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  1. I love it xD!!!
  2. Idk if i'm too late but if not here: Username (Will be used in screen): Coltyn Quote: I am Skitty's bae Render (Please link me one or upload one. If you are a custom character, it's up to you to make one, but I can use anything): Background Color: The pink on Skitty I honestly have no idea what this is but oh "whale" I'll see myself out
  3. Welcome to Pokestadium! I see you've been here for some time but I haven't  had a chance to say hello! ;)

    1. Coltyn


      Thanks, I like it a lot :D

  4. Well that's why I put in the off topic section, but if I by mistake didn't put it there then I'll be sure to change it.
  5. I was just wondering if anybody on here was into lucid dreaming, and if so, please share stories, experiences, and tips for beginners
  6. Crimes would be a lot easier to commit
  7. Hope you like my fusion of Pidgey and Mewtwo... I made it in photoshop, not with the sprites
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