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  1. requests

    From the album isa art

    [open in new tab for full size] doing some pokemon in a new colouring style,, experimenting a bit. feel free to leave a request. 1- gengar for a friend 2 - @Gir 3- shiny magmar is my wife
  2. Very nice!! Corrin has such a weird dragon form. I'm often too intimidated to draw her.
  3. honestly, I'm always up for drawing sugggestions. I mightn't get around to some of them but they're very motivating!

    1. Gruffin77


      Sexy corn... I would ask you to draw that but I am sure you want something serious.

    2. Gir


      If it's suggestions that you want, draw me a shiny Rampardos and I'll be happy. c;

  4. sorry @sparkleworks1 i swear ill draw your requests i just really love my boy
  5. laslow

    From the album isa art
  6. meet me in the void im playing shadow dragon
  7. tumblr_ol8mj5Jmvl1u161ego1_1280.png

    laslow came home

  8. It was so hot that there was a blackout in the middle of maths lol????

    1. Pepsi Man

      Pepsi Man

      gotta love australia 

    2. sparkleworks1


      We had a snowstorm the other night, a snow day yesterday and we're supposed to have another snowstorm tonight.


      Gotta love Canada.

  9. lucina came home twice and my baby girl corrin tagged along

    when you ask and the rng goddess delievers

    1. Mewtwonite Z

      Mewtwonite Z

      Two lucinas? That’s just overkill and it would be funny if you actually hate her in Sm4ash or main her in said game

    2. isagonj


      i love lucina

      my bby

    3. sparkleworks1


      still impatiently waiting for the Tellius characters to show up


      Congrats, Isa!!!! I'm glad you're happy!

  10. i keep screaming but god wont answer

    Image by isagonjimage.png

  11. I would love to, but unfortunately I've never been able to get my hands on either of those games cheaply enough to justify buying them :c if you have any faves from the gba games, though, I'll try my best!
  12. Does the twitch plays Pokemon stream chat still freak out over katamari on the rocks

  13. Thank u <3
  14. checkmate

    From the album isa art

    more pose practice!!!! i love robin!!!!!
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