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  5. Hello! Today, I have joined all of you in becoming a member of Pokestadium. My real name is Roksana and I was born in Ukraine, but you all can call me Roxanne. I'm currently 25 years old and lived in the US since age 8. I love music, especially playing my piano and guitar. I play chess competitively, too. I am currently studying psychology at UW-Madison. As my username might suggest, I have been struggling with Anorexia for six years. The doctor said the average duration of anorexia is eight years so it would be really awesome if I get well soon! My profile picture is the gym leader Roxanne. I'm fairly new to Pokemon. My only game is Pokemon GO, which my boyfriend introduced me to, but I have watched a large portion of the Pokemon show as a child. I enjoy viewing the gallery and the Pokecreations. Hopefully I will start making my own creations soon! I would appreciate any help to guide me through this website. Msg me!
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