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  1. italicized? more like


    *ba dum tss*

  2. Showdown username: skiz dat shiz Time zone: GMT +1 Trainer sprite: Signature Pokemon: Hariyama Other: ohko moves are more viable than shell smash megatoise
  3. sorry crawdad, quality content isn't allowed on ps right now the only thing allowed is [pause in speech] drama
  4. Negative-1-by-Author.jpg

    Hey look, look, look, something negative. Aren't you gonna ban it?
    *laughs maniacally* 

    1. Genji
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      "restrict moderator powers"

      New topic in calling it


  5. Hello, I would like to offer my rating on Chansey. While I do like the BDOG scale that you use for rating, I'm afraid it is not particularly useful when it comes to rating Chansey. Chansey is not a G, an O, a D (100% female ), or even a B. For Chansey, there must be a new rating: T T can stand for lots of things. Terrific, Touching, Tingling, or even Tongue. However, in this situation, T stands for Trash. And that is what I would rate Chansey. Trash. It is a stupid fat blob which is honestly very annoying. I approve of all of your other ratings, but Chansey must be changed. Please, change OGODDGOGOOGBBGBBDBOGOBGGGBDDODGBGBDBDBDBBBOBOGDG to OGODDGOGOOGBBGBBDBOTOBGGGBDDODGBGBDBDBDBBBOBOGDG. For the people. Thank you.
  6. help what comes after 2

  7. Tongue. Alright, so the tongue is godlike. Easily one of the best tongues in the entire series. Outside of the tongue, Golbat isn't anything amazing, but its still pretty cool. Alright stats, useful in-game, and evolves into a really cool Pokemon. It's also as common as tutorials in Black 2. Not as annoying though. Due to how common it is and how much I like its evolution, Golbat is definitely one of the Pokemon I've used most in-game, where its pretty good once you get past Zubat's gross stufflord phase. Not a huge fan of Shiny Golbat, should've been pink like Crobat. 8.5/10
  8. i'm attracted to @Pepsi Man

    1. Master Snivy

      Master Snivy

      i'm attratced to @yourmother

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      wtf sciz

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