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  1. Banned because I like the rep buttons
  2. Sundo was startled by Rogers appearance and said that he was sorry. He then saw Lapras in the distance, Sundo ran up to Lapras as fast as he could then Lapras said softly: : Aaah, Sundo! Whens the last time you wanted to come here? : Err, around a year ago. But this is quite urgent. : What is it? I have anything! : We need Kingler claws and Horsea tails. Do you have some? : Aaah, yes we do! How much do you need exactly? : 2 Kingler claws and 4 Horsea tails. : No problem! Lapras grabs some Horsea tails and Kingler claws in his pile of stuff. : Here you go! May I ask you. Are you trying to make a Shadow pokemon revival potion? : Uuuh, yeah. : Then have it for free! Sundo grabs the Kingler claws and Horsea tails and puts it in his bag which is holded tightly around the inside shell. : Now, what do we do now Harry?
  3. Sundo thought for a while, how weird and dangerous these ingredients are. : "Kingler claws and horsea tails will be hard to get, I have a big pearl though!" He thought for a while, then remembered where they could get the rest of the ingredients easily. : "I have an idea of where to get these ingredients, Lapras might know, he's got many random things he found under the sea. I think he is near the beach!" He leaves the group of Shadow Destroyers behind to go back to the camp. He takes Harry with him to find Lapras at the beach.
  4. Sundo still continues to see the pokemon walking towards him. Sundo says in his mind: "What does he want with me? Did I do something wrong?". He sees another pokemon at the beach and recognized him straight away. He says in his mind again "Its Harry, but I don't get it. Why does everyone want to see me?". He stays in the same position when a member of the Shadow Destroyers said: "Sundo, you called us here, what do you want from us?" : "Oh yeah the gathering. I brought you here today for a plan on reviving the shadow pokemon, but now seeing as I have no revival potions left, there is no point." Sundo felt quite dumb using his last revival potion, but quite pleased. At least he revived a pokemon with it.
  5. Claim: Arcanine Shiny? No Dex #: 059 Previously claimed Pokemon? No
  6. Granted, but your a winner at winning. I wish to be a winner at winning.
  7. It's not like I don't like articuno (actually articuno is my favourite legendary bird) it's just that on many sites I've used the same username before, I just got bored of the name sooooo, I changed it.
  8. Shiny mega garchomp he is fabulous (that's what I would pick for shiny) lurantis is cool tho.
  9. Blastoise, one of my favourite last evolution of a starter, can destroy the hopes and dreams of a charizard fan OvO
  10. 6.5 Bergmite is one of my favourite pre evolutions ever since I saw it in pokemon X. Surprisingly I have a shiny version of it. The evolution is quite good. But I'm not too impressed.
  11. Sundo stopped protecting himself after he found out that the shadow pokemon wouldn't fight. The shadow eevee looked quite friendly, until it attacked Sundo with tackle, he was knocked back. He was injured from the blow and then he saw a pokemon in the distance, running towards the other group of pokemon. He decided to fight back after the pain had gone. He used spike cannon on the shadow eevee leaving it at low health then he got a small bag out. There was only one potion to revive a shadow pokemon left. He used it on the shadow eevee and turned it to normal. : Thanks so much for helping! After shadow mewtwo turned me into a shadow pokemon, I couldn't remember who I was. Sundo stayed silent, he ran out of revival potions and needed to get some more. But the only place they can get them from is a dangerous lake full of sharpedo. He would need to ask the leader.
  12. Great, we can start! Sundo wakes up on a bright morning on the beach, where his original home is. He sighed. Sundo started to wonder what shadow mewtwo is up to next. He starts to gather up members of the Shadow Destroyers and started to find more shadow pokemon. They stumbled into a forest and see a shadowed pokemon in the distance. Sundo: A shadow pokemon! Lets revive it! He started to walk closer to the shadowed pokemon. Its his first time being near a shadow pokemon. He didn't know what to do after he saw the face of it. He trembled and hid its face inside its shell protecting himself. (The pokemon is a shadow eevee, just dont have time to make the sprite)
  13. Granted, but the red panda doesn't like you and scratches you to death. I wish I could fly.
  14. Granted, but it also died the same way the fish did because you dont have water rip. I wish for something.
  15. Plot: Years ago, a shadow mewtwo turned Pokemon into shadow Pokemon. A team was created called “The Shadow destroyers”, turning these shadow Pokemon back to normal. After they defeated the shadow mewtwo, they all split up. They didn’t knew shadow mewtwo was still around and turned most of the team members into shadow pokemon, their goals is to stop shadow mewtwo once and for all… They didn’t clear it. A few years have passed and now, there is a new “Shadow Destroyers”, to achieve the goals of the past Shadow destroyers. Rules: 1: Follow the rp forum rules and PS rules at all times. 2: Absolutely NO godmodding. 3: No sexual content, keep the romance at minimum. 4: No swearing at all! 5: Don’t post things with just one line. It has to be at least a couple of lines, rather than 1 or 2. 6: No Over-powered characters, the characters can only revive shadow pokemon, not themselves or others. 7: Keep all the posts necessary to the plot. The Character Form: Name: Gender: Age: Species: (No Mythical or legendary pokemon: Shadow pokemon are allowed but you have to be revived sooner or later) Origin: Personality: And then here is my character form: Name: Sundo Gender: Male Age: 16 Species: Toxapex Origin: A wild Toxapex. His parents abandoned him after an embarrassing mistake, leaving him in the wild. A few years have past and he is now apart of the brand new "Shadow Destroyers". He wishes his parents were here to see him now, destroying the shadows of pokemon's hearts. Personality: Quite dumb, sometimes serious, curious about the world around him, quite shy really. Now have fun!
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