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  1. hey i ate some crab and it tasted nice

  2. venusaur: 7/10 nice saur mega venusaur: 7/10 forehead looks saur
  3. They'll use Pokemon Showdown.
  4. stupid cabbage ugh 

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Genji


      you made kekleon into an even happier cabbage with those kind words 

    3. Kaps


      Cabbage is very Cabbagey

    4. Genji
  5. 3/10 dumb flower that will die out soon because bees dont want to go near it to help it reproduce
  6. banned for being bad
  7. 7.9/10 rare little critter that can boost its own speed also has power of ancient people foretold mega evos with yanmega very viable and cool nice name not best design its wings beating that quickly make me feel threatened
  8. what anime is your profile picture from?

    1. Genji
    2. Primal


      no, its from bleach 

    3. The-Hydra


      though the animation style does have its origins in japan, yellow skin isn't actually a qualifier for something being anime


      easy mistake

  9. he looks more like a ⚠ank with that colour 4/10
  10. i have good vibes from pelipper due to him being on my emerald team also carries lucky egg 7.5/10
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