None Questions/comments/suggestions?: Always been bad at light sorces and simple shapes.
  3. Sundo: Yeah! We need to find out who wrote that letter so we can save her, I don't want any prisoners on that island hurt or left behind on our way back from the isle. Sundo still tried to guess what the pokemon might be. He had only one clue and it's a pokemon with neat hand writing so it must be a psychic type or a pokemon with hands to write with. Sundo then stared at the map and almost forgot something. Sundo: Oh yeah I remember now! To get there we need to avoid sharpedo's nest. He does not like visitors. And before we go we need a boat or some sort of ride, which I have sorted already.
  4. Sundo heard about that place before, his parents took him around the polluted ocean surrounding the island once in his childhood. He knew the exact directions to Isolation Isle. : I've been there before! My parents took me there once to see my good ol' pal Skrelp! Well, he is a Dragalge now, but anyways, I know the directions! He got out a map of the ocean from his bag and used spike cannon on the map to pinpoint the location, the spike landed in the darkest, shadowy looking area. : The island is just there, from here we just need to go north.
  5. (Waiting for a reply right now)
  6. Interesting, I'm really impressed with this artwork. I love how you made meowstic like a feral, mythological cat. I'm also really liking your Eukaryote forms so far!
  7. I'm loving it so much! A simple design like that just makes it look perfect to me! Thanks!
  8. Banned because no one wins
  9. Inkay
  10. Banned for making no sense.
  11. Lemon
  12. Sundo looks at the crystal from all angles. Sundo: No,this ain't a shadow crystal. He sighed in relief. But when he thought they were safe he heard a faint beeping sound coming from the crystal. Sundo: No, this is even worse. A tracking device clearly made by shadow pokemon. Luckily, shadow mewtwo hasn't found you yet. [He whispers] I hope. He then thought of a good plan. Sundo: I have an idea! We could find out where shadow mewtwo's base is by finding out where the tracker is coming from! And I know who can do this! Sundo ran out the hut and went in another hut. Two pokemon stood still in the middle of the room. Sundo: Hello magneton and magnezone! Long time no see! Magneton: Hello there! We went on a little trip, no wonder you never saw us! Magnezone: So Sundo what is your problem? Sundo: Well, you see we found this tracker made by shadow pokemon I want to find out shadow mewtwo's base is! Can you help? Magnezone: Sure! Just gimme a few moments. Magnezone pressed some buttons and on screen showed the tracker and where it is, he then reversed it so it shows where shadow mewtwo's base is.
  13. Granted, oh wait you didn't ask for a warm cup of water that's dirty with a dirty cup? Oh well guess you are stuck with it. I wish to wake up happy for once.
  14. Granted, but everyone else hates it now rip. I wish for everyone reading this is special.
  15. Banned because of memes
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