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  1. Yeah, I'd like a generational order too - makes more sense imo
  2. Well 6 people care about not caring
  3. [loophole for pause in speech]
  4. why am i the only one who voted for ambipom?? hm???
  5. wtf how are you this good
  6. I affirm that I have enjoyed (or at least listened to) the official game soundtrack while contributing to a team effort in this magnificent yet meaningless game. 2
  7. 2/10 the only good thing about this is !dt luvdisc
  8. 7.8/10 - normal oh bby 10/10 - mega oh spiky bby
  9. This feature has been proposed by many people for quite a while now - unfortunately it probably won't happen. The only member with access to the main site (and with it, the catch feature) is the owner, @Johan. However, due to him being very inconsistent with his visits (in which he doesn't really do much anyway ngl), we never get to see many features being implemented, meaning there isn't likely to be any changes to the website and catch feature soon.
  10. 8/10 nice bat thats good ingame
  11. 1/10 one of the worst pokemon in existence


    1. Genji


      quality status update :laugh:

    2. Kekleon


      i need healing

    3. Tega
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