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  2. No magic here, no sireee Entryway Affected RPers: @Aether After watching the enemies flee, Eryet shrugged and put her staff back in its straps. She made it out of the fight dirtier than before but her magical energy was still there. The benefits of a martial education at the very least was that it didn't require any magical energy to use. And as for her other skills, she brought a plethora of supplies, many of them foisted upon her by worried acquaintances and proud family members. Her eyes roved about from face to face as she studied the group of champions. They finally settled upon Demeter and her shoddy bandage job. With a slight frown, Eryet made her way through the champions, tapping Demeter on the shoulder. "As I've previously mentioned, allow me to dress your wound properly otherwise it will get infected." The healer said, opening her bag. She pulled out a spool of thread and a large needle, along with a metal flask of water. As she closed the leather bag, bottles clinked against each other. "How are you with pain? I have some medicine that can dull the pain but I can only use it sparingly." Meanwhile, Hastur paced about the cavern, purring contentedly. She finally decided on following Eryet to Demeter, regarding the other girl's wound with curiosity. She greeted some of the other champions' Pokemon with a bark as she passed by, pausing to glare at Huokazaru.
  3. ((i'm going to start doing headers because it makes my life easier for real.)) Deal With It Entryway Affected RPers: @Aether @sparkleworks1 Hastur smirked, easily sidestepping the Infernape's initial barrage of punches. Hotheaded Pokemon often went nowhere in the strenuous training she had received as an Eevee in the Rygne household. True to the family principles, Hastur gracefully bounded around the Infernape, allowing the Fire Pledge to barely miss her ribbons. She ignored his master's cries for peace and sang a soothing melody. The effect was noticeable: an aura of calm and confusion descended upon the surrounding Pokemon. Seeing that there were no active threats, Hastur trotted towards her own master, purring like a cat. Eryet did not miss this exchange and she glared at Jasper. Scratching Hastur's head, she took a step back away from the fray to assess the situation. A whirlwind had ripped through the goblins and Poochyena, leaving their prone bodies strewn everywhere around the cave walls. While their numbers had decreased, there were still quite a few to fight. Here and there, Eryet jabbed at goblins and Poochyena alike with her staff to check that they were really unconscious. In the very next moment, a call echoed around the cave. Hearing the shouts for a healer, she whirled around, searching for the source. She finally identified the voice as Demeter's -- the short-tempered elf-like figure currently bleeding from her shoulder. Eryet hopped over to study the wound, whistling for Hastur to follow and keep an eye on the surrounding battle. "Let's see that wound there -- and, you'll have to deal with it. After we clear out this area, I'll dress it and patch you up. Magic is ineffective." She paused, frowning. "And you'll just get yourself hurt after I heal it."
  4. Eryet glanced at the self-proclaimed greatest thief with a scathing look. "What a pompous fool indeed, prattling on and on about fighting as men are wont to do." She shrugged, deftly pushing aside a Poochyena and knocking it out with a jab to its neck. A goblin came roaring at her -- only to be swept off his feet by a well-aimed low kick by the doctor. He attempted to get up but quickly collapsed into unconsciousness with a well-placed palm to his jaw. "And of course, you find shedding blood to be an indicator of courage more than anything else. How typical, indeed." Alongside her, Hastur harrumphed good-naturedly as she trotted ahead, calming the attacking Poochyenas with a touch of her ribbons. There was really no threat here, considering how capable her master was. The Sylveon winced, feeling the heat of the Flame Swathe wash over her. With a disgruntled expression, Hastur growled at Jasper, seemingly telling him off for his usage of magic.
  5. ((duuuude just read the posts, there isn't that many and asking us for a recap at this point is just being lazy.)) Eryet sighed as she walked into the cave after the group. Judging by their gung-ho actions, she wouldn't be surprised if one of them got injured like an idiot. Low hopes for them after all, because even despite her ability as a doctor, she couldn't heal all of them. For all the prestige Soliana had, they could only send a few champions along to reclaim their artifact. At the very least, Eryet was relieved to know that they had the sense to send a doctor after the group. There was a cacophony of snarls and shouts ahead as the group of champions were swarmed by Pokemon and goblins. Her lips tugged downwards into a frown and she glanced at Hastur, her companion. Humming a tuneless note, the champion unstrapped her staff and deftly brought it crashing down on one Poochyena that had slipped past the pack at the front. It whimpered as it fell unconscious. She continued forward, her Sylveon following close behind. Hastur paused for a moment, laying her ribbons on the unconscious Poochyena. "If I may venture a guess, it's to tire us all before we make actual progress." Eryet commented, jabbing another Poochyena out of the air with a thrust of her staff. "After all, we are intruding."
