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    Pokemon, spriting, making friends and this awesome community
  1. I have been a member 2 years, would I get the boulder badge Johan? And also with the post count does that include before the forum was closed and accounts were reset?
  2. I was curious, for your banner was there any pose that you would like for Pikachu?

    1. poketrainer911


      Any will do thankyou :)

  3. I would like to order a banner please Pokemon to use: Pikachu please Glow: (Y/N and color?) yes and yellow please Background: (Y/N) no thanks
  4. Thanks Ian
  5. Just a suggestion,but does anyone else think that a change of moto should be in place? If so put your suggestions of motos in the comments and I shall ask Johan about it. I just thought that we should change it due to having the moto we currently have for quite a while.
  6. Thankyou for my banner, I would like to place an order for an avatar for I was very pleased with my other order Username: poketrainer911 Image or Character/Pokemon etc: Pikachu Other: I like elephants
  7. #1 Pokemon Fan

    1. ekevinn
    2. poketrainer911


      ha ha well #1 Pikachu fan for definate

  8. I would like to request a banner please Dimensions: 500x300 Round or sharp corners: round Text: poketraIner911 Text Color: yellow Image(s): pikachu Background: pokeball Other: # Thankyou
  9. I have edited my request, is it acceptable now?

    1. Ian


      No sorry, reread the rules, especially number 9.

    2. poketrainer911


      i have put "i like elephants" in the other section

  10. I would like to order a banner: Username: poketrainer911 Image or Character/Pokemon etc (Optional): Pikachu Background Preference (I can choose if you want): you can choose Text (Optional): poketrainer911 Background Text (Optional): #1 Pikachu fan Other: i like elephants Can you please PM it to me because I might not have the time to check. Thankyou
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