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  1. You don't have to use big letters, right ? btw, what was the point of the post??????
  2. @Taiiyo Oh alright.Thanks for correcting me.I'll still count it as a legend though and Rotom as a mythical.
  3. @yuki windstorm Lol, my computer is pure crap for playing Pixelmon, it crashes immediatly..Is that how you spell it?Also i wasn't talking about you for trading, i was talking about @Zemeny.
  4. @Taiiyo But Arceus created the world and most mythicals can breed (such as Manaphy), so i count Arceus as a legend..?Also isn't Rotom breedable?I remember seeing it on the mythical list.
  5. Tell me which Legendary and which Mythical you think is the best/worst. Here are my opinions: Best legendary is Mewtwo-With a few calm minds and then psystrike?I guess that's how it works? Worst legendary is Arceus-Ugliness Level:100, Goat Stuck In A Ring Level:100, Best Legendary Level:Error-Legendary Level Not Found. Best mythical is Shaymin-It even has it's own (fan) game.Pokemon Flora Sky which i extremely love. Worst mythical is Rotom-Rotom looks really derpy and i just love it.Wait, but then, why is it the worst?..It really sucks when you fight with it. Note that even if i have my own 4 opinions, i didn't put this in a blog because i want YOUR opinions now lol and if you really want more than two legends and two mythical, you can put up as many as you want.
  6. Kyurem vs The Sword Of Justice or whatever the name was. Keldeo didn't even BEAT Kyurem to become a Sword Of Justice, so what the actual hell happend?It's like Kyurem gave up on everything.Plus Keldeo said he was a Sword Of Justice before even beating Kyurem. (during the fight or before the fight started).TBH i was never a big fan of horse Pokemon.I kinda like Dragalge (which is a Sea Horse i think..?).Also, how can Kyurem change to Kyurem White??Doesn't it need Reshiram to do that? (or Zekrom)??Also you remember at the train where Ash could've died because of Keldeo?Plus do you remember that shot where the entire train froze?Eh, let's not talk about the people inside of it.Too much violence in the movie. (no blood tho).
  7. Ayy, i guess you play Roblox Project Pokemon, so i would like to ask ya, do you have any shiny legendaries and do you have Rotom?I'll trade you 2 Genesect and a full EV Shiny Mewtwo for the @yuki windstorm No.He's probably talking about Generation 1 (Prof.Oak) and Generation 3 (Prof.Birch). What does Minecraft have to do with a Pokemon-Related topic lol?
  8. I was just asking myself.I know it's a weird question/topic, but meh. Also, on an unrelated topic, can you admins or what so ever, make so two same Pokemon won't appear at once in the "My Pokemon" category???Or was that made just on purpose?
  9. What's the Pokemon that made you die of laughter?
  10. @AethericDoom Sorry, i don't participate in anything. I mean, i never participate, it's kinda boring :v
  11. @Kaps Oh, i was just curious what it was.
  12. Why do you have a creepy snake thingy on your profile? edit: ops i copy pasted it twice..
  13. @Primal Horns* They're electric horns i mean.. K, i'm going to delete that part.RIP 1 point ;c
  14. Lets do a little challenge! Generate 5 random Pokemon names without looking at the Pokemon. (put your hand on the Pokemon and only look on the name). Here's the main thing you have to describe. -How It Looks -What Type It Is ps.don't cheat!Describe as much as you can!Count how much points you own (corrections) and tell me. Here are mine 5.Altaria It looks like a cloud-Correct It has a beak on it..?-Correct It's a flying/dragon.-Correct 4.Snubbull It's a dog-Correct It's a pure Fairy-Correct It's a final evolution.-Incorrect 3.Tangela It's a water type.-Incorrect It's a prevolution.-Correct It has worm thingys.-Correct 2.Drapion It's a bug type.-Incorrect It's a scorpion.-Correct It's a final evolution.-Correct 2.Surskit It's a water type.-Correct It's a Hoenn Pokémon.-Correct 1.Zebstrika It's a electric type.-Correct It's a zebra.-Correct It has a Electric Unicorn horn.-Incorrect Total Points:13 Now you edit: Oh, sorry for posting it in the wrong topic..
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