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  1. There were 4chan leaks for them (probably not true - though there is a picture) Of course, spoilers
  2. Should we tell them that we are now dating[pause in speech]. Crud[pause in speech]


    1. AethericDoom


      Yes tell us

    2. Kaps


      Say what now?

      It was bad enough when you and @Genji were doing this.

      Whops wait when @Sciz and @Genji were doing it

  3. gaiiyo

    1. Taiiyo


      Great effort Reub, great effort:wink:

  4. bastard johnny

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    2. Master Johnny

      Master Johnny

      the correct joke would've been masturbator johnny

    3. Kekleon




    4. AethericDoom
  5. locking because it has been answered
  6. fartwork moderator

    1. Master Johnny

      Master Johnny

      you smashed that like button on my post, and you are subscribed. turn notifications on and you can enter my free giftcard giveaway. just enter a comment down below.

    2. Kekleon
  7. #justiceforjames

  8. yall need saber

    1. Legend


      We all need a mercenary in our lives ya know?

    2. TheRealJawsome
  9. sat
  10. I've tried and failed a nuzlocke blog before. What I found was that a majority of the comments were something along the lines of "name one after me pls", which kinda demotivated me. The interest in them kinda goes down after the few parts or so. I do remember your nuzlocke blogs though and they were pretty entertaining, you should try it again - I'm sure people would enjoy it. Also yes, from what I believe nuzlocke blogs are not against the rules so go ahead. Make sure you nuzlocke platinum tho
  11. gooooood
  12. nice saber

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    2. Kekleon


      after messing up numerous times saber carried my ass

      this is why my love for saber is eternal

    3. isagonj


      Get a brave sword upgraded thrice and give it to him, if you have him as a dread fighter. It gives him a constant 60% crit.

    4. TheRealJawsome


      I always found Saber better as a defensive unit able to take multiple attacks. Considering almost everyone on Celica's team became incredibly squishy for me, having a Defensive Saber really saved my ass a bunch.

  13. i greatly dislike @The-Hydra

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    2. AethericDoom


      Hey just cause I liked it doesnt mean I dislike you

    3. Kaps


      I greatly dislike everyone that's not me

    4. Master Johnny

      Master Johnny

      Subscribe to Robopon

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