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  1. hello everyone!!! I hope you're all doing well : )

  2. well, never mind. my 3ds recorder refuses to work. Ill do an art stream later, guys.

  3. 1- i didnt save after that last battle, so im redoing the chaoter we left off of. stream shoaul be opening in half an hour or so

    2- family called, theres no stream tomorrow unfortunately. 

  4. Fire emblem awakening stream is live now!!!

    (perhaps status updates is a better place to put these streams, since I'll be doing them so often.)

    1. isagonj


      We're finished for now!!! thanks to the awesome people who came!!!

    2. Taiiyo




      I had such a great time! I honestly got confused with the schedule cause' it was Tuesday here like, 21 minutes ago, so I thought there was gonna be an art stream. Lmao timezones.


      Anyways, thanks for taking the time to do these streams!

    3. isagonj


      Ahh, no prob!! im glad youre enjoying them!!

  5. @  people who turned up to either of my streams, please comment on the blog entry so i can keep track of who is still viable for rewards : )

  6. HERE WE ARE FOLKS: FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING!! please come along!!! it will be lots of fun : ) Got up to chapter seven. There were a lot of .. . indecent rolls. we lost like 6 characters already. lmao. anyway, ill be back with the art stream soon!! Heya!! now we're streaming art. Please, come along: art stream we sadly didnt finish anything today since my back started hurting and i got increasingly unhappy with the state of the drawing as we went on, but hopefully we can fix that next time.anyway, thanks to everyone who came!!!!!!! if you did, please comment on this so i can keep a list of people who are still viable for rewards

  8. ok well I've gotta venture to the next town over to buy some audio cables for the stream. Give me a few hours and it should be ready, though I won't count today as going to the rewards.

  9. dueto some need to get things[pause in speech].. sorted out, ill probably have to puch back tomorrow's stream by maybe even 5 hours. its still uncertain as to whether i'll be able to stream my 3ds, either, but its getting there.

  10. its here NOTE: "the day before" means all you gotta do is change the day its on to the one previous for the correct time. these only apply to the PT times. Week 1 -26th to the 30th of June: Fire Emblem Awakening Hard Classic Run // Daily, 10am AEST/5pm PT(the day before) Art Streams // Tuesday & Thursday, 2pm AEST/9pm PT (the day before) Week 2 [I'll be away from the 3rd to the 5th] -6th and the 7th of July: Art Streams // Thursday, 3am AEST/10am PT (the day before) GBA Streams // Friday, 11pm AEST/6am PT Week 3 -17th to the 21st of July Art Streams // Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 3am AEST/10am PT (the day before) GBA Streams // Tuesday and Friday, an 11pm AEST/6am PT Rewards: People who attend all fire emblem awakening streams: a small doodle of your favourite FEA character Users who regularly attend art streams: a small request of any kind Users who attend all gba game streams: a small doodle of your favourite character from the game we play (which will most likely be a kirby game, but we'll see.) I hope to see a bunch of you guys there!! it will truly be a lot of fun!!!
  11. Yes yes, anyone who's seen me on discord knows i said id be hiatusing for a a bit from PS. Well, I was kinda wrong? I'm on school holidays right now, and I had been doing some talking about having a steady stream schedule throughout. So here I am, living up to my words. Before I make a schedule, though, I need to see what you guys would like to see more off. First week, if all goes to plan, will be a mix of art streams and Fire Emblem Awakening, where we will be playing that good old hard classic mode. Second two weeks are up to you!!! Art? GBA games? 3DS games? Take your pick!! Things to know: - I will personally choose the art I do, but that doesnt mean you cant suggest things. - My art list is here. Personal art (only the top one) will be completed first and then we'll see what I feel like. - my 3DS recording system might fail me, in which case: lmao - 3DS games can be hard to find in Australia - poll will close after 24 hours - i'll construct a stream schedule tomorrow night - regular stream attendees will get a reward !!
  12. (here you are nove <3)
  13. thicc
  14. if i got a screen capture device(eg elgato), would you guys be interested in chilling with my while i play arms/splatoon2/botw/whatever else comes out?? contemplating if its worth getting one as a social thing.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dan


      oh im pht/sgt so yea i'll def watch if i wake up early

    3. isagonj


      interesting. depending on how much worki get this holidays, it could be an option!!!i was also planning on grabbing myself a ps4. maybe i could stream ffxv and/or horizon zzero dawn

    4. Cookabeara


      got your winter break planned out then, huh?


      bro id watch you stream if i happened to be free at the time :)

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