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  1. Granted,but the cinnamon roll is a mini black hole and you both die I wish tyranitar was a fukin legendary
  2. hi
  3. Cool idea.
  4. Granted,but it's not gladion. I wish turtles were the dominant race
  5. Heck,doggo angery
  6. Swampert? It's a frog. praise kek. duck off it's not a mudfish. Torterra. It's an island. enough said,right? Krookodile. It's a gangster pokemon i call "CrookBadBoi." Whats your reason to hate it? Groudon. Literally ground itself,jesus of ground. also a dragon. kinda. Let's not forget Shuckle. Shut up i know it's not ground
  7. [pause in speech]why have you cursed me[pause in speech] I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST LORD SHUCKLE,THE SUPREME / TYPE. sorry. but you live. I wish i was an ice type rayquaza starter.
  8. but that gladion is fragile ice,and if you come even 2 meters close he will explode. I wish excadrill became flying type
  9. Ah,Tapu. The shellman? i don't know. i don't really the idea of a legendary man in a shell that is also a pokemon but they did a good job on it. not to mention it's ducking fairy type i think
  10. That puppy was dead. haha i know i just made your wish better i wish lord shuckle was real and that he was my best friend
  11. 7/10. It has a cool design for a bug[pause in speech]and not to mention it's god like sweeper mega evolution. I also like it because it shares a type with shuckle,wich is god itself.
  12. Im pretty sure Serperior is a banana? My fav is Seviper. Come on,how cant you love this cute little fella along with zangoose? i used it in my Emerald playtrough, and you've guessed it,it was my second most overleveled pokemon in the game along with sceptile. (20 lvls higher haha) IT'S GOT A LITTLE RIVAL,HOW CUTE IS THAT? those fangs r just sp o o k tho
  13. Best slither Pokemon? Giratina. Its a worm. A s8n worm. Rayquaza? Best snek
  14. vegetal bamboozled doggo
  15. . . . Entei. It was kinda hard to decide,since i like all of the doggo pokemon. I love rockruff because it's cool af but Entei is just badass. No,his name is not hentei. And no,you did not read this.
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