  6. Username: TheoreticalSelkie Name: Eryet Galena Rynge Gender: Female Age: 24 Personality: "You ever wonder how easily a person can break their bones? I have." - Eryet Rygne, Lead Doctor at Soliana Provincial Hospital. Eryet is easily described as a whimsical yet grounded woman, seemingly confident in her decisions and actions. She is prone to switching subjects randomly in the middle of a conversation -- but after all, what more could you say for all the things there is to consider? Yet despite her playfulness and flirtaeous actions, there is an edge of seriousness to her eyes as she considers the world. In this way, Eryet's playfulness is grounded in her calling as a healer of the body and soul. She welcomes all to her side, whether it be knights or thieves, yet none can escape her scathing lectures as she works. Even at the young age of 24, Eryet is an accomplished healer, having turned much of her childhood to studying diagrams of the body and methods of healing from her elders. In ways of mannerisms, Eryet is known as a snarky conversationalist, taking opportunities to poke fun at people whenever she feels like it. She backs it up with razor-sharp intelligence and knowledge, seemingly able to conjure up obscure information and cases from her memory. Many contend that she is overqualified for her role, contrary to what Eryet insists about herself. Appearance: Eryet is an immaculate figure with nary a hair out of place. Her face is rounded, complemented by almond-shaped brown eyes and dark brown hair. She typically wears her hair back in a long braid tied off by a red ribbon. Her build is stocky, excabarated by her height of 5"3; however, she has the endurance and energy to outlast even the healthiest of warriors. Her arms are well muscled from years of exercise and training, yet she has an eye for the precise skills her work demands. As for outfits, Eryet's clothes of choice include a light, golden cloak with black trim along the edges, a simple, white shirt, black cloth pants, and laced up boots. In adddition to her clothes, a non-descript shoulder bag containing medicines and herbs and supplies is slung over Eryet's shoulder. She also wears two bracelets with the family motto carved into the metal on her right arm. Her staff is secured on her back with straps criss-crossing around her body. The staff is a plain wooden one, with a small twisting branch to signify the serpent represented with her family crest. Her falchion is sheathed in a plain leather scabbard under the staff, the hilt pointed to the right for easy access. Backstory: "The brightest lights are only made possible by the deepest shadows." - Galena Rygne, 3rd Rygne Family Head. The prodigious daughter of a well-known family of healers in the Soliana province, Eryet was named after a famous ancestor that discovered healing magic. As such, she lived her life under the shadow of the family name and motto: "Vincat Scientia Morbos." While she didn't mind the family's expectations of her, Eryet felt suffocated by the imposing statues in her home -- their shadowed eyes seemed to glare down upon her as she perused the yellowing volumes of medical knowledge her family amassed over generations. Practicing on cadavers at first, Eryet acquired extensive knowledge of the human body and was able to perform many major operations under the supervision of her parents. In recognition of her growth, her parents presented Eryet with an Eevee, whom she doted on constantly. As many of her family's teachings was based around a healthy body and mind, she trained in martial arts alongside her Eevee every morning. Through this bond, Hastur was able to evolve to a Sylveon shortly before Eryet acquired her license to become a practicing doctor. The Rygne family custom was to practice the physical skills, before learning the magical skills of healing as they believed that healing was only a temporary method to fixing the body. However, there was a profusion of books on healing magic among those at the family library and she quickly moved on to those, learning the principles of healing magic. Her father constantly impressed upon her the cost of healing magic, often warning her to not use it, lest years were chopped off from the end of her life to feed her patients. With these words in mind, Eryet worked as a surgeon in the capital of Soliana to treat many critical injuries and fatal diseases. In recognition of her skill as a doctor and healer, Eryet was selected to be one of the champions from the Soliana province. Province: Soliana Back-up Weapon: Hearthseeker Known as Hearthseeker, this falchion is an old, but trusty sword forged from the iron of a meteor and passed down the Rynge family for generations. The familial tomes speak of legends where the sword has guided its user, far from safety and light, to the hearth of their beloved homes. Despite its dull look, it is able to cut a wide swathe through anything and is warm to the touch. The sword seems to bring a sense of comfort to its wielder as well. Pokemon Partner(s): Slyveon | F | Hastur | [Misty Terrain / Disarming Voice / Wish / Draining Kiss] Other: "For the glory of Arcaneus" -- also lol lazy form lololol
  7. Woops, honestly, it's my mistake, but your RP is now approved. I'm very sorry it took this long to approve it!

  8. Honestly we're jerks. Sorry about taking like more than two weeks to do this. Approved.
  9. i can try doing this but is there a specific manga panel you want me to use for Haise? (And it'll probably be up by next week, I don't have CS5 on this computer or my regular stash of resources)
  10. Bumped and approved. Enjoy!
  11. a. How does waiting for one entry preclude the judges from judging the other three? A two-week period should suffice for everyone to get their individual results in to be formatted together. Even more so, when judges are aware of the day the submission period ends. Nonwithstanding this fact, I still find it irresponsible how this contest is managed. b. Hydra also told me about how he had already stated that he was not going to submit an entry. A week is still too much of a grace period -- and regardless, he should have been disqualified the day after the submission deadline at best. Any more than that, and it becomes unfair for the other entrants if someone else gets a far greater time than they did to work on their art. Here is his status: c. Incidentally, it doesn't make sense that the judges have to be on at the same time to avoid a longer wait. One, it would take even longer to coordinate something like that, and two, it's easier to do (a) than what you're suggesting.
