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  1. @Taiiyo Welp, okay then.I'll edit the Poll. nvm i can't.I have to add another title.
  2. @Taiiyo I missed it on the poll..?Chimchar isn't on the Poll? Sorry man, but it's hard to remember every starter from each Generation.
  3. What's the best starter? Sorry i missed Chimcar
  4. @Primal You said that it doesn't make sense for it to be water/dark, i'm agreeing with your opinion..? Sorry, i messed up the sentence..
  5. @Primal Yeah, i know.Good point. I still think that Feralligatr should be pure water, not dark.
  6. @Primal The Dark typing in Japanese means EVIL, and since alligator's are evil (they eat people..?) Anyways thanks for the Solgaleo part, now i finally know why Solgaleo isn't fire, but steel.
  7. @The-Hydra Sorry, i was focused on something else and i didn't read carefully.My bad.
  8. @Contract_Crawdad It is because it could of been updated to be a Water/Dragon with levitate in the 7th generation because there's TOO many dragon moves now.I think i'm clear enough why Gyarados is almost 1st on the list.
  9. @The-Hydra I never said Gyarados was made Water/Dragon. Nintedo make Gyarados Water/Flying since it has almost no dragon moves (and i think Gyarados learns only 1 Flying move, not even fly).Gyarados is also based off the Chinese Dragon, which makes sense that it's a flying type.
  10. @Tega Each Pokémon Generation has one Pikachu clone (or two) For an example,3rd Generation has Plusle and Minum.
  11. @AethericDoom Double check?émon)
  12. @Julie I'm not correcting you.But heres why Sudowoodo shouldn't be tree type if it was added.I think Sudo means fake, so that makes sense.Anyways Gyarados is pretty much a flying type because back in generation 1 there was only 1 dragon move;Dragon Rage, which makes Gyarados completely useless.Good list btw. Edit: Lugia is probably a psychic type because Ho-Oh is fire so it won't be Lugia > Ho-Oh. Another edit: Gastly is Poison because it's the GAS Pokémon. I'm sorry for correcting you, but i'm just saying it out clearly.Sorry again.
  13. Before we start, i said i was going to quit making Top 10's (even though i didn't do much), because it's just wasting my time and what i normally do is make fusions, but i think it's really fun to do so[pause in speech] 10.Lapras Lapras is based off the Loch Ness Monster, which is basically a dragon.It's typing should be WATER/DRAGON-Water since it's a sea monster and Dragon because as i said the Loch Ness Monster is a sea dragon-thing. 9.Solgaleo Finally, a fire type!Wait what?It's not a fire type??What is it then?Psyschic and Steel?What does Solgaleo have to do ANYTHING with with that typing?It's the sun Pokémon!Based on the sun and not a fire type! 8.Samurott Samurai Pokémon, right?Water/fighting?Nope, pure water type. 7.Jirachi Fairy type?Nope.Steel type?Yep. Now, tell me.What does a wish maker have ANYTHING to do with steel?Nothing?What about Fairy?It makes sooo much more sense. 6.Celebi Here we go, another Pokemon that needed the fairy type.I understood the grass type, but since it's based of a Fairy, why is it Psyschic?Welp, should of been updated at the 7th Generation. 5.Psyduck & Golduck I know why it's not a psyschic type (in generation 1, Psyschic we're too OP), but why?Should of been buffed with a WATER/PSYSCHIC. 4.Noctowl Learns alot of psyschic moves and yet, it's a Normal/Flying. 3.Lucario What makes it a steel type exactly?It uses aura so it makes sense it's fighting.But what's with steel? 2.Mega Gyarados You might be like 'idiot,it's water/flying just like normal Gyarados' and others might be like 'Gyarados is water/dragon, so why is m.Gyarados on this list?' Well first of all, it's Water/Dark 1.Primal Kyogre Rayquaza=Dragon/Flying Primal Groudon=Ground/Fire Primal Kyogre=Water Yeah,just water..Like,why?It could be because: Water>Ground/Fire x4 Ice>Ground x2 Ice>Dragon Flying x4 But this still makes NO sense that Kyogre doesn't gain a 2nd typing while Primal Evolving or even it's normal. Almost everywhere i typed PSYSCHIC instead of PSYCHIC *facepalm*.
  14. @Panflam I didn't think of it.. But this is the only one i'm going to make, it's kinda boring tbh.
  15. @Kilgrave Thanks!You helped! @The-Hydra Thanks too,Bellsprout will help alot.
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