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  1. Type Combinations, Weaknesses & Resistances: Charizard X (ph.attacker): Typing: Fire/Dragon Weaknesses: 3 x2 (rock, dragon, ground x2) Resistances: 3 1/2 (electric, bug steel 1/2) 2 1/4 (fire, grass) Immunities: None. Charizard Y (sp.attacker): Typing: Fire/Flying Weaknesses: 2 x2 (water, electric x2) 1 x4 (rock x4) Resistances: 4 1/2 (fire, fighting, steel, fairy 1/2) 2 1/4 (grass, bug 1/4) Immunities: Ground. Set Ups: Charizard X: Dragon Dance (lv. 1/egg move) Charizard Y: None. STAB Moves: Charizard X: (physical moves) Level up: 5 On Evolution: 1 Egg Moves: 3 TM/HM Moves: 6 Tutor Moves: 0 Total:15 Charizard Y: (special moves) Level up: 9 On Evolution: 0 Egg Moves: 1 TM/HM Moves: 3 Tutor Moves: 2 Total:15 Abilities: Charizard X: Tough Claws- Boosts contact moves. (in short;makes physical moves stronger) Charizard Y: Drought- Creates harsh sunlight. (in short;makes STAB/fire moves more power and Solar Beam charges in 1 turn.Water moves are weaker) Base Stats: Charizard X: HP:Low ATK:Very Good DEF:Good SP.ATK:Very Good SP.DEF:Low SPD:Good Charizard Y: HP:Low ATK:Good DEF:Low SP.ATK:High SP.DEF:Very Good SPD:Good Weaknesses Advantages: Charizard X: Char X is part dragon type, so the only thing it can counter is Dragon. Charizard Y: Water moves would do a little bit less damage because of Drought, i believe it lowers water attacks, Drought also makes Solar Beam go in one turn which would easily kill the water types.Electric isn't a problem as long as you have Earth moves, such as Hidden Power Ground, which is Special.So boom, 2 advantages out of the way.Only thing is the Rock, which you can use Hidden Power Water for it.It's a special move. Honestly, i think Charizard Y won.It can learn moves that have an advantage over all of it's advantages which is really amazing.Charizard X can do the same thing too, but it's ability AND it's stats are only for physical moves unless you're some idiot who made it a special attacker.
  2. (won't really call it a sweep, she/he forfeited lol.)
  4. Never use a Rattata guys, never.
  6. look at that bootiful coloring tho
  7. From the album MLG

    it sux, idek why i'm posting it, i was just testing something out and it came to be so gud..plz don't blame me like wat is life
  8. Username:AlexFuses Pokemon and New Type: Torterra and Fire Others:N0.
  9. @Tega so which one is better????????????????
  10. what's the difference between Quoting and @AlexFuses???
  11. Banned because Justin Beaver*
  12. @julianrulez5 She* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. @julianrulez5 Thanks
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