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  1. it's good to meet you, kana.

  2. nintendo owns me

    1. Petey Piranha

      Petey Piranha

      isagonj and Petey Piranha are properties owned by Nintendo

      © 2017 Nintendo 

    2. The-Hydra


      Fortunately, I don't allow my individual self to be merely owned like some kind of sheep by a corporate entity


      at least until Mario Odyssey comes out

  3. When fire emblem turns from trash to cash for Nintendo in in 10 years and now there's 4 games coming out


    must suck to not like fire emblem

    1. The-Hydra


      it doesn't suck that hard

    2. isagonj


      I mean 

      it must hurt at least a little

    3. Yuuko


      As someone that's not great with strategy games, I'm just glad there's something that allows me to enjoy Fire Emblem without yelling alot


      Although I honestly think that Fire Emblem X Tekken would have been a better choice than Warriors, but either way it sounds enjoyable



    T W O

  5. I counted 122, might want to recount for accuracy. Shiny nickle, please. Great job as always, by the way, Blastoyse never ceases to amuse me.
  6. Forgot that worlds happened last year and that's probably why I got the battler of the year award. Good job everyone!!

  7. Honestly guys after like 3 years we finally have a botw release date. I'm so happy. I feel like AZ from xy. The switch is here and it is, indeed, very expensive. I need to get a job this week and make $70 aud a week to be able to get it on release with the botw master edition pack. It's way more expensive here in australia than it is in the usa, 300 usd translates to roughly 400 aud, but the switch itself is at a recommended retail price of 470 aud. About 55 usd more expensive. But im determined ya'll. I'll get that $660 by march 3rd if i like it or not. On the topic of money- paid online. Hydra summed it all up pretty well; it's about time, and while slightly disappointing I'm ready and willing to pay a few dollars a month to have a good online service, with better servers. The free trial for people who get it over the mid year is handy, too. And oh my god, fire emblem fire emblem fire emblem. Chrom was so mad abt getting left out of smash he made his own game oml. If my prayers are answered then the fire emblem direct will be NOTHING LIKE THE POKEMON DIRECT THIS TIME LAST YEAR and actually give us some info. Most people are praying for a main series but despite how much I'd like it, I highly doubt it. I think we'll just get an fe warriors release and some info, and fe mobile announcement. Maybe something with female robin/female corrin amiibos (p l e a s e i l o v e t h e f e m u s s o m u c h) or roy amiibo compatibility with fates. To summarise,
  8.  was this the best reveal for any pokemon in sumo ever or what (especially given the context)

    1. Panflam7


      This is kinda amazing.

    2. doug is a furry

      doug is a furry

      RIP Talonflame :(

    3. OhJay


      That's sick 

  9. why the switch 469 aud plus paid service ugh

    *robin voice* its time to get a job

  10. Rip dorcas they put poison in his mutton

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. isagonj
    3. winterfate


      AH. Now I see. Thank you, my home e, for the insight. It is much appreciated.

    4. isagonj


      youre very welcome

  11. How does everyone feel about a stream tomorrow? And what times are you around in ur timezones? I'm thinking like, 9pm et?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. isagonj


      Eastern time, yes. Tried to make it easier for all you Americans. That's 1pm my time.

      I'd be streaming art!! Maybe requests, too!!

    3. Spamuhell


      Oh if it's et for americans that would make it around 10ish am my time. I love being 3 hours behind you East Australians

    4. isagonj


      Honestly if I'm open to any time tomorrow, just say what works best for you

  12. screams im not even that good
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