  12. This is probably just going to be a minor complaint, so I'm posting it here in my blog instead of on the forums. I find it unacceptable for the Jingle Fest CAC that: a. There hasn't been any news regarding the judging of the artwork in about 2 weeks since the submission deadline. It would be nice to know if we were informed of whether there was an issue or not. b. It's really irresponsible if there are judges that haven't handed in their results because first of all, they should have known about the deadline well ahead of time. Hell, it was on the contest page since it was submitted so it seems rather irresponsible that someone could be inactive without judging -- especially if that news isn't quite well-known as to whether they're active or not. c. Really guys, it's only 3 entries, how can it take this long to judge? Really, I'm frustrated with this so I hope those can be addressed.
  13. Anise di'Ys Affected RPers: @CP_ "Pleased to make your acquaintance, Cyrthriil, but it seems that we have visitors." Anise nodded to her teammates and put her hood back on. She listened to the thudding above-ground and smiled, an unsettling one this time. Considering the time it would take for the force to reach them at the bottom of the stairs, it would be more than enough for them to cripple them. The technician pulled out a spool of wire, strong enough to cut someone if pulled taut. She felt along the walls of the tomb, finding torch mounts set in the alcoves on the side near the foot of the stairs. Grinning with all the happiness in the world, Anise began setting up the trap -- placing one tripwire at throat level. She retreated, setting up more tripwires at various levels. A few for tripping, a few for cutting, and finally she reentered the conference room, setting up a final trip wire. The hallway was dark, which worked to her advantage, because it meant that the wire wasn't easily seen. As a last gesture, she propped up the door with a stray rock, presenting an inviting target to the intruders. So she hoped. Meanwhile, Valorne had retreated to the farthest wall away from the door, a foot on one of the coffins. In his hands was a recurve bow, an arrow already nocked to the string. He leaned against the wall, waiting for the inevitable charge. He briefly inclined his head towards Anise as she took up position by the door, her hand on her rifle. Malyria smirked, putting his hood back on. He sidled up to the wall next to the door, a knife glinting in his hand. At the very least, they were well-prepared for the oncoming attack. No surprise really, as they spent most of their mission laying traps and waiting in ambush. He nodded to the rest of his teammates, who were taking up positions around the room. They could now hear the cries and roars coming from the hallway. "Well now, they aren't very quiet, it seems. Give them hell, my dears." Belstyr chuckled, remaining seated. She would be the least needed this time around as her elementalist skills could bring down the ceiling on them.
  14. Anise di'Ys Affected RPers: @Rayne @Aether @CP_ Valorne jerked a gloved thumb back at the corner he had come from. The group seemed to be in heavy conversation – probably getting to know each other. The ranger wasn’t a fan of small talk, preferring to keep to himself. But he couldn’t just ignore a hapless latecomer, even as much as he hated those kinds of folks. “There. Easier to follow me.” He turned and trotted back, his cloak billowing behind him. He didn’t check to see if the half-elf was following. ----------- “Axes? Unusual, I feel. I mean, nothing bad to say about a weapon like that. If it kills them dead, then the job’s done.” Malyria smirked as he watched Vivian totter off to retrieve the lone Eladrin. He fancied throwing knives instead, though that didn’t preclude every other kinds of knives. Even Valorne, the most observant member of their band, couldn’t exactly tell someone how many knives he really had on his person. He fingered the hilt of one of them. “I’d be surprised if she meant battle-axes though, what with her figure and all that.” “I figure she didn’t mean those – more like hatchets, you know. Though that would be an altogether funny scene. A slight girl like her hoisting up those big old axes!” Anise laughed as she mimed the motion of someone staggering over with a large object. Her laughter continued upon noticing Belstyr’Sidhe’s moody silence. “Don’t let her get you down, Bells, folks like that always happen here and there. Hey, there’s Valorne coming back with the girl.” Valorne nodded as he reclaimed his chair at the table. Not much to say there. A new member claimed a spot at the corner as well – oh what a crowded corner it was becoming – this time, the Feylev from earlier. Though, she carried an impatient air about her, culminating in a harsh staccato of “Are you all done talking, or can we get moving already? It’ll take a while to get to the tomb, and I’d rather it be sooner or later.” The Feylev’s blunt words were justified, as most of the formed groups were heading out of the conference room. Now, the only groups that were in the room were the stragglers finishing the last of their preparations and their group, the one setting out for the tomb. Belstyr’Sidhe finally answered, her voice seething from Vivian’s earlier slight. “Feylev, nothing is stopping you from leaving us. And as you can see, our group is not yet complete. Perhaps, you would be better off striking out on your own?” Anise laughed, hearing her teammate’s response. “Yes, a group at ease is far better than one that rides in silence. And it’s best to discuss plans here, before we set out – for we never know who’s listening in.” The technician winked. In a different part of the room, Vivian was successful in her mission to retrieve the Eladrin. He headed over to the table, gracefully taking a seat; though a look of displeasure crossed Malyria’s face as the Eladrin jostled him a little. “Watch where you’re going, Eladrin. And who are you then?” He hissed cordially, offering a hand towards the blind man.